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How to Record Screen With Flashback Screen Recorder

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:34:26 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

Over the years, there have been many screen recording software, but only a few have managed to remain the user's top choice. One such screen recorder is Flashback. The price of screen recording software or suite can go anywhere from $100 to over $1000. There are also many free screen recorders, but mostly they come with bugs, ads, watermarks, or lack essential features. However, the Flashback screen recorder is an affordable tool offering powerful tools, advanced features, and a user-friendly UI. 

Today, we will talk about the Flashback screen recorder and how you can learn it. But before we begin, let us introduce the software. 

What is the BB Flashback Recorder?

Designed by Blueberry (BB) Software, Flashback is a screen recording program boasting a plethora of amazing features. It allows you to record screen, audio, webcam - and that too, all simultaneously. Furthermore, you can add voice commentary, remove watermarks and save recorded videos in any format. One can use the Flashback screen recorder for any recording purpose, such as making demos, instructional videos, tutorials, training videos, various marketing videos, video lectures, video presentations, game recording, and so on. 

The latest version of the Flashback recorder for Windows offers lightning-fast processing, quick export, scheduling, and more. The software is paid but offers a free trial for new users. It is available in two main versions, i.e., Flashback Express (free) and Flashback Pro (paid). FlashbackExpress is a free Windows screen recorder that allows you to record screens and make high-quality screencasts without expensive hardware. 

Now that you have got an idea of what exactly the software is let's move on!

Best Free Screen Recorder for Making Screencasts

BB Flashback is a screen order for everyone and every recording purpose. This software has many features for you to make screencasts, online tutorials, demos, and more. What’s more? Well, you get a full editing suite to turn the recording into full-fledged videos for your viewers. 

Now, let's see how you can get started with the Flashback screen recorder to make screencasts. 

1. Getting Started with BB Flashback Express

You can choose different recording options for screencasts, like recording the whole screen, a specific section of the screen, or an active window. Then you will have to choose the desired audio input device. You can also enable webcam recording simultaneously to add facecam. 

2. Record Your Desired Screen Area

Once you have set your preferences and input devices, it is time to start recording. Select the region you want to record and use the on-screen dialogue box to configure additional settings. Once you initiate recording, a countdown will begin. The countdown will continue for as long as the screen is recorded. 

Here are some of the benefits of using Flashback Express for screencasts: 

  • Record Anywhere: You can record the entire screen or a part of the screen. So, if you don't want to record the entire screen, select the target area on the screen, and Flashback Express will capture it. Once you adjust the settings and begin the audio/video recording, the software will only record the activities transpiring in the selected area of the screen.
  • Capture Audio: The audio recorder captures both internal and external audio, allowing you to add voice commentary, system sounds, etc. Flashback Express’s feature to record audio can make your recordings more interesting as you can add commentary to them. After all, no one likes a bland video with no sound. 
  • Multi-Device Capture: Multi-device capture features records mic, webcam, and screen simultaneously. It is pretty standard for content creators to show their faces in one corner of the screen for better engagement with the viewers. This is something that Flashback Express supports, as it allows footage from the webcam to be included in the recording. So, if you are recording a tutorial reaction video or simply want to explain some concepts with your hand gestures, this feature is ideal for you. 
  • Multiple Screens: You can record multiple screens using this software all at the same time. So, if you want to record your PC screen and tab using this software. 
  • Scheduling: Set a time to record the screen so the software can record the screen automatically at the scheduled time. Moreover, no matter how long the recording is, there are no watermarks and time constraints. Unlike other free screen recording software out there, you don't have to oblige to a limit on the length of the recording. You can go for as long as you desire. 

3. Pause or Stop Recording Anytime

Flashback Express gives you complete control over the recording. You can pause and stop the screen recording at any time. Here is how you can do that:

  • Method 1: Double Click 

Double-click on the BB Flashback Express icon in the system tray to launch a window where you can click on the recording button to pause or stop the recording. 

  • Method 2: Shortcut Keys 

Press the Shift + CTRL + S keys to stop recording or end the recording session from the system tray menu. 

4. Save Recorded Video to WMV Format or Upload to YouTube

BB Flashback's export feature is one of its highlights. Flashback Express supports quick export without any hassles. Once you have finished up the recording, you can use any of the Export options: 

  • Quick Export

Quickly save the video on your PC without any watermark. BB Flashback Express exports the recorded video to WMV format by default. However, the paid version allows you to save the video in any file format, including MP4, Flash, MOV, EXE, and GIF.

  • YouTube Upload

Directly upload the recorded video on YouTube. You can also upload on other favorite video sharing & streaming platforms.

5. Preview, Edit, Upload, or Save Video Anytime Using BB Express Player

Flashback screen recorder also saves all the videos in a native FBR format. You should keep the FBR version of your recordings, as this file can be exported directly to YouTube anytime. You can also use it to save your videos offline if they get deleted. In other words, the FBR file is your project file, which can be used for editing, saving, and uploading your recorded video anytime.

You can playback the recording using the BB Flashback Player (automatically preinstalled with BB Flashback Express). This player comes with an editing suite, offering rudimentary editing features to help you enhance and manage the recorded videos.

Here are some essential editing tools you can use on Flashback: 

  • Import video and music: Want to fully customize your videos? Add music and video files to incorporate into the recorded video. You can also add pre-recorded commentary, playback audio, video clips, etc. 
  • Narration: The narration features allow you to record your voice and add commentary to the recorded video. This feature is helpful for lectures, presentations, walkthroughs, guides, tutorials, and training videos. 
  • Editing Timeline: View and add edits on a particular portion of the video on the editing timeline. Most editing software offers an editing timeline to optimize the video editing process. 
  • Trim footage and make clips: You can cut and trim the footage from the recorded videos into smaller clips. For example, you can use this feature to create gifs, vines, short videos, Instagram reels, and more. 
  • Add captions, images, and highlights: Want to highlight different sections of the video? Add comments, captions, images, shapes, and other elements to highlight the important parts. 
  • Edit audio and add music: If you recorded the audio with your screen, you can use the audio editor to enhance the video sound and remove any noise/eco. You can also add music to the background. 
  • Zoom in/out and add blurs: Sometimes, you want to hide sensitive information on the screen like your email address, bank card number, etc. Or you want to focus on a particular thing. This is where the zoom and blur feature come in handy. 
  • Apply transitions: Transitions are not a practical feature, but they make your video content more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. You can add different transitions to presentation videos, montages, and more.

Alternative to Flashback Recorder

By now you have probably realized why people opt for Flashback Express to get started with audio recording and streaming services. You can capture screen, audio, webcam simultaneously and even add commentary to improve the recording for the viewer's experience. It is free, user-friendly, and comes with some impressive features. The fact that it has no ads, watermark, and recording limit make it even more appealing.

Flashback does offer essential editing tools but it does not allow you to edit the videos per frame. It also doesn’t include annotations, picture-in-picture, or cross-platform accessibility. Plus, it only supports a handful of outfit file formats even in the paid version. This is where DemoCreator comes into play. It boasts a wide range of video creation and editing tools, including a powerful screen recorder.

The Best Alternative to Flashback Recorder: Wondershare DemoCreator  

Did you know: In 2020, 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption? Audiences demanding more videos are driving content creators to make more video-based content. This digital content creation race has led people to invest into better and better video making and editing tools to make their videos stand out. Just screen recording is not the only crucial part of creating an enjoyable trim in video. To make the audience like and interact with your videos, you need to edit the video properly. 

Wondershare DemoCreator is a video recorder and editing software equipped with robust features and a simple UI. DemoCreator gives you complete control on how to record and edit your videos. Plus, it allows you to add media files, edit audio, and export created videos quickly and easily. It also supports multiple file formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP3, GIF, and more.

flashback screen recorder

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of Wondershare DemoCreator screen recording software: 

  1. Recording

The most significant function of Wondershare DemoCreator is its recording feature. It allows you to not only record screen and webcam, but you can also record online content. You can capture online streams, demos, presentations, webinars, games, tutorials, lectures, and more in HD quality. You can customize the screen size, the application, or the specific area. Plus, you can record multiple projects simultaneously along with audio, feed, and webcam. You can even record voice input with a video running on your screen.

  1. Editing

Wondershare DemoCreator is known for its editing tools. Vloggers, videographers, gamers, TikTokers, and professionals use this software to edit different types of video content. You get essential editing tools like cut, split, and trim to alter the video. You can also add titles and text, annotations, effects, transitions, stickers, etc., to add customizations. The most significant benefit of using this software is that you get highly optimized performance, so everything happens quickly and effortlessly. So, if you want to turn your screencasts into highly interactive, appealing, and professional videos, DemoCreator has got you covered. 

  1. Effects: Basic editing, caption, auto-caption, transition, annotation

Now, let’s take a closer look at the video recording editing features of DemoCreator: 

  • Basic Edits: As mentioned earlier, you can cut, crop, trim, and split the recorder videos. Wondershare has all the basic editing features one may require. 
  • Add Annotations: Annotations are tiny boxes in which you add comments to guide the viewers or to highlight a specific part. You can use annotations to explain various elements of a video. You can also add annotations to highlight any portion of the video to make it more intriguing and captivating. Annotations can be in the form of text, captions, graphs, overlays, etc. 
  • Effects: You insert different effects to make your videos more creative. You can include effects on text, stickers, cursors, and captions. These effects will change the border, font size, and opacity.
  • Transition: Add transition effects between the scenes of your recorded video for a visual impact. It provides an engaging viewer experience and comes in handy when you want to smoothly move from one part of the video to another.
  • Denoise: Use this tool to play the video with the untainted and clear recorded sound, so the viewers find it clear and natural. You can select any audio clip that you have recorded and use the denoise option to eliminate all the background noise from the recorded audio clip.


Screen recorders have more applications and usage than ever in today's age and time. Therefore, there are countless free and paid screen recording platforms available today. One of the oldest and most popular ones out there happens to be the Flashback recorder for Windows. While Flashback allows you to record your desktop screen efficiently, it does come with some limitations.

Capturing a video is not enough if you don't have the appropriate tools to edit it. Flashback lacks an editing suite, does not work on Mac OS or Linux, and supports limited file formats. Thus, video creators need a more viable alternative to resolve all these issues. But finding free software with so many advantages is quite hard. To ease your pain, we introduce Wondershare DemoCreator. This free, flexible, reliable, and user-friendly software will help you make and edit the best videos out there. Furthermore, DemoCreator is accessible across all platforms and compatible with Windows, Mac Os, and Linux. Thus, voted as the best overall alternative to Flashback for screen recording and editing.