Creating your own chatbot and having fun conversations with it seems like a fairytale. In the realm of AI, anything could be possible. Janitor AI is the platform that you have dreamed of. With AI integration, it lets you talk with fictional characters. This creative tool allows you to customize the personality and voice of characters.

Imagine talking with someone the same as you in appearance, age, and gender. Janitor AI can turn your imagination into reality. You can talk with other chatbots as well if you aim to explore different stories and scenarios. So, keep reading to get detailed information related to this tool. These in-depth details will help you understand the versatility of AI in various settings.

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  1. Getting To Know the Basic Details of Janitor AI
  2. Top-Rated Features of Janitor AI That Makes It a Special Tool
  3. Signing Up and Creating a Character in Janitor AI
  4. Bonus Tip. Create Your Own AI Character Video with Different Voices Using DemoCreator

Part 1. Getting To Know the Basic Details of Janitor AI

Janitor AI refers to a groundbreaking role-playing chatbot that can start conversations. It’s a platform with popular anime-style characters with whom you can engage with freedom. The chatbot characters are inspired by movies and books to add a fun factor to virtual personas. This software uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to chat with humans.

In addition, business owners can streamline their client interaction with Janitor AI servers. It cuts the need to hire a crew to respond to individual queries. Janitor AI goes beyond a chatbot when it refines unclean data sets with API. Thus, it's proving a versatile platform for users across industries.

Part 2. Top-Rated Features of Janitor AI That Makes It a Special Tool

The reason for the growing popularity of Janitor AI is its features. It enables NLP to comprehend users' natural language prompts and provide accurate responses. Besides, it understands the context of the conversation to generate precise and accurate answers. Delve into the detailed features of Janitor AI if you want to explore its functionalities.

  1. Character Options: Janitor AI offers more than 7500 characters you can choose as you like. Pick a virtual persona from the fictional, hero, or villain categories available there. This feature also allows you to personalize an anime character.
  2. Automated Assistance: With AI servers, it provide valuable assistance for business owners. It helps you to enhance customer interaction with improved responses. Overall, you can get optimized productivity with this automated system.
  3. Multi-channel Support: This tool is integrated with different channels to enhance your experience. It supports websites, social media platforms, and other messaging applications. The virtual persons in Janitor AI aim to facilitate smooth communication between users.
  4. Multi-age Interactions: If you think this advanced platform is only for youngsters, then this is untrue. Janitor AI is designed to deal with various age groups by providing faster responses. This approach makes the software enjoyable for people of different generations.
  5. Automated Data Cleaning: API in Janitor AI can organize your data and make cross-tabulations. It can count different combinations to help businesses save time. Besides, it connects databases and knowledge bases to pull information from sources.

Part 3. Signing Up and Creating a Character in Janitor AI - A Guide

Details of any tool remain incomplete without the stepwise methods of its operations. We have explained the step-by-step guide below to inform you of everything possible. It will help you sign up and create a character on Janitor AI without confusion.

Sign Up on Janitor AI

Before starting, it’s important to register yourself for safety concerns. Also, it will save your data until the next time you sign up from different devices.

Step 1: Explore the Janitor AI site and register yourself before using it. For this purpose, go to the top left side and click the “Register” button to access another window.

tap on register button

Step 2: As an example, you can tap the “Register with Google” button. In some cases, it will ask you to log in to your account. Otherwise, you will be directed to the My Profile screen. Enter the required information in their allocated sections and hit the "Upload Profile" button to proceed.

create account on janitor ai

Set Up on Janitor AI

There are three ways to set up Janitor AI through obtaining an API key. To illustrate the steps, we have used the easiest one, the OpenAI API key.

Step 1: After registering yourself, obtain an API key to chat with virtual characters. In this regard, go to your OpenAI account and click on your “Profile.” Choose “View API Keys” from the extended menu and look for the “Create new secret key” afterward. There, create a new API key and copy it.

press create new secret key

Step 2: Return to Janitor AI and move to the "API Settings." Paste the key in the "OpenAI Key” section and tap the next button of “Check API Key.” A confirmation message will pop up to show that your key is valid. Hit the "Save Settings" button below, and your API will be ready.

click on check api key

Create Character in Janitor AI

This is the final stage, where you must provide details for your virtual persona.

Step 1: Start creating from the Janitor AI homepage by selecting "Create Character" from the left. You will find the Create Character screen that requires you to fill in the necessary fields. Upload "Avatar" and enter "Name" in the given section.

choose create character option

Step 2: Apply relevant tags and decide the “Type” to make the bot Public or Private. Later, define the “Personality” and insert “Initial Message.” After filling in all crucial details, click the “Create Character” button at the bottom. This way, your personalized character will be ready to chat.

customize the character details

Bonus Tip. Create Your Own AI Character Video with Different Voices Using DemoCreator

Do you want to limit your creativity by just talking with chatbots in Janitor AI? If not, then use Wondershare DemoCreator to uncover different possibilities. When Janitor allows you to customize the chatbot, DemoCreator lets the avatars deliver presentations. Besides, you can also change the voices of the generated AI avatars with this tool.

Using it can prove beneficial for gaming content creators and other professionals. This platform can record every aspect of screens to create videos. It is also integrated with AI and performs several innovative tasks to ease editing.

wondershare democreator

Free Download
Free Download

Discover Possibilities with Key Features of DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is not restricted to just creating and recording videos. It can automatically add captions to your videos with one click. To explore more surprising features like auto-caption, head to the given section:

1. Text-to-Speech

Some of the AI possibilities include text-to-speech transformation. It cut the need for equipment and manual labor in lengthy recording speeches. Using this platform, all you need is a script and let others work on AI. You can dub voices in videos because this feature lets you pick any AI voice. Despite that, you can choose any language for dubbing or text-to-speech conversion.

2. Voice Changers

Unlike Janitor AI, this tool can change the voice of your input video. It adds a fun factor to your videos and makes content humorous. Many content creators use this feature to meet their content needs and attract an audience. The voice changers in DemoCreator can change your voice into a man, woman, robot, or child.

How To Change Your Voice to Sound Like Someone Else?

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Free Download

3. Virtual Avatar Video Recording  

This tool designs avatar models that can deliver presentations on your behalf. Select one 2D or 3D Vtuber from the endless stock of Wondershare DemoCreator. Furthermore, it provides an extensive collection of virtual backgrounds to set the right mood. The unique avatars can set trends on social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.

How to Start a Faceless YouTube Channel | DemoCreator Virtual Avatars Tutoriald

Free Download
Free Download

4. Screen Recorder

Some videos on the internet cannot be downloaded, but you need to share them urgently. In such cases, Wondershare DemoCreator proves to be a lifesaver with its screen recording freedom. You can record a particular part of the screen or the entire screen as needed. After recording, it lets you edit the video to make it captivating to the maximum extent.


To conclude, AI chatbots are changing the ways humans interact with technology. However, Janitor AI is no exception, as it lets you initiate conversations with your virtual persona. Remind that AI is not limited to these chatbots. For example, you can try Wondershare DemoCreator, a video editor and recorder. As discussed in this article, it offers several AI features that amaze you.

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