How to Record Video Without Audio for Mobile & Desktop

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Audio Recording

The significance of screen catching and altering is evident same as record screen without audio, particularly with us all driving the work from home life, regardless of whether for work or schooling. Regardless of whether you have a PC with a coordinated camera or a webcam that plugs in through USB, you can utilize the applications included in present-day working frameworks to effectively take photographs and record videos. With Windows 10, this is currently incorporated into Windows and no longer requires outsider applications. For various recording a video with gesture-based communication, the various built-in applications offer the capacity to record video without sound Windows 10 to dispose of any fundamental sound!

It now seems straightforward; however, it's been troublesome before. To do this on Windows 7, you'll need to one or the other chase down an outsider application or burrow through your Start menu and search for a producer gave utility that will be diverse on various PCs. Regardless of whether you're hoping to screen record on a cell phone or your work area, we have you covered. The following is the detailed guide on the most proficient method on how do you record a video without sound. The implicit use of these steps and working frameworks are acceptable alternatives, yet perhaps you need to go past fundamental screen recording.

Part 1: Record Video without Audio on iPhone

The great cameras and creative video methods of iPhones have made it a commendable adversary to computerized cameras. A significant piece of the recordings transferred on YouTube and other such stages are presently being shot with this specific gadget. Now and then, you'd prefer to impart a video to other people, however, going with the soundtrack is diverting or maybe presents security concerns. Need to realize how to screen record with sound on an iPhone or iPad? It's not difficult to screen record with sound on an iPhone or iPad. Fortunately, there's a fast method to quiet a video utilizing Photos on iPhone and iPad. Here's the secret.

1. Start the iMovie application and on the off chance that you see the Welcome screen, tap on the Proceed button that will open up the New Project window as follows.

2. Pick a video that you need to remember for your new venture. You can tap Media at the upper point of the screen to see a rundown of every one of your envelopes, and tap "Video" to make it simpler to discover your video.


3. At the point when you discover the video you need, tap it. In the spring up, tap the checkbox. This adds the video to your undertaking. At that point tap "Make Movie" at the lower part of the screen.

4. On the video altering page, tap the video cut in the course of events at the lower part of the screen. tap on the sound capture. You should see it change to a quiet image, and the sound slider should move right to one side.

iphone recording movie no sound

5. At the point when you're finished altering the video, tap "Done" at the upper left corner of the screen. At last, hit the Share button at the lower part of the screen and select how you need to save the finished video.

Part 2: Record Video without Audio on Android

To record a screen without audio, there is a pile of options for Android out there. With these applications, you can do nearly anything. There are photograph altering applications, text editing applications, video altering applications, and many more in compliance with record screens without audio. You will discover a lot of these applications on the web. In any case, the quantity of video recording applications for android is overpowering, no doubt. So, suppose you need to record a video of your cell phone to make a tutorial or give clear guidelines to a companion or a collaborator. Android can accept live recordings just as pictures.

You can get used to this record video without the audio feature straightforwardly from the home screen with an Android. Just follow this guide to find out handily. Follow the steps below to find out more:

1. To catch moving pictures, or video, with your Android cellphone, switch the camera mode in the Camera application to video recording. A similar symbol is utilized to switch between still and moving pictures.

reocrd video no audio on android

2. Focus on the objective you need. Press the red circled button to start recording the video.

3. Shoot video however long you need. The term of the video will tick off in the upper right. Snap the red catch again to stop the video.

4. Click on the gallery symbol in the upper right corner. This will permit you to see your recently shot video.

Part 3: Record Video without Audio on Windows and Mac

The recording is turning into a fundamental action nowadays. Everybody needs to make a video in their work that incorporates video instructional exercises, game account, preparing recordings, make proficient courses, introduction recordings, and that's only the tip of the iceberg for recording screen without audio. Doing these necessities, a recorder and an editor for that, there will surely be errors for third-part toolkits, and all those requirements to be taken out. Clients will likewise have to eliminate them and add an expert touch to the last video. That is the moment where you need a masterpiece like Wondershare DemoCreator to carry out the anomaly-free recording screen without audio.

Steps to Record Screen Without Audio

This all-in-one screen recorder and editor for record video without sound windows 10 PC, is explained step-by-step in the upcoming section as follow:

Step 1: Launch DemoCreator

Start by opening the DemoCreator software on your PC. It will open a window that will permit you to record your screen or edit the recorded videos. You need to opt for Start New Recording as follows:


Step 2: Customize the Video Recording without Audio

In this step, you'll be directed to customize the setting for your video recording. All you need to do is open the video which you want to record and customize the tools accordingly. DemoCreator has made it easier for you to opt for your desired setting due to its user-friendly interface.
You can handily disable the audio setting so your recordings won't have the audio from your microphone and neither from the system sound. Luckily, the DemoCreator interface has everything displayed for your ease as follows:

start recording

Step 3: Enable Live Editing Mode

These days, pretty much every other recorder allows you to capture your screen with adjustable alternatives. In any case, this special feature in DemoCreator allows you the capacity to record specific windows or applications, all while holding continuous screen drawing and real-time editing.

Step 4: Start/Stop Recordings without Audio

Just after you're done with all the customizations, simply hit the Red circled recording button that will eventually start the recording without any delay, and just after that, you can hit the stop button for the finishing of your recorded videos without audio.

webcam recording

Step 5: Export/Save the Masterpiece

when your altering is done, you can save your video with a similar level of adaptability with various format options. Just hit the Export button at the top-right corner of the editing interface as follows:

From there, you will be taken to the export window and that's where you can do the export customizations with your output video. The best part is that you can easily share the file on your YouTube channel as well.


Cell phones have changed how we share photographs and recordings, and the equivalent is valid for sound, as well. The sound of your mom's voice, a youngster's giggling, or a cradlesong can be effectively caught if a cell phone is convenient. In any case, if your advantage is more editorial or imaginative, your cell phone sound quality can be added to a photograph display, changed over into a digital recording or ringtone, all of this can only be done if you know how do you record a video without sound and for that purpose, we've enlisted all the possible factors for this recording video without audio.

On the off chance that you need to track your account insight and offer it with your youngsters and companions, later on, Wondershare DemoCreator is the best video altering toolkit and screen recorder you can utilize. With a scope of exceptional features to increase the value of your recordings, you can't contrast it with some superfluously costly screen recorders. With the best extent of this software, you can without a second thought record video without audio that too hassle-free, so what's stopping you from opting for this intuitive interface recorder to carry out your editing operations?