AI video generators are helpful in easing human work to a great level. It contains dozens of features that can help add subtitles, voiceovers, text overlays, and graphics. Using AI-supported tools, you can also apply effects and transitions to make the video appealing. One such example of an AI video generator is Along with video editing, you can also create AI avatars as the virtual presenters in your video with this tool.

To learn about in detail, we have provided an authentic review in this article. Moreover, we will also offer a better alternative to that can be more powerful in AI video generation. Thus, let's dig into the details to discover the best tools for video creation.

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  4. What Pricing Plans are Offered by AI Video Maker
  5. The Best AI Video Alternative to AI Video Maker

Part 1: What is - AI Avatar Video Creator? is a robust platform that can create compelling videos within a few clicks. This tool provides more than 200 video templates that can be freely used. It uses AI technology to bring helpful features for improving overall productivity. You can insert virtual presenters in your videos to explain the content effortlessly through this tool. Therefore, Synthesia video creator contains more than 140 AI avatars in distinct clothing and styles.

overview of synthesia ai video maker

Once you have selected an AI avatar, you can produce voiceovers in the desired way. It supports over 120 languages that can be utilized in generating voiceovers. With such AI tools, you can quickly produce demonstration videos on Synthesia AI. You can also add customizations to create an engaging video with personalized voiceovers and avatars.

Part 2: What are the Exceptional Features of AI Video Creator is an advantageous tool offering tons of key features. In this section, we will briefly highlight some of's main features.

1. Built-in AI Avatars

If you want to create talking head videos, Synthesia has some of the best built-in AI avatars. It has more than 140 AI avatars of different attires and looks. You can search by age range and attire to find the desired avatar. The avatars have the capability to showcase realistic movements to present in your videos. Moreover, you can also create customized avatars effortlessly with this tool.

synthesia ai avatars

2. Multilingual Support for Voiceovers

After choosing a Synthesia avatar, you can also add voiceovers instantly. It supports more than 120 languages to make the content diverse. Just write the textual content in the selected language and produce a voiceover in your specified voice. With this feature, you can also add closed captions to your video. It also allows you to edit the added voiceover and captions to meet your requirements.

3. Vibrant Video Templates

Are you running out of ideas to create a video? No worries, as offers various built-in templates. These video templates are available in different categories and types. Each category has its own color pattern and design to attract viewers. After selecting a video template, you can also add custom assets to the templates.

synthesia ai video templates

4. Screen Recorder

Synthesia video creator also acts as a screen recorder to record all the current activities of your screen. With this feature, you can capture Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams sessions. Once you have recorded the online meetings, you can upload and edit them on this tool.

5. Script Generator

Synthesia AI video generator is integrated with ChatGPT to create scripts automatically. Through this facility, you can create a video script from scratch. Moreover, you can convert the generated text into an engaging video within minutes. Therefore, this tool offers an instant way to create compelling videos from text quickly.

6. Custom Options

There are tons of custom options on Synthesia AI to assist you in every manner. It has a free media library through which you can add images and footage to your videos. Moreover, you can add and replace the background colors of the footage from dozens of options.

It also lets you add different design elements, such as animation, transitions, text overlays, and graphics. Also, you can add music tracks to your video with this AI video generator.

Part 3: What Type of People Can Use AI Avatar Video Creator targets many types of people with its beneficial features. To know more, jump to the below section:

1. Teachers and Trainers:

Teachers can demonstrate complex concepts in an interesting way by creating videos with Synthesia AI. While creating videos, they can add animation and transitions to catch students' attention. Moreover, they can insert additional helpful material in the form of images, videos, and voiceovers.

2. Brand Marketers:

If you want to promote your product, you can produce a visually appealing video through this tool. In the video, you can display the selling point, key benefits, and instructions to use your product in an engaging manner. You can also add AI avatars to present your product easily. Also, you can upload your brand assets, such as logos and watermarks, through this tool.

3. Advertisers:

To execute effective advertising, you should know how to attract viewers through a video. To do so, Synthesia video creator provides different elements such as avatars, script generators, and editing tools. Without hiring an actor, you can use an AI avatar for effective advertisement.

4. Social Media Influencers:

Social media influencers like YouTubers can also produce captivating videos through Synthesia. Using this tool, they can use free media library to add royalty-free stock to their videos. Moreover, they can add closed captions in multiple languages to reach a wider audience.

5. Students and Learners:

Students and learners can create video presentations effectively through this tool. Along with adding AI avatars, they can upload screen recordings to give a quick demo. Moreover, they can convert their textual script into a video within a few clicks.

Part 4: What Pricing Plans are Offered by AI Video Maker

Synthesia video creator has two pricing plans: Personal and Enterprise. The Personal plan charges $22.50 monthly and $270 annually. You can also save 25% while using the Annual plan. In your Personal plan, you can get only 1 seat and 10 video minutes. You can only edit up to 10 video scenes in this plan. Other features include a screen recorder, AI assistant, video templates, and much more. It also supports over 120 languages and AI voices in this plan.

On the other hand, the Enterprise plan offers custom pricing. You can add a custom number of seats with unlimited video credits. It can edit 50 scenes with more than 140 AI avatars. Moreover, it supports over 10 million stock media content in its free library. You can also import up to 50 PPT slides while using this plan.

synthesia ai video creator pricing

Part 5: The Best AI Video Alternative to AI Video Maker

Wondershare DemoCreator is an extremely powerful tool consisting of every function that you would need for video creation. For video editing, it offers many advanced features such as audio adjustments, multi-track editing, green screen effects, auto-captions, etc. With this AI video editor, you can also apply many cinematic effects to your videos.

It also has a screen recorder that can capture your screen activities in high definition. Furthermore, it provides VTubers that can act as virtual presenters for your videos. These virtual presenters can have realistic mouth shapes, facial expressions, and body movements. You can also import your own VRM model to this tool as your virtual presenter.

wondershare democreator ai video editor

Free Download
Free Download

Wondershare DemoCreator is also compatible with all popular streaming platforms like WeCom, YouTube Live, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Discord, Facebook Live, etc. Hence, DemoCreator is a powerful all-rounder AI video maker offering all the advanced options for all businesspeople.


Video creators like help in building captivating videos without expensive equipment. Without hiring actors, you can use AI avatars to present video content in a realistic manner. By reading this article, you can get a full review of the features offered by Synthesia. However, if you want a more exceptional tool for AI video creation, you can try Wondershare DemoCreator.

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