Free Cam Recorder Review

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Free & Online Recording Tools

iSpring Free Cam recorder is an awesome video recording application for Windows PC. Free Cam recorder for pc gives a full arrangement of highlights for making proficient video exercises and e-Learning introductions. This astonishing Free Cam recorder is a free toolkit for Creating Screencasts! You can make a chronicle of your whole screen, a chose space of the screen, or a solitary window. To make your video exercise more useful, you can without much of a stretch record a voice-over with your amplifier. You can record the hints of your projects and applications or add some mood melodies to your video. To underscore significant subtleties and steps, feature your mouse cursor and turn on mouse click sounds. Full arrangement of highlights for recording, altering, and saving screencasts!

iSpring Free Cam recorder allows you to make top-notch video chronicles, furnishing you with every one of the instruments you need to catch screen activities and alter the yield to set it up for internet sharing. Enter your YouTube account in Free Cam software and hit share to your recordings with a solitary snap. Although, Free Cam can address various screen sharing issues. For example, with it, you can investigate a PC issue or show somebody that you are taking care of a specialized issue. You can likewise help other people figure out how a particular application is utilized, giving a video instructional exercise as opposed to a composed clarification. Find out more in this detailed Free Cam recorder review.

Part 1. Key Features of Free Cam

Here are some of the notable key features of this Free Cam recorder review.

Share Videos Right Away: Free Cam application permits you to save your screencast in your work area or immediately share it on YouTube. You can change volume, add blur in or become dull impacts, or quiet sounds in chosen portions of the video with this Free Cam recorder.

Fine-tune Your Videos: After you record your screen, you effectively can remove superfluous parts of the video with this Free Cam recorder. Use the device's inherent sound and video manager to transform your draft video into a balanced video exercise. On the off chance that there has been any commotion behind the scenes of your voice-over, you can undoubtedly eliminate it from the whole clasp.

Save as video: The output of this Free Cam recorder will be a WMV video of HD quality (720p). You can utilize the video in introductions, email it to your partners and understudies, or post it via online media. Enter your YouTube account in Free Cam software and from there, you can either save or share it accordingly.

Part 2. How to Use Free Cam

Free Cam is a free screen recording application for Windows that is made for effectively making, altering, and sharing wonderful screencasts. With Free Cam, you can record all the on-screen movement, lock recording to a particular application, show a slide, or record the whole screen.

When you start the Free Cam instrument, you will see a highly contrasting line around the space to record and a toolbar that shows up under the chronicle region.

Steps to use Free Cam Screen Recorder:

Here are the simple steps you need to follow if you're about to use the Free Cam recorder for pc.

Launch Free Cam Recorder: Customize and then immediately Start the Screen Recording by hitting the record Screen button as shown in the UI of the software below:

launch freecam

Enable and Edit the Audio/Video Sources: In the next step, you can define the source of your recording screen, and also you can Mute/Unmute your attached mic to record sound. You can also refer to the editing options to edit the recorded files.

Finish the Recording: In the last step, hit the Done button to successfully end your screen recording, you can also share the recording directly to the YouTube with the direct button as shown below:

freecam upload videos

Part 3. Pros and Cons iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam permits you to record any piece of your screen, alter recorded video, and transfer it straightforwardly to YouTube or save it as WMV. The product is unimaginably simple to utilize on account of the perfect, instinctive interface. There are various pros and cons of this software, including these below:


  • It provides you a customizable recording area to screen record easily.
  • Free Cam recorder also has an advanced level audio setting for both microphone and system sound recording.
  • It also allows mouse indication and pointer usage.
  • The basic audio & video recording functionalities including trimming, noise removal, and others.
  • saving recordings as high-quality videos in WMV as well as the direct one-click upload to YouTube


  • There will be a watermark for the trial version.
  • The Free Cam recorder is a very basic recorder with limited functionalities.

Part 4. Best Free Cam Recorder Alternative

With regards to screen recorders, numerous clients like to download application instruments that are free of each other, which means one apparatus to record the screen and another that will do the altering. The issue with this methodology is that in the end, you may wind up with contradictions, and that is the point at which you need to sit around searching for another toolkit. DemoCreator is, in addition to other things, a solid screen recorder, being fit for recording both video and sound in the best. DemoCreator is a blend between a screen recording application and a video editorial manager, planned explicitly for those with a more creative pattern.

Wondershare DemoCreator permits clients to evaluate its highlights free, even though they need to recollect that the free form accompanies certain limits, to be specific, a watermark applied to all made or altered content. There is no time for testing, and no highlights bolted behind a paywall, so you can hypothetically see the total of DemoCreator's toolset, permitting you to settle on a superior choice with regards to purchasing the item or not. As being the best alternative to the Free Cam recorder, Wondershare DemoCreator's framework prerequisites are for sure something that should be contemplated when concluding your screen recordings.

Steps to Record Screen with DemoCreator:

Here are the steps you need to follow to kickstart your screen recording with this masterpiece toolkit.

Download and Install DemoCreator
First of all, you need to download this software tool from the links given below:
As soon as the downloading of DemoCreator finishes, you can install it in your system and start using it eventually as a Free Cam software alternative.

Launch DemoCreator Recorder
In the next step, you need to open the software tool so you can start recording the audio without any hassle. To do that, head towards the starting interface and opt for the Screen recorder as shown below.

new recording democreator

Customize the Webcam and Audio Source
In the screen recorder of DemoCreator, you can fully customize your recording sources with its embedded features for Webcam as well as recording screen. You can also select the desired source of your audio I-e microphone, system sound of both.

webcam settings democreator

Start/Finish Screen Recording
After you're done with the recording, now is the time to start the recording, and to do that, hit the visible recording button which will eventually start the recording of your specified screen.
You can also use the hotkeys from your Keyboard to perform the desired action handily:
Start/Stop Recording: F10
Pause/Resume Recording: F9

start recording democreator

Edit and Save the Recording
After you're done editing your recordings, now you can hit the Export button and save your recording to your desired location with the desired format of audio.
You can also share your audio files directly to your YouTube channel as well. Inside the export window, just rover into the YouTube menu bar and select the Sign-in option to share your audios directly to your YouTube channel.


Overall iSpring Free Cam software allows you to record work area recordings, perform sound changes and save your clasps locally or share them utilizing YouTube, all through an advanced, natural interface. The lone drawback we can see is there is no webcam support. This would have added to the all-around proficient account capacities. Taking everything into account, it's best alternative as discussed earlier, demonstrates itself to be very flexible, both as far as being a screen recorder or a video editing toolkit, making it an extraordinary expansion to any video content maker.