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How to Loop Audio in Wondershare DemoCreator?

Oliva Eve
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Audio Editing

Sonic expressions can help with visual impressions. Just like visuals, audios have their significance. Music has come a long way as people have been experimenting with different sounds and audios over the past few years.

Loop audio is another famous kind of soundtrack these days. People have created their remix and composed their songs using the loop audios. It is being practiced a lot as it is an inexpensive way to express their creativity.

This article will briefly explain to you how to loop audio in Wondershare DemoCreator and the importance of this software.

Part 1: How to loop audio in DemoCreator?

The following article shall assist you and answer your queries regarding how to loop audio and save it and give an overview of Wondershare DemoCreator.

Step 1: Download the Wondershare DemoCreator Video Editor

To edit your audio using Wondershare DemoCreator, the first step is to install the program in your system. Search the Wondershare DemoCreator on your browser and open the official link of the website. To download the file, select your operating system (macOS or Windows) and click the "Free Download" button. Once the downloading is complete, double click on the .exe file and launch the program.

Register yourself by entering your Wondershare DemoCreator credentials. If you don't have an ID, create an account on Wondershare Account Center directly or click on the option of "Create an account" on the top right corner of Wondershare DemoCreator.

This program offers a free trial with all features. So, you can feel free to use all the features in DemoCreator free trial version.

Step 2: Record or Import Audio Files

You can record your audio using the Microphone. Begin your recording by clicking on "New Recording" in the DemoCreator and make sure your Microphone is connected to your system. Set the recording parameters according to your preference. Microphone settings are available in the audio setup. Once you're done recording your file, it will show up in the media file immediately.

Another way to record your audio is to click on the video editor interface. Click on the mic icon on the toolbar to start your recording. You also have an option to turn off your webcam or screen recording to record your audio.

To import your pre-recorded audio file, MP3 file in your program, you can click on the file on the top left of the DemoCreator and select "Import Media File." Another more straightforward method is to go to the Media Library Panel and choose "Import Media File."

Step 3: Modify your Audio File

After you're done recording or importing your MP3 file on your DemoCreator, you have to add it to your timeline and edit the audios. For that, you have to drag your audio from the media library and drop it in your timeline. You may start editing your audio now.

In the "Editing Properties" window, you can access the audio panel through which you can edit your audio file. You can now adjust the speed of your sound by selecting any one of the low, medium, and high options. The volume of your file is modified to half by default, and you can't change it too by dragging it to the right or left. You also have an option to enable or disable "Denoise."

Another easier way to edit your audio file is to right-click on the audio track. Select "Edit Audio" to adjust speed, volume, sound in, and sound fade out.

You can edit your audio in various ways in Wondershare DemoCreator. When it comes to loop audio continuously, you have to select a portion of your audio that you want to loop. Cut this part of the audio and copy the audio and paste it multiple times to loop it. You can paste it as many times you want to loop your audio.

Step 4: Export the Video in Desired Format

When you're done editing, you have to save your loop audio on your Mac or PC. Choose any name for your audio file and adjust the parameters like channel, bitrate, and sample rate, etc. Now export the file to your desired location or upload it online in MP3 format.


If you want to find some online solution about loop audio, you can click here to get a guide about Top Online Sound Loopers.

Part 2: Benefits of Wondershare DemoCreator

There are various reasons which lead users to select Wondershare DemoCreator as their primary choice of video editing. The following pointers clarified why DemoCreator is the best screen recording and video editing tool available in the market.

The All-in-One Screen Recorder & Video Editor

Record desktop screen and webcam simultaneously
Edit recorded clips quickly with a wide range of professional tools
Built-in plentiful templates and effects
Export to MP4, MOV, MKV, GIF, and multiple formats
Free Download
Secure Download
Free Download
Secure Download


The intuitive layout offered by Wondershare DemoCreator is very convenient for professionals as well as non-professionals. It is by far the best screen recording and video editing software. Users can now easily capture their screens while also recording on the webcam and Microphones. However, screen recording, webcam recording, and microphone recording can also be done individually.

Moreover, Wondershare DemoCreator offers you various features to edit your files. Features like annotations, transitions, cursor effects, audio fade in and audio fade out, and denoise can make your audio or video look very professional. It is a great way to express your talent and creativity. This user-friendly interface makes it suitable for every age group.

Audio System

Wondershare DemoCreator can record your system audio and add in Microphone sound. This multitasking program allows you to record your screen, video, and audio at the same time. What's more, it keeps the screen, video, and audio recording separate, so you can easily edit them later. You can also turn off your screen and webcam to record your audio.

Features like audio fade in and fade out add significant sound effects, and denoise filters the background noise to make your audio audible. Moreover, you also have the option to blend more than two audios or separate them. This feature is handy for making new soundtracks. We can also create new soundtracks by audio looping.

Audio Fade In and Fade Out

The fade in and fade out feature in DemoCreator adds a drastic change in the audio. Faded in refers to the progressive increase, and fade out refers to the progressive decrease in the sound volume. The Audio fade in and fade out feature allows you to make variations in the softness of the sound and adjust the rhythm.

Audio engineers mainly use this feature, but you do not have to be a professional to use this in Wondershare DemoCreator. It can add opening and closing sound effects in presentations, transitions, and animations to grab the viewer's attention and make it interesting for him.

Fast Export

The Fast Export feature of Wondershare DemoCreator is fantastic as it makes export less time-consuming. This multitasking software can work with multiple media files simultaneously. You also have an option to store your file in any suitable format like MP3, MP4, and MOV.

No matter how much load the program is carrying, it will save your file in your desired location in no time if you enable the Fast Export option. This keeps the user from wasting unnecessary time and frustration.


Annotations in Wondershare DemoCreator are used in tutorials, training courses, educational videos, live presentations, and online teaching. DemoCreator is built with various types of annotations.

This feature allows the user to write any text or draw any line, arrow, bubble and shapes to make their point clear and give a visual representation of their explanation. Just drag and drop the annotations on the timeline and adjust when you want them to show up on the screen.

Custom Frame Nodes

Custom Frame Nodes allows you to set your size of the screen according to your preference. This feature is useful when you don't want to capture all for your screen. You can adjust the size to restrict your screen to a certain extent.

Moreover, this feature is also used to set your frame rate. You can adjust your frequency and resolution to enjoy your desired display. This feature is mainly used in games or high-quality videos to change their graphics.


Wondershare DemoCreator is one fantastic program among all other programs that have made life much easier for professionals and amateurs. It is an all-in-one screen software that provides the best screen, video, and audio recording and editing, on one platform.

It has not only reduced the workload but saved us from a lot of unnecessary hassle and frustration. Users can now easily make tutorials, demonstrations, vlogs, professionally edit videos and audios and even make money out of them.

The audio feature in Wondershare DemoCreator has solved our problem with loop audios and made it much easier for us. Now you can experiment with music, create your loop audios for free and share your work with the world in no time.