• 1. Record your computer screen, microphone, and webcam simultaneously.
  • 2. Allow you to customize screen capture and frame rate.
  • 3. Edit videos with thousands of resources and templates.

9 Best Easy Screen Recorder

David Wilson
2024-04-19 10:40:40 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

Easy Screen recorder is powerful screen capture software used for creating screencasts and screenshots. You can easily record any part of your screen effortlessly, even by adding audio narration from your microphone or videos from your webcam. It allows you to record everything happening on the desktop, which you can use later on by view or play option as an AVI file.

With the use of screen recorders, you are empowered to turn what is happening on the computer screen, whether entertaining or informational content, shared as per your fit and choices. In case you don't want some part of your desktop screen to be captured, you can keep that part separate from that capture. These are ideal software for creating demos, tutorials, and any training videos. These applications can easily suit your needs and are available for windows, androids, Mac, iPad, and more.

Part 1: Easy Screen Recorder for Windows 7/10

1. Simple Screen Recorder

Simple Screen Recorder is a free, unlimited, and straightforward screencasting and recording tool. Also, it is a Qt-based screencasting software made with the Linux operating systems created as an easy alternative to programs like VLC. It is described as the frap of the Linux and familiar as easy screen recorder Linux operating system. Also, it provides advanced customization options for the screen recording and output.

It can interject the library command upon the launch to facilitate the right screen capture. It doesn't require a large disk-cache like the other screencasting software. Moreover, it is easier to use than any other software like VLC due to its user interface, which is very simple. To install the simple screen recorder application, opt to go through the command line or by the shortcut keys CTRL+ALT+T.

simple screen recorder

Key Features

  • Free with no premium features
  • No watermarks and time limits
  • Captures only the selected part of the screen
  • You can make the screenshot
  • It can be saved to WEBM format.

2. Freecam

It gives recording video and audio with a complete display screen. This is a free software program with many facilities. Free cam is the great complete display screen recorder for windows 10 with a complete set of functions for creating, editing, and sharing high-quality screencasts. Using this software program, you may make the precise best display screen recording movies that you may use as your presentation.

This application will offer you facilities for making professional video lessons and e-learning presentations. Free cam screen recorder helps make an excellent video, and you may discover a drop and drag gadget on this application. You can edit your unfinished movies and videos through the use of numerous facilities of this application. It is a free screen recorder easy to use software that can file HD video and store it in WMV format. It allows you to save the screencasts on your desktop and they can be instantly shared on YouTube.


Key Features

  • Records and creates professional video
  • Fine-tune the video
  • Instantly shares the video
  • Polish your audio
  • Highlights the mouse cursor

3. DemoCreator

DemoCreator is the powerful yet best easy screen recorder program, which allows you to capture desktop activities and creates videos too. By the use of this software program, you could record screen keeping in account your requirements. Moreover, this software program will offer you many basic and advanced facilities to help you make or edit an excellent and pleasant video.

It is one of the easy screen recorders and video editor software for making professional-looking tutorial and demo videos. Also, DemoCreator presents the value of your product and services to current and prospective customers. DemoCreator is used to capture tutorials, video demos, games, presentations, and edit them quickly.


Key Features

  • Captures recording quickly with narration
  • Record games
  • Creates video tutorials online courses.
  • Facilitates a live recording.
  • Creates accessibility and efficiency.

Part 2: Easy Screen Recorder for Mac

4. Easy Screen Recorder

It's considered as one of the most powerful tools for screen recording or even editing. It can help in the creation of demos, guides, tutorials, and more. With the help of this, you can record a specific part of your computer screen. In the same way, you are able to record the whole screen area as well. In this, the recording thing keeps running in the background. At the same time, you can prepare a high-quality tutorial video.

In Mac, the easy screen recorder is elementary to use. The video mode is very vivid and of high quality. Easy screen recorder allows recording everything on the computer screen that you can play and record later on as per your requirements. But the thing is you cannot save the other format of the file other than the AVI format.

easy screen recorder mac

Key Features

  • The installation process is very convenient
  • Automatically saves the recorded videos as AVI
  • Records the selected portion of the screen
  • Helpful in creating engaging videos in tutorials.

5. VLC

VLC medial player is a free-to-use as well as open-source cross-platform for the multimedia players and framework that plays the most multimedia music files and Audio CDs, VCDs, and many more. It shows availability for the desktop operating system along with mobile platforms too. These involve Android, Windows. iOS, etc.

Also, it supports the video and audio methods of compressing it. It further involves file formats such as the DVD forms of the videos and protocols for streaming. Moreover, the VLC media players' software installer is for the macOS platform and in the windows platform. It enables the user to read audio and video data.

vlc mac screen recorder

Key Features

  • Streaming of video
  • Convert video to any format
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • It can load the desktop as an input device
  • Supports the playlist playback mechanism

6. QuickTime

QuickTime is the famous multimedia player developed by Apple and can handle a wide range of videos, pictures, audios, and panoramic image formats. It is an easy screen recorder APK and leads Mac users' options with a clean, interactive, and straightforward Interface. Also, it has an ideal downloading option for people with navigation and features. It is one of the prominent multimedia players. Also, it has challenging features as compared to the other multimedia players like VLC players and Km players.

It is the most used application for Mac users and Apple users because of the developed window versions. If you are looking for a clean, simple, and functional, and even feature-packed multimedia player, then Quick time is the best option.

quicktime screen recorder

Key Features

  • You can use play images and audio.
  • Allows video editing features.
  • Supports features of recording screen
  • Upload media files into social media.
  • Facilitates plug-ins use.

Part 3: Easy Screen Recorder for Linux

7. Kazam

Kazam is the minimal and nifty kind of tool for screencasting. It involves screenshot support in the screencasting mechanism as well. Also, it is a visual editor and project manager for interactive fiction game creation with information termed as one of the major developmental tools for such games. It is developed with the WX Windows cross-platform GUI package. Moreover, it helps in the provision of a well-designed interface that is also simple to put to record the screencasts and screenshots.

Kazam is the ideal option for beginners and completes the tasks quickly without getting stuck in different options. It can record multiple audio and desktop video streams at a time. With the help of this one, you are able to capture the entire screen and even some selected portion of the screen. Kazam is an easy screen recorder free download to use as compared to the other easy screen recorders.

kazam screen recorder

Key Features

  • Friendly User Interface
  • Allows multiple video outputs
  • Records Single Window
  • Allows audio recording

8. RecordmyDesktop

RecordmyDesktop is one of the free as well as open-source desktop screencasting applications written for Linux. The program is divided into two parts; one is for the capturing task and encoding, whereas the other for the Interface includes the program functionality. It contains the file that has video and audio recordings of Linux desktop sessions. RecordmyDesktop doesn't have any command-line interface. The command-line tool, which is essentially written, is in C language.

RecordmyD essentially written, is in C language.

RecordmyDesktop offers the ability to record the audio and the video without the requirement of any processing later. It records audio through ALSA, OSS, or the JACK audio server. You can edit the recorded screen by using the software. It is extremely useful in doing the presentations and showing others how things work on the computer. It records the file in OGV format, which is Open Source Video format, which works with YouTube but not on other popular sites.


Key features

  • Adjustable recording area
  • Good audio quality
  • Easy upload and publishing
  • Creates Responsive mouse effects
  • Free & paid version available

9. Screen Studio

Screen studio lets you record the desktop screen in HD video files. It also lets you stream your desktop and services. It tries to keep things simple and doesn't hamper the encoding and quality of the recorded videos. The main goal of Screen Studio is to make streaming easy. It is available for OS X as well as Linux. It is Java-based.

Screen studio is a free of cost, GPL licensed as well as open-source screencasting application. It also lets you stream on your PC to multiple services such as Twitch.tv, Hitbox, UStream, and others. It supports formats like Webcams, Desktop, Images, and texts. Use pulse audio for audio recordings while two audio inputs are selected. Screen Studio adds virtual audio input that mix Mic and the internal audio inputs with cross-platform support.

screen studio

Key Features

  • Built-in Video sharing property
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Customizable FPS
  • Stream directly on social media
  • Supports formats such as MOV, MP4, FLV, etc.


These software application programs help Mac users, and Windows users record their screen activities instantly through the screencasting process. You can record the selected portion of your desktop screen as much as you want. It also offers you the programs for free and with advanced features so that you can get the recorded file in high-quality video form.