Videos are the most resourceful medium for communicating and sharing your ideas, perspectives, and memories with the world. However, if you share videos without any advanced modifications, it will eventually impact the engagement of your video. For this reason, you can get assistance from AI video generator apps.

With the help of these apps, you can uplift creativity and experience automated editing. It also benefits in having an efficient workflow and makes complex tasks more manageable for you. By the end of this discussion, you will know the top-rated video AI apps for all platforms. Keep reading to delve deeper into the additional insight of this remarkable subject.

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Part 1: Top 3 Professional AI Video Editing Software [Desktop Software]

AI video maker apps can range from easy-to-use to complex-to-use apps. However, if you want to edit videos for professional objectives such as marketing, you need to go with apps having professional-grade functionality. To cater to this issue, the empowering AI video apps are discussed here. So, let's delve into them without any delay:

1. Wondershare DemoCreator

There are tons of AI video generator apps for professional video editing, but nothing can match the functionality of DemoCreator. It integrates a delightful user interface that ensures optimized usability for the users. Moreover, the processing speed of DemoCreator is ultra-fast, which helps accomplish all the video editing tasks in no time.

DemoCreator lets you trim, merge, and split videos easily. Moreover, you can also resize and crop the videos along with adding overlays and effects. Changing the speed of videos to make them aesthetically pleasurable is also a specialty of this innovative AI video app. Besides videos, it also helps with audio editing, so you can modify every bit of the video in one place.

democreator ai video editing app

Powerful Features

  • Multiple Types of Recording: With the help of DemoCreator, you can record screens with real-time webcam recording. You can also do voice recording with this and can also schedule recording.
  • Live Streaming of Presentations: It can take your live-stream presentation experience to the next level by providing 6 online cloud features. This amazing tool also helps you add real-time annotation and beauty filters in live presentations.
  • In-Built VTubers: For making engaging presentations, you can trust its built-in VTubers. It integrates fine-designed VTubers, which can give a professional look to the presentations.

Free Download
Free Download

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Do you want to do video editing that can make your videos stand out? No problem, because Adobe Premiere Pro got you covered in this part. Through this intuitive AI video app, you can craft your videos to the finest extent. It helps the users to edit, trim, and make videos more expressive.

There are specialized video effects in it that can make your video more cinematic. From ripple editing to drilling the gap, this top-notch video AI app can help you with all. Adobe Premiere Pro has a flexible interface and responsive speed. You can also work on multi-cam angles with this.

premiere pro ai video editing app

Powerful Features

  • Adobe Sensei: Adobe Sensei, powered with AI algorithms, can help you make perfect automated edits such as scene edit detection, auto-ducking, auto reframe, and morph cut to attract diverse people.
  • Text-Based Editing: This fantastic tool also supports text-based editing, through which you can add, delete, and modify clips effortlessly.
  • Automated Color Correction: With its Auto Color Correction, you can correct colors automatically. This also includes correction of exposure, contrast, or white balance.

3. Topaz Video AI

It is an optimized solution for editing videos and upscaling their overall quality without issues. Moreover, it encompasses incredible AI neural networks majorly trained in dynamic video editing. Through this AI video app, you can change the video type and AI models and can also enable frame interpolation if needed.

Moreover, you can also customize the quality and FPS of videos easily. You can even work with low-resolution videos and boost their quality to HD or up to 8K. Above all, it can also remove the interlacing artifacts through which you can make the videos more visually appealing.

topaz video ai video editing app

Powerful Features

  • Reduce Camera Shake: With Topaz Video AI, you can also reduce the camera shake effect and make the video so smooth as it is recorded using a tripod stand.
  • AI Video Denoising: It can also help remove all the noises from your recorded or downloaded videos without damaging the quality.
  • Multiple AI Models: Topaz AI video app consists of 5 AI models you can use according to your video requirement. Moreover, this tool helps you customize the parameters for your selected AI model.

Part 2: Top 3 Efficient AI Video Editing Platforms for Beginners [Online Tool]

Online AI video apps are also a good choice because you can edit videos with them without worrying about device storage issues. There are numerous online AI tools that can assist in AI video editing. However, the most recommended and top tools that you can use to edit the videos also are discussed here:

1. Pictory

Editing videos in an automated manner is easier than ever with the Pictory AI app. Through this, you can also add automatically generated subtitles to the videos. It also helps in cutting the portions of the videos without messing up the overlays. Furthermore, it automatically detects the video's essential scenes and generates highlights that need no further manual adjustments.

Above all, you can also trust the Pictory AI app for creating logos without hassle. It also has the potential to create automated intros and outros for the videos.

pictory ai video editing app

Powerful Features

  • Text to Video: Its AI powers can convert prewritten text to videos without complications. Moreover, you can also paste the URL of the published article to generate a video with it.
  • Auto Captioning: This feature has the potential to create captions for the videos just by uploading them on the Pictory interface.
  • Auto Summarization: When you don't have enough time to make long videos short, Pictory can help you. Through this, you can shorten long videos without missing out on critical scenes.

2. Synthesia

Synthesia AI video generator app helps you in editing videos even without having any prior experience. It works as an all-in-one video editor that allows you to edit videos with full customization. You can change background music and transitions, add royalty-free music, and manage other metrics.

Above all, you can also control opacity and blurring issues. There are tons of pre-designed templates in Synthesia that you can use to make high-quality videos. You can also search and select templates from diverse categories.

synthesia ai video editing app

Powerful Features

  • AI Avatars: There are over 150+ AI presenters in it, which can enhance the quality of videos in no time. You can also customize the avatars and position them anywhere in videos.
  • AI Voices: Synthesia has male and female voices, which can escalate the quality of AI avatar-integrated videos. It also encompasses 120+ voices which you can find in diversified languages.
  • AI Video Generator: Using the AI Video Generator of Synthesia, you can turn plain text into videos without compromising the overall quality.

3. HeyGen

Using this quality-oriented AI video maker app, you can turn the prewritten text into eye-catching videos. You can also record audio in real time and add them to the videos. This is very helpful if you are creating AI avatar-integrated videos. One of the best things is you can also create multi-scene videos as easily as PowerPoint.

If you don’t like the style of your videos, then you can also search and select the creative styles of HeyGen. It incorporates a wide array of images, shapes, and fonts.

heygen ai video editing app

Powerful Features

  • Talking Avatars: There are 100+ specialized AI avatars in it, which range from versatile ages, poses, and ethnicities.
  • Talking Photos: It lets you turn static photos into dynamic talking photos with optimized lip-syncing with the scripts.
  • Voice Cloning: HeyGen integrates voice cloning samples of male and female voices. You can also create your voice clones by recording your voice.

Part 3: Top 3 Basic AI Video Editing Apps to Bring Perfection [Mobile App]

If you are in a hassle and don't have enough time to start your PC and sit for hours to edit videos, the AI video apps on mobile platforms will help you. Undoubtedly, you can find amazing applications on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Yet, the most recommended apps with greater functionality are discussed here:

1. YouCam Video

It is a premium-grade AI video generator app through which you can edit videos with a few taps. You can also personalize video orientation from the options of landscape, square, and portrait. While working with selfie videos, you can zoom in and edit them to portray them as a perfect fit.

Above all, it is also loaded with tons of makeover filters. You can apply any filter of your choice with a few taps naturally on the videos. It can also turn cute pictures into dramatic pictures without complications.

youcam ai video editing app

Powerful Features

  • Reshaping Face Videos: This fantastic application helps you reshape the face, cheekbones, jaws, or forehead.
  • Retouching Face: You can retouch the videos and fine-tune skin by removing pimples, acne, spots, and other features.
  • AI Cartoon: If you are a cartoon lover, you can also turn the videos into magical cartoons to live your fantasy.


  • Android: 8.0 and above
  • iOS: 14.0 and above

2. LightCut – AI Video Editor [Android | iOS]

This AI video editor encompasses tons of professionally made templates that can escalate your video editing experience. All the templates are trendy and inspiring, so you will not face any issues with them. You can also make the videos more inspiring, empowering your audience.

Above all, you can merge or trim videos without messing with the layouts. It also helps add transitions, stickers, effects, music, etc. Using this application; you can split or delete any clip to make the video more studio-quality.

lightcut ai video editing app

Powerful Features

  • Real-Time Recording: With this, you can record videos in real-time and can directly edit them without facing complications.
  • Transitions and Filters: There are tons of amazing filters in it that can make videos more visually appealing. It can also add consistency to the videos with its transition filters.
  • Text and Stickers: You can make any type of illustrative and expressive video using the built-in text and stickers of LightCut – AI Video Editor.


  • Android: 7.0 and above
  • iOS: 11.0 and above

3. Videoleap: AI Video Editor

With over 4.6 rating, this video AI app never fails to amaze users with its productivity. With this, you cannot only edit but can also create videos effortlessly. It also integrates layer-based editing, which boosts your functionality in no time. You can also cut and replace the video clips with customized videos.

Moreover, you can trust it for effortlessly recreating reels to enhance your social media platforms. This tool also helps in editing videos effectively and directly sharing them on social media platforms.

videoleap ai video editing app

Powerful Features

  • Special Effects: Videoleap: AI Video Editor can help you add special effects to videos like flare, rays, defocus, and more.
  • Sound Editing: It has over 100 sound effects, which you can add to videos and control the audio volume to equalize the audio.
  • AI Tools: This mobile video editing app has optimized AI tools such as AI Scenes, AI Selfies, and AI Anime. These tools can play a key role in helping you to boost productivity.


  • Android: 8.0 and above
  • iOS: 15.0 and above

Final Words

With all the provided data, it is evident that you can trust the AI video generator apps for editing videos using AI. Combining it with different and versatile compatibility, you have a list of the best tools to select from. However, for effective video editing with enhanced functionality, you can consider using Wondershare DemoCreator as your primary choice.

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