Live streaming of content enables sports fans to access live sports events worldwide. Super excited fans can watch sports on any device regardless of their location. If you are busy during the live performance, the highlights video brings flexibility to watch later. Such videos offer a quick recap of noteworthy performances and show exciting parts of the game.

For decades, the NFL retained viewers' attention by being the most popular sport in the US. People who are traveling, cooking, or busy with daily chores prefer to watch the NFL livestream. That’s why many streaming platforms are competing to attract the maximum audience. In this article, we have noted down live football streaming sites for your ease in choosing the best.

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  3. What Things Should a User Ensure When Creating a Highlight Video?
  4. Recording and Creating Highlight Videos to Perfection with Wondershare DemoCreator

Part 1. What Do You Know About NFL?

The abbreviation of NFL is National Football League, a professional league in the United States. It consists of 32 teams from the US and is further divided into two conferences. One is the American Football Conference (AFC), and the other is the National Football Conference (NFC). Each conference will be divided into 4 divisions: North, South, East, and West.

In 1920, a professional football league was established as the American Professional Football Conference (APFC). Recently, these games expanded their ventures and started outside of the US. Many TV channels have contracted to begin live football streaming since the 2006 season. Streaming is so popular in America that Super Bowl weekend has become an unofficial holiday.

nfl live streaming and highlights

Part 2. Getting The Best Results With 8 Free Football Live Streaming Sites

Americans watch NFL games live for free more than any other sport. Each year, the NFL season is held in September, and streaming platforms begin to earn money. In such a situation, many fans look for front-row seats of action through free live streaming. Thus, we have tested dozens of sites to enlist the top 10 free NFL live-streaming sites below. 

1. FSL-Stream

FSL, which is named as free live streaming, is an excellent choice for NFL game streaming. It offers numerous categories of sports like NFL, Boxing, Golf, Basketball and WWE. During the off-season of the NFL, this site offers other NFL-like channels. There is a fan comments section where you can share your views or watch others’ opinions. This site does not require any sign-up to watch sports streaming.

fsl stream

2. BuffStreams

It’s another platform for NFL live stream of sports with organized links. You can see the upcoming and significant events section separately there. BuffStreams offers an NFL network channel and various other channels for sports. There are sections for ongoing games and timings of upcoming sports with details. A downside of this site is annoying pop-ups and false redirections to other windows.


3. sportLemon

If you are looking for a dedicated NFL streaming site, sportLemon is for you. It offers live streaming of different games, such as hockey, football, basketball, and tennis. Besides, you can see ongoing games from its main interface and tap to watch any one of them. Notably, this site warns you about the kick-off time 15 minutes before the game ends.


4. Sportsurge

This site is an incredible alternative to any other sports streaming site. Anyone can watch NFL games live for free from any region worldwide. Its homepage also shows the kick-off times of games, including NFL matches. When you open the site, a live match link will display for easy navigation to the game. Moreover, you can access previous NFL matches by tapping on Yesterday.


5. NFLbite

NFLbite is a Reddit-based platform that you can use to watch live NFL streaming. After several improvements in the interface, it finally looks like NFL News and NFL Redzone. This site provides you with a table of reliable streams. It is an NFL-dedicated site that shows live scores if you have no time to watch the entire game.


6. NFLWebcast

In search of live-watch links and streaming in 4K, you can rely on NFLWebcast. Anyone can watch live football streaming on any device without signing up. Its distinctive feature is the “Record & Watch Games Later.” From this site, you can see the Superbowl, Pro Bowl, and Pre-season games in HD and SD quality.


7. VIPLeague

If you want a site with a minimal interface, visit this one. VIPLeague is designed to stream games on your phone, laptop, or tablet. It provides you with football, rugby, golf, tennis, and ice hockey streaming. It does not ask for any sign-up or subscription and directly navigates you to the live sport. You can enjoy past or present-day NFL, NCAA, and CFL ball matches.


8. Fromhot

Fromhot is a platform to watch a wide variety of live football streaming. You can watch football, table tennis, cricket, and darts. All you need is a good internet connection, although the services are limited to certain regions. Apart from NFL games, there are other popular sports from the US that you can stream with a VPN.


Part 3. What Things Should a User Ensure When Creating a Highlight Video?

Highlight videos are short glimpses of the entire video that attract viewers to watch it fully. You might have watched game highlights when it broadcasted a day after the live performance. It gives you an idea of how the play started and which player scored well.

Moreover, it is the same in movie trailers, where editors sum up the movie from 2 hours into 2 minutes. They look after the points below to create engaging highlight videos:

  1. Select the Best Clips: Highlight videos are meant to be shorter. They must be edited in a way that leaves a deeper impact. Keeping that in mind, you should choose video clips with key moments. It must show certain achievements, skills, and the essence of any activity.
  2. Use High-Quality Footage: Low-quality videos will not attract an audience to stop and watch the content. People prefer to watch clear shots, so avoid including blurry and grainy clips. Also, you should use the best quality source materials that viewers can easily understand at first look.
  3. Include Variety of Shots: Repetition of content might bore the audience. They are more likely to skip content if the highlight video does not include a variety of shots. Mix several clips and add wide-angle, close-up, and action shots to increase visual interest.
  4. Keep it Concise: Your aim should be to make a concise highlight video that evokes curiosity. Who will watch your full content if you include all aspects in the highlight video? Thus, focus on impactful content and avoid adding unnecessary details.
  5. Professional Editing: It’s the most important aspect that also consumes a lot of time. To create video highlights, many editors rely on software for professional products. In this regard, they ensure perfect transitions and color corrections to polish highlights.
  6. Appropriate Music: Every highlight video is incomplete without appropriate music. You should ensure a soundtrack that evokes emotions and aligns with your content. Arrange your clips according to the music rhythms, like suspense music in slow-motion clips.

Part 4. Recording and Creating Highlight Videos to Perfection with Wondershare DemoCreator

If you want to make an NFL livestream match highlight video, be aware of legal issues. Recording a video of a live match can create copyright issues for you as you don't own it. Thus, we have a simpler solution to avoid this concern with Wondershare DemoCreator. Using this software, you can record live-stream matches with complete personalization.

After recording, you can edit the video by using its matchless features. DemoCreator is a video recording and editing tool to assist in crafting exceptional content. This platform has a simple interface that can unleash your creativity to the maximum extent. Exploring Wondershare DemoCreator could benefit content creators, gamers, and educationists.

Creative Tools and Key Features of DemoCreator

Making video highlights of live football streaming is no more difficult with DemoCreator. This platform can not only assist you in highlight-making but also perform other editing tasks. To witness its creativity, you should read the brief features given below:

1. Live Stream Presentation

In the past, live streaming was possible on limited platforms, but not more with Wondershare DemoCreator. It supports many popular streaming platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. You can present live with an extra layer of interactivity through built-in annotations. This software captures your best self with beauty features. They allow you to customize your skin color, face thinning, eye size, and brightness.

2. Screen Recorder

As discussed above, you can screen record on Wondershare DemoCreator how you want. It allows you to record a specific area or the entire screen. Besides, users can use their webcam and enable a microphone to capture surrounding voices. While recording product demos or training videos, it provides you with a highlighter to mark essential data. Also, you can switch different recording sources with dual monitors. 

3. Sound to Text

Fans outside the US watching NFL live stream face trouble understanding language. Enabling live-stream subtitles will allow them to comprehend the commentary. Auto-caption in DemoCreator can create subtitles for your video automatically. It detects the spoken language with advanced machine learning to place the text on the right frame.  

How to Automatically Generate Subtitles for Any Video

Free Download
Free Download

4. Convert PPT to Video

Videos have become a universal source to share information. Thus, transforming PPT into Video remains the only way to communicate data globally. Wondershare DemoCreator can make this conversion easy for you with a PPT-to-video option. So, import your PPT and add effects, annotations, text, and backgrounds to make it appealing. Afterward, you can add more media, record the area, and export any video format.

How to Record and Create the Highlight Video on Wondershare DemoCreator

Strategic planning to create video highlights is crucial, as debated earlier. If you are stressed about recording or creating an impactful highlight, follow the steps.

Step 1: Get DemoCreator on Your PC/Mac and Explore the New Recording

Install Wondershare DemoCreator at your earliest convenience. Make sure you have its latest version with improvements and updates. After successful installation, open it to enter the main interface. Now, look for the “New Recording” area and tap on it. This way, you will find video recording tools.

tap the new recording feature

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Free Download

Step 2: Capture a New Recording with Customizing Options

Move the square by holding the red circle in the center and decide the screen area to record. Then, go to the editing panel and enable the “Edit Recording” option so that you can edit after recording. Adjust other parameters like “System Audio,” “Microphone,” and “Webcam” from their sections. Now, tap the "REC" red circle to start recording and the "F10" key to stop recording from the keyboard.

adjust screen recorder settings

Step 3: Edit Video to Polish the Recorded Screen

You will get the recorded video in the editing window after pressing F10. From the timeline section, drag the “Yellow Slider” to cut the video by tapping it. After separating videos into different places, drag and drop them to change their locations.

Then, go to the “Audio” option in the toolbar of the media panel. Pick any audio, drag it to the timeline, and adjust the length by enclosing its corners. Select the “Annotation” option and drag your selected template to the timeline. Direct toward the right-side panel and paste your text. Style the text with the “Text Border” and “Text Shadows” sections.

adjust the annotation settings

Step 4: Continue to Enhance Video or Move to Export

To enhance your video further, you can use "Effects" and "Stickers" icons. If you are satisfied with your current editing, move to save your project. For this purpose, click the "Export" button from the top right corner. Specify your export parameters and tap "Export" again to get the file right on your device.

press the export button

Free Download
Free Download


In short, the NFL is a popular sports league that makes fans excited to watch it live. Many streaming services are available, but choosing the right one is still a concern. This article sheds light on some free live football streaming platforms. If you want to create a highlight video of a live match, use Wondershare Democreator. It not only saves you from legal rights issues but also provides customizations in editing.

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