AI-powered chatbots have transformed how we interact with virtual entities, blurring the line between fiction and reality. From witty companions to wise mentors, these AI fictional character chatbots have left a lasting impression on users with their engaging dialogues and unique personalities. This top-list article showcases the ten most captivating fictional character AI chatbots that have enchanted users worldwide.

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Part I. What Is AI Character Chat?

Imagine talking to your favorite characters from books, movies, or cartoons, even though they are not real. That is what having an interactive fictional character AI chatbot is like. It allows you to engage with your favorite characters in a new and immersive way.

How Do AI Algorithms Work for AI Fictional Characters?

Fictional character AI chatbots are created by training a large language model on a massive dataset about the character. It includes the character's backstory, personality, and dialogue from books, movies, or other sources. The language model can then generate a response consistent with the character's personality and voice.

In short, the AI algorithms use the context of the conversation and information about the character to come up with the right things to say.

Why Try To Have AI Chat With Fictional Characters?

Having a fictional character AI chat with you can be a fun and engaging way to pass the time. You'll find these AI fictional characters all over the internet. Here are some ideas where you can use them.


Chat with the AI fictional character as if they were a real person. It will help you to practice your conversation skills and to learn how to interact with others more naturally. You can also use it as a virtual brand ambassador, AI influencer, or social media character.

ai social media influencer


These AI chatbot fictional characters are great for learning new things like different cultures and perspectives.

Emotional Support

If you're feeling down, these fictional character AI chatbots can be there for you to talk about your feelings and help you feel well.


Have the fictional character AI chatbot role-play different scenarios with you. It will help you to practice social skills, such as conflict resolution, negotiation, and persuasion.

Part II. Best 10 AI Fictional Character Chatbots

Now let's see how fictional character AI chatbots will help you with various use cases, starting with the tool you can use for video content.

1. Wondershare DemoCreator

If you're feeling shy about becoming an influencer or presenting in a meeting, that's fine. Instead of using your real face in videos, you can create video presentations with AI fictional characters. With DemoCreator, you can choose from 2D and 3D VTubers models, like anime characters, and record your face in real time. It will mimic your facial expressions and movements, making your videos lively and engaging.

What Are VTubers and How Can You Become One?

Free Download
Free Download

Key Features

Here are more things that DemoCreator can offer you.

  • Stream and Share on Different Apps

The best part is that you can use DemoCreator with popular apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Discord, and YouTube.

  • Ready-to-Use VTubers Models

Inside DemoCreator, you'll find pre-made VTubers models you can use instantly. Plus, it supports VRM import.

  • Virtual Backgrounds

DemoCreator lets you choose from many virtual backgrounds to make your videos look even more impressive. You can also upload video backgrounds to add a personal touch.

How To Create a Presentation Using an AI Fictional Character?

With Wondershare DemoCreator, the possibilities are endless. You can share what you know, teach others, and have a blast doing it. So, follow these steps and try DemoCreator on your Windows and macOS.

Step 1: Launch DemoCreator on your desktop and choose Video Presentation from the homepage. You can download the app from the Wondershare DemoCreator website.

wondershare democreator homepage

Step 2: Switch the camera to Avatar. Next, click Avatar and select one from the right-side navigation pane. You can click Background from the right panel to change the presentation background.

wondershare democreator avatars

Tip: Click the + icon in the lower left navigation pane to upload your local file.

Step 3: Enable the Camera tab and follow the in-app instructions.

wondershare democreator camera

Step 4: Click Demo & Record from the upper navigation pane to start recording your virtual presentation.

wondershare democreator starts video presentation

Free Download
Free Download


character ai characters interface is an app filled with fictional character AI, like anime, VTubers, and famous people. With, you can do so much. Practice a new language, plan a trip, or even practice for an interview. Send a text or image prompt to the AI fictional character, and they'll help you. You can save conversations, remove messages, or even get a new answer. works online and on Android and iOS phones. You can enjoy it for free. But if you want an even better experience, you can subscribe for $9.99/month.

3. ChatFAI

chatfai game ai fictional characters

ChatFAI is an online app where you can talk with fictional character AI chatbots online. Or add it to your Discord server, and you and your friends can chat with the characters. There are many categories to choose from anime/manga, AI assistance, books, or even NSFW. Don't worry; the conversations are safe and private. ChatFAI makes sure of that.

Can't find your favorite character? No problem! You can add them to your ChatFAI account. If you want to change your sent message or get a different answer from the fictional character AI, you can do that too. The best part is that you can use ChatFAI for free. But if you want more, their monthly subscription plan starts at $8.25, billed yearly.

4. MyCharacter. AI

charactergpt ai character conversation

CharacterGPT V2 of MyCharacter.AI is a multimodal AI system that can design interactive fictional character AI from a text prompt. Each with a unique appearance, voice, intelligence, and personality. You can try it on MyCharacter.AI playground, where you can chat with different interactive AI fictional characters you will make. Best part? You can try MyCharacter.AI for free, but you can complete tasks for more credits.

5. DreamGFcharactergpt ai character conversation

DreamGF's fictional character AI chat lets you create the perfect girl just how you like her. From her appearance to her interests, she's all yours to design. DreamGF is for adult users since it can talk about mature topics.

Pick the clothes, body type, hairstyle, age, and more for your fictional character AI chatbot. Unlike other AI chatbots with fictional characters, DreamGF shows you how the character's entire looks. The generated appearance of your fictional character AI will be in front of you. You can try this app for free. But if you want an even more exciting experience, you can subscribe for $9.99/month.

6. Kuki AI

dreamgf homepage interface

Imagine having a fictional character AI chat, like Siri or Alexa, but even more exciting. Well, that's Kuki AI for you. Unlike other AI chat with fictional characters, it is special because you get to talk with one AI fictional character. Type your text messages, use voice chat, get AI readings, send cool gifts, try fun quizzes, or play exciting games with Kuki AI fictional character.

You can try chatting with Kuki for free! But if you want to try the fantastic voice chat feature, you'll need to buy Koins for as low as 0.99 USD. So, get excited to chat with Kuki AI on Discord or your web browser.

7. Kajiwoto

kajiwoto chat interface

Imagine talking to a fictional character AI chat with several AI models for different personalities. Kajiwoto AI offers a lot. It has an Android app and an iOS app, so you can have fun chatting on your phone. You can use also use Kajiwoto AI on Discord or the web. Plus, you can try out different AI models like Babbage + GPT 3.5 to see what works best for you.

It has prompt editors that help you save conversations and use them as prompts. You can try the magic of Kajiwoto AI for free and create amazing chatbots. But if you want even more exciting features, you can subscribe for $7.32 monthly.

8. Convai

convai homepage interface

Reimagine gaming and learning with Convai. It lets you create your fictional character AI. Give them a unique backstory, voice, and expertise. You can also select from sample AI fictional characters. Test them out in the playground and see how awesome they become. Convai fictional character AI chat is designed for real-time voice interactions with the AI characters.

Start Convai fictional character AI chat for free. But if you want an even higher knowledge size, subscribe for as low as $6/month, billed yearly.

9. Janitor AI

janitorai previous chat interface

Janitor AI has lots of fictional character AI chat options for you. You can pick between SFW (Safe for Work) or NSFW (Not Safe for Work) chats. Talk with anime characters, non-human beings, Pokémon, VTubers, and more. But content like child pornography, heavy gore, and sexual violence is prohibited.

Your chats are private by default, which means only you can see them. Janitor AI lets you tweak the API, OpenAI model, and more for a fantastic chat experience. Have fun chatting with your favorite AI fictional characters without spending a dime.

10. Saga

saga rpg online homepage

Saga lets you chat with AI fictional characters like Naruto, Attack on Titan characters, and Alice from World of Darkness. It is where you can try role-playing experiences. Saga uses the AI models from AI21labs, OpenAI, HuggingAI, and Anthropic.

Saga AI chats with fictional characters is a web app you can access from any device. Use your creativity to create your fictional character AI. Or you can choose from pre-made options. You can try Saga for free. Start your thrilling role-playing journey today.

Part III. Real-Life Examples and Success Stories of AI Fictional Characters

Young fans adore virtual idols like Ayayi and Vox Akuma. These digitalized humans form unique connections with their followers through user-generated content.

1. Meet AYAYI: The Meta-Human

ayayi ig profile

AYAYI is a sensational virtual influencer and digital content creator from China. People love AYAYI because she looks so much like an actual human. The technology used to create her makes her skin texture look like a real person's, no matter the lighting.

2. Vox Akuma: The Charming YouTuber

vox akuma youtube profile

Vox Akuma is an English Virtual YouTuber loved by millions. He's part of "Luxiem" and has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Vox can be mysterious, suave, and even silly. He loves making jokes and impressions and giving fan service to his audience. His game streams are a hit.


These fictional AI characters have made a significant impact in the digital world. They show how technology can bring creativity and entertainment together in incredible ways. Remember, you can try out different platforms like Character AI, Saga RPG, and Convai to chat with your favorite characters and create your adventures.

And if you want to be a social media influencer without showing your real face, Wondershare DemoCreator is a great tool with its 2D and 3D VTubers models. The young generation will love your video content with these AI fictional characters.

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