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Full Screen Recorder for Windows and Mac

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:21 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

A lot of people, especially the professionals in the video creation field, are spending most of the time, making good real-time videos on their PC. For this purpose, some software provides a full-screen recorder option will be the good choice for them. Recording the entire screen is necessary to capture some beautiful moments of your live chat, video call, tutorial, presentation, and demo. Here, some entire screen capture software given below that will provide you with the best way to record videos effectively.

Full Screen Recorder for Windows

1. Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is free software. By using this software, you can record the screen quickly and efficiently. When you want to record some videos from your screen, this software will perfectly record all the videos. This full screen recording software will provide you with many facilities to make a good and quality video.

Wondershare DemoCreator will provide you facilities like you can cut, rotate, and crop your videos. This is a simple screen capturing tool the clips recorded using this software can be used in MP4, MP3, and gift versions, and you can share these videos on social media.

democreator spotlight

How to use DemoCreator to capture entire screen:

Start with pressing the red button for a new recording, and then set the recording area to full screen.

full screen recording

Then adjust screen capture setting, video setting, and audio setting.

Then turn your camera on, get some advanced settings, and then start recording your screen with this tool.

2. Bandicam

Bandicam is a screen recorder by using which you can record any game and live streaming videos. This software will provide facilities to compress the recorded videos, and you can also record Skype video chatting. Also, this software provides many advanced features you can use to edit recordings and more.

You can make a 4k ultra video by using this. If you want a desktop full-screen recorder, this software's super functionalities will provide you with the best screen recording. Using this software, you can record some programs, games, live streaming videos, and your file size is also smaller than the others.

bandicam full screen settings

How to use Bandicam with steps

  1. Start with selecting the rectangular screen mode and then click the start button to record.
  2. Click on full-screen capturing mode, and you can record the video by clicking the recording option.
  3. Edit your video by its special features.
  4. A real-time drawing feature is available, and video zooming is also available.

3. Free Cam

Free cam recorder offers the facility of recording videos and audios with full screen. Free cam is the best full-screen recorder for windows 10, as it provides user-friendly features, and beginners can use this easily.

Using this software, you can record the screen and make good quality videos that you can use as your presentation. This program will provide you with unique features that help you make a good quality video, and you can find a drop and drag option in this program. You can edit your raw videos by using various options provided in this application. Moreover, you can record HD quality video and save it in WMV format.

free cam

How to use FreeCam with steps

  1. Record the video by clicking the start button, and check the option to mute or unmute the mic for audio recording.
  2. Go to the menu and find the size of the recording area.
  3. You can set various features to make a good video and then click on the done button to stop recording.

4. PowerPoint

Powerpoint software is particularly useful for making a presentation on your pc. You can actively opt for screen recordings by using this software program.

This program provides some facilities which are easy to use, and anyone can make a good video recording by using this program. Powerpoint program provides you with a full-screen recorder and free access to use it. This program will help you take screenshots of the presentation, which will help you create a recording that has an enhanced quality.

powerpoint screen record

How to use PowerPoint to capture full screen:

  1. Start recording video by clicking on the recording option from the insert.
  2. You can record a part of your screen by dragging the window.
  3. You can also record audio by clicking on an audio recorder.
  4. Then you can stop the recording by pressing the window button+ shift + Q button.

5. Windows 10 Game Bar

Windows 10 game bar is generally available on your pc. You can use this software to record the screen in your required aspects. Moreover, this software provides the facility of adding Xbox gaming on the feature. You can create videos by using its screen recording option. This software is easily available in windows 10, which will help you record the screen of any game or other videos. Also, this software is used for Xbox gaming, but you can use it as a screen recorder. This application has few features that will help you opt for a good quality screen recording. Also, you can capture real-time games by using this.

windows 10 game bar

How to use this program with steps

  1. To start recording, you open the video that you want to record.
  2. Press the Windows key + G to open the game bar and start recording by clicking on the start button.
  3. Stop the recording by clicking on the red button on the right side of the bar.

Best Full Screen Recorder for Mac

6. VLC

We all have used or still, we put to use VLC media player to listen to music and watch videos. However, this software also helps you record the screen efficiently. This software provides the option to use with which you can make a good video in real-time. You can capture all your favorite moments playing on the screen of your PC by using this software. Also, this software helps you to record the videos you are playing on your Mac.

vlc screen capture

How to use this program with steps

  1. Open capturing device and change the capturing mode to desktop. Select your desire frame rate.
  2. Then click convert and select your folder. Then click on the start button to start the recording.
  3. Stop the video by clicking the stop button, which is on the left side of the bar.

7. QuickTime

The mac users get software named QuickTime, which helps them to record the screen. This software is not only used in the MacBook but also can be used in Windows.

This software will help you opt for a good quality screen recording with added features. These extra features will help users make an excellent quality screen recording. When you want to make a video for a presentation or demo, you can use this software as this is the best full-screen recorder for Mac.

quicktime screen recorder

How to use QuickTime with steps

  1. Click on the file and select a new screen recording option.
  2. Select the downward arrow and select the recording option to record the video.
  3. Then, record the screen video, click the stop button, and then save it on the file.
  4. You can name your recording after saving it on file.

8. OBS

OBS is free screen recording software that you can use on Windows and Mac. This software has some unique features that make it different in overall quality from others. Moreover, this software provides some options to edit your videos, making an excellent video with great quality. The features of editing are different from others. You can record games, live chats, presentations, and other live streaming videos by using this program.

obs recorder

How to use OBS to capture full screen:

  1. After downloading this software, select the area in which you are recording.
  2. Then start to record the screen by clicking on the start button.
  3. You can choose features by using the setting, and then you can make a good video.
  4. Click the stop button to stop the video.

9. macOS Built-in Recorder

macOS built-in recorder records the real-time video of MacBook. If you are a MacBook user, you can use this software to provide you with a good quality screen recording. It involves recording your games, presentation, and any other live streaming video. This software works wonders on MacBook, and you can edit your screen-recording by using this program. This program will make an excellent quality screen recording for you by using its advanced as well as basic features.

macos built-in screen recorder

How to record entire screen on Mac:

  1. You have to select the option of record at any screen and then start recording with this software.
  2. You can drag your screen area with the drag option.
  3. Then you can stop the recording by clicking on the stop button.
  4. You can make thumbnails by using this software.

10. TinyTake

TinyTake software will help mac users to record the screen successfully and without any hassles. This software will provide you with various options to record real-time video on full screen. Moreover, you can make presentations by utilizing the screen recording feature. This software will make a good quality video for you. You can record anything that's running on the screen of your PC by using this software.

tinytake capture full screen

How to use TinyTake with steps

  1. Click on this program and then select the record button.
  2. Then, start recording the video and edit it using the given options and features.
  3. Once done, opt to click on the stop button to stop the recording.


All these given tools are helping Windows users and mac users to make exceptional quality screen recordings. Also, you can make a presentation and edit your videos by using the above-mentioned software. The aforementioned software will provide you with many options to make good quality and real-time videos. All these screen recording programs are good enough and you can use their advanced features to record the screen smoothly and make high-quality videos.