People rely on using AI cartoon video generator tools because of their easier usability and time efficiency. These tools can boost your creativity and help you share it with the world. You can also increase your engagement and do storytelling without any issues.

Throughout this article, we will guide you about the video to cartoon AI tools. After reading this discussion, you will know how they can benefit you professionally and personally. Continue reading to get into the tools.

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  1. How AI Cartoon Video Generators are Different from AI Avatar Video Generators
  2. What are the Benefits of Using AI Cartoon Video Generators
  3. 5 Best AI-Powered Tools to Create Captivating Cartoon Videos

Part 1: How AI Cartoon Video Generators are Different from AI Avatar Video Generators

The efficiency and usability of AI video cartoon generators and AI video avatar generators have increased drastically throughout the years. Not many users know how both are different from each other. Don't fret any longer because the below-given discussion will help you:

1. AI Cartoon Video Generators — Animated Visual Style

The tools that are used in creating cartoons with AI powers are powered by AI algorithms. Through these tools, you can transform real-life videos into realistic-looking cartoons. This is mainly done by the conversion of human subjects into cartoon-style animations. AI cartoon video generators can turn not only human subjects but also movie scenes into animations.

There are specialized AI algorithms in it which are the reasons to analyze the content and transform it into cartoon-like visuals. The resulting videos often include bold outlines, 2D dimensions, and vibrant colors.

The output of AI cartoon video generators is typically in the form of animated cartoon videos, where real-world scenes are transformed into cartoon-like representations.

2. AI Avatar Video Generators — Realistic Look Preferred

The AI avatar video generators differ from the AI cartoon video generators because they create videos with predefined avatars. Avatars are basically the representation of someone's character and appearance. It visualizes in a realistic and semi-realistic manner, totally different from cartoons. While creating the avatars, you can also customize them to give them a more personalized look.

AI avatars are majorly consumed by a professional audience. Some tools let you customize their gestures, looks, and gender. You can also utilize them in cases where realistic looks are preferred.

The output of AI avatar video generators is videos featuring avatars that can talk, express emotions, and engage in various interactions.

Free Download
Free Download

Part 2: What are the Benefits of Using AI Cartoon Video Generators

Harnessing into the world of cartoons can give you certain types of benefits. Some of the benefits of using AI video to cartoon tools are given here:

1. Playful and Attention-Grabbing Content

The AI cartoon video generators hold the remarkable ability to convert simple-looking videos into visually captivating videos. These cartoon-style videos exhibit playful visuals which are aesthetically pleasurable for the viewers.

It can breathe new life into simple videos and makes them more attention-grabbing. You can also make your message more memorable for the viewers and encourage them to watch your videos till the end.

2. Cost-Effective Storytelling

Everyone knows that animation is an expensive thing. However, with AI tools, you can save the cost of hiring the cartoon generator and simplify the procedure. This also helps reduce the need to master any specialized skill or use an expressive resource.

You can also convey the expressions and emotions in such a manner that it can add storytelling to videos. With the help of expressive storytelling, you can make the content more relatable for the audience.

3. Creation and Customization

In a fast-paced environment, creating cartoon videos for every topic can be tiring. Thus, with reliable AI cartoon-making tools, you can create cartoon videos for several purposes without worrying about time limits. Furthermore, the AI video-to-contagon generators also give you several options for customization. They also give you the flexibility of providing a personalized outlook to the videos.

4. Entertainment and Compatibility

If your video is boring, irrespective of the information you provide, no one will watch it until the end. Thus, you need to ensure the entertainment value in your cartoon videos to boost its reach. The entertainment factor will help keep users engaged and effectively absorb your message. You can also share your content on social media platforms without compatibility issues.

Free Download
Free Download

Part 3: 5 Best AI-Powered Tools to Create Captivating Cartoon Videos

The AI cartoon video generator free tools provide a fantastic way to infuse creativity in the videos. This also gives the freedom to the creators to explore their imagination and share it with the world. The tools that can help you embrace the video cartoonization trend are unlimited. However, the top 5 tools that you can trust for both personal and professional use are discussed here:

1. Steve.AI

Let us start with the best-in-class video-to-cartoon AI tool. Steve.AI comprehends the innovative patent AI technologies that can help you make professional-level videos with few taps. It is also possible to create out-of-the-box content that can absorb the users' attention. Furthermore, you can create compelling cartoons for videos just by using your scripts.

It can also help in making cartoonized videos for marketing and awareness. You can not only get the cartoon character in the video but can also manage to have a cartoonize background with this tool. It also has a plethora of templates that provide you flexibility in video creation. cartoon video generator

Key Features

  1. It supports the multi-language video maker through which you can create videos in up to 6 languages, 30+ voices, and multiple accents.
  2. You can also trust Steve.AI to convert static photos to dynamic videos to leave your viewers speechless.
  3. This software can create both live and animated lyrical videos along with blending amazing visuals with the soundtrack.

Pricing Plans

Span Price
Basic $20/month
Starter $60/month
Pro $80/month

2. Animaker

Do you want to create eye-catching animations to ensure your reach on social media? No worries because Animaker got you covered in this part. You can create visually stunning animations with this quality-oriented AI cartoon video maker. It is quite an easy-to-use tool, consisting of 1000+ video templates to create engaging animated videos.

Animaker also helps make quick animation videos from its extensive library of templates. You can not only select the templates but can also customize them as per your need. Animaker can be trusted to create entire cartoon videos from scratch.

animaker cartoon video generator

Key Features

  1. Animaker holds the most extensive collection of characters, icons, images, videos, and many other assets, so you don't have to worry about using third-party apps.
  2. There is a specialized character builder that helps build the character of your choice with full customization. From clothing to hairstyle, you can personalize everything with ease.
  3. It also supports 20+ facial expressions, adding life to your characters. You can also generate auto-lip-sync videos with this.

Pricing Plans

Span Price
Basic $24/month
Starter $37/month
Pro $79/month

3. Appy Pie

Appy Pie can be a reliable solution to transform written texts into captivating cartoon videos. This cutting-edge AI cartoon video generator helps make aesthetically pleasing cartoons from simple videos. It also integrates a character builder, which enables you to build the character without compromising your style.

You can also select facial features and accessories from its library. Moreover, it allows you to build a character that can add meaning to your videos.

appy pie cartoon video generator

Key Features

  1. It has an extensive range of professionally crafted video templates that can be the perfect fit for creating videos from scratch.
  2. You can also add voiceovers and feature lip-synced moments with characters in your videos.
  3. Creating multiple geometric shapes using the in-built pen, pencil, or paintbrush tool is also possible.

Pricing Plan

Span Price
Basic $16/month
Gold $36/month
Platinum $60/month

4. Powtoon

You can see your simple-looking videos come to life with this amazing quality cartoon-making app. It can add everything to your videos, from stunning visuals to seamless animation. This can be effectively used to craft high-quality cartoons that can boost engagement quickly.

It also encompasses more than 100 animation templates. Select the template of your choice and make cartoon videos with them. Moreover, the interface of this AI cartoon video generator for free is well-structured so that you can use it without confusion.

 powtoon cartoon video generator  Key Features

Key Features

  1. It has the advanced feature of whiteboard doodling, which helps you create videos and express the message uniquely.
  2. You can also trust it to create animated presentations that impress the audience. It also lets you add custom layouts and create shareable formats.
  3. With this software, you can record the screen and webcam together. You can also share the videos on social media platforms without any issues.

Pricing Plan

Span Price
Lite $50/month
Professional $190/month
Business $1500/month

5. Renderforest

Are you looking for ways to make cartoon videos that can help you grow professionally? Renderforest is a video cartoon AI tool that can aid you regarding this issue. With this, you can make multiple types of animated videos, such as 3D explainers, trendy explainers, whiteboard animation, character adventures, and more.

It also has hundreds of scenes in its library, and you can select and use them without issues. Renderforest also lets you add expressive fonts to the videos, which you can customize.

renderforest cartoon video generator

Key Features

  1. It can make several types of videos for you, such as slideshow, intros, presentations, music visualizations, and more.
  2. You can also trust it to build websites, for example, marketing, business, events, non-profits, and others.
  3. With Renderforest, you can create logos and generate personalized mockups without complications.

Pricing Plan

Span Price
Lite $14.99/month
Pro $29.99/month
Business $49.99/month



In a nutshell, you can trust AI cartoon video generators for creating interactive cartoons. The AI cartoon makers are different from the AI avatar makers, and you can learn about this difference from the above discussion. There are endless benefits of using AI video to cartoon tools which you can find above. With all highlights, creating unique quality content with these cartoon generators is no different than basic editing.

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