Laptop Screen Recorder

  • 1. Record screen with audio and export video in high resolution.
  • 2. Edit videos with built-in video editor, record and edit all-in-one.
  • 3. Available for Windows and Mac OS.
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Record Screen with Screenflow on Windows

Alma Elliott
2024-04-02 09:16:57 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

Screenflow is a screen recording and video editing software that allows you to reliably capture activity on your screen. The software allows simultaneous recording; it can capture the screen, microphone, and speakers in parallel.

screenflow screen recorder

Features and options are abundant with this software which can be used by instructors, demonstrators, gamers, and people working from home.

This software gives excellent audio/video synchrony and has an easy-to-use UI, suitable for professionals and novices. It supports almost all popular video formats.

screenflow screen recorder

How to use Screenflow

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up and use Screenflow for beginners.

  1. Open up Screenflow, and in the menu on the left, there is a button that says “Start Recording”. Once you click here, you’ll be given options on what part of your screen, what kind of video and audio you wish to record.
  2. You’ll get a Screenflow helper in your taskbar which will help you start and stop your recording. Here, click on Configure Recording to bring up the New Recording window.
  3. The Advanced Setting options allow you to define the frame rate and the timeline frame. As a default, you can set the frame rate to the highest, and the timeline frame to 30, which works well for most projects.

Pro-tip: If your desktop has several icons irrelevant to your audience, you can “Hide Desktop icons” from the Screenflow Helper. Your icons will be hidden away for the duration of the video, giving a very neat look.

  1. When you’re ready to record, click on the red “Record” button, the screen will display a brief countdown with details of what is being recorded. From the same Screenflow helper, you can click on “Stop Record” to end and save your recording.

When you open Screenflow, the menu on the left-hand side shows several options. The “New Document” option allows you to create a new project. You start with a blank screen and then add media to that document.

The software allows you to define the frame rate and document dimensions, such as 4K, 1080p, etc.

The “Recent Documents” option allows you to open up projects you’ve worked on recently. There is also a Stock Media Library, which allows you to add stock footage to your screen recordings.

What do you want to record?

When you click on Start Recording, you’ll see several options to help you choose what you want to record:

  • Record Desktop will help you record whatever’s on your computer screen. You can even click on the plus sign to add a second display if you’re using one.
  • Record iOS device allows you to record your iPhone or iPad screen, which you can connect to your computer via cable.
  • Record Video helps you record from your webcam. This way you can easily create a tutorial where the narrator (you) are visible. This could be your built-in webcam or any other external device connected to the computer.
  • Record Audio will allow you to record sounds from your microphone (built-in or external) and record system sounds. If you wish to record system sounds though, you’ll need to install Screenflow’s audio driver first.

Other than these features, the Screen Recorder allows you to:

  • Cast your recording to live on the web
  • Add a custom logo to your video
  • Zoom in dynamically to any part of the screen
  • Customize your recording
  • Take screenshots
  • Schedule the start and end time of your recording
  • Show your mouse cursor in the recording
  • Cut and join videos

Who can use Screenflow:


The screen recorder is ideal for demonstrations and how-to videos, where you want. To teach your audience, for example how to use any software, you can use Screenflow.

You can simultaneously record a narration to explain how and why you are doing certain things, and this will be seamlessly recorded by the software.

To elaborate actions on the screen, you can also use your mouse to mark the screen wherever necessary. You can easily edit your finished video, by cutting and joining parts of the video or different videos.

2. Marketers

To increase businesses, content has become a need of an hour. People prefer using videos for many purposes such as

  • Training
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Can share a lot of knowledge in a short time
  • Update team time by time

Screenflow helps in completing the above challenging tasks.

3. Demonstrator

If you want to make a demonstration video of something, you can use Screenflow. For example, you can make a demo video of your product to show its features to your audience. Record the screen, edit it and upload it on your social account.

4. Gamers

If you’re a gamer, you can record your skills while playing by using Screenflow. It allows you to capture your screen.

5. Youtuber

You can record any tutorial and edit it with this software. It enables you to capture and edit content effortlessly.

How to edit video with Screenflow:

● Built-in Stock Media Library

Within your Screenflow projects, it allows you to succeed over 500,000 images, video, and audio clips.

● Powerful Video Editing Tools

With Screenflow you can use many useful tools to edit such as

  • Annotation
  • Transitions
  • Animations
  • Audio
  • And more.

● Professional Animations & Motions Graphics

You can add

  • Animate graphics
  • Logos
  • Titles relevant to the video.

● Better Tools for Software Tutorials

To make your editing easier, you can use

  • Styles
  • Templates that relate to your project

● Streamlined Media Management

Through Screenflow, you can organize the media such as

  • Nested clips
  • Multi-track editing
  • Markers
  • Color labels

It allows access to your media stored on your PC.

● Closed Caption Support

You can also edit your video by adding subtitles, for a better understanding of the viewers.

●  Animated GIF and Animated PNG Export

It allows you to create animated GIFs and APNGs from video projects of Screenflow.

screenflow screen recorder

How to export video

● More Publishing Options

You can directly publish your video after editing, to popular content hosting sites such as

  • Imgur
  • Wistia
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • And more.

● ProRes, MP4 Encoding & More

For optimum quality videos, you can export the content by using Screenflow.

screenflow screen recorder

Highlight of ScreenFlow

1. Title Library

ScreenFlow offers you the lower third and full-screen title library. You don’t need to add these elements by yourself. You don’t need to download any additional software. It helps you in saving your time by providing a free and customizable library.

screenflow screen recorder

2. Simultaneous Screen, Camera, and Mic Recording

No other software offers the offer to capture all screens simultaneously. ScreenFlow allows you to record multiple cameras, microphones, and screens at the same time. You can capture anything virtually through this software.

screenflow screen recorder

3. Multi App Recording

If you want to record independent audio from multiple apps at the same time, you can use this software. There is no need to redo everything if a notification accidentally comes through, just edit it out.
4. Video Filters and Effects

You can use a variety of effects to add to the video. such as

  • Color effect
  • Re-coloring
  • And many more

You can elevate your production value and reflect your brand.

screenflow screen recorder

5.Automatic Background Remover

If you don’t have green screen technology, no need to worry. ScreenFlow allows you a background removal filter that you can use.
6. Archive Storage

You can archive your recordings as well. For example, if you record a video for 2 hours and edit it in 30 minutes, and want to edit more later. You can archive your video.

7.Major Performance Enhancements

It enables you to make your performance better.

  • Render fast movements
  • 250% smaller camera recording
  • Less CPU usage
  • Thumbnail creation
  • Faster export

8.Even More To Love

It has many other improvements as well such as

  • Customizable toolbar
  • Updated layout
  • Mouse pointer path smoothing
  • Playback canvas
  • Contextual clicking
  • More editing ability etc.

Alternative for Screenflow

 Starting at $149, Screenflow has a high price. This could be a problem for users. We will introduce an alternative, DemoCreator. It’s free and all-in-one software.

DemoCreator by Wondershare:

screenflow screen recorder

It is software with multiple features that you can use to record, edit, and export videos in any format.


  • Background

You can add the background by using an amazing feature; the Green screen technology of the democreator.

  • Captions

Related to the video, captions, and subtitles can be added.

  • Annotation

For a better understanding of the audience, you can add texts, arrows, and dialogues to the video.

  • High-resolution videos

It provides high-quality videos with resolution up to 4096*2160

  • Audio enhancer

The audio system of this software allows you to enhance your audio by doing adjustments.

  • Voiceover

You can also voiceover the video so that everyone can understand.

  • Record with Microphone

It helps you to record with an external microphone, to add audio.

  • Record with camera

You can capture the screen with Webcam.

  • Sticker

DemoCreator offers the feature of adding stickers to make your content effective.

  • Transitions

To add a natural effect in the video, it enables you to add transitions such as fading, erasing, etc.

  • Cursor movements

You can adjust and modify the cursor movements through DemoCreator.

  • Multiple-screens

You can use this software to record multiple screens simultaneously with a microphone ad Webcam.

  • Screen drawing

You can also draw whatever you want such as arrows, to point out an important point.

  • Zoom in/out

It allows you to use the Zoom in and out feature to highlight a specific portion of the video.

  • Crop/cut

You can cut, trim, and split the video way you want.

  • Save in multiple formats

After editing the video, you can save the video in different formats; compatible with your device.

How to record

You can use DemoCreator to capture your screen. We’ll tell you how.

  1. Visit
  2. Install it.

screenflow screen recorder

  1. After downloading, open it.
  2. To record a new project, click on the “Start a new project”
  3. You’ll see a pop-up window.
  4. Adjust the area you want to record.
  5. You can also customize the recording area but the big plus icon.
  6. To record the screen with your audio, enable the microphone. Make sure it’s well connected to your computer.
  7. To record the screen with the camera, enable Webcam. For this, first, connect Webcam to your computer.
  8. In the end, Click on the “Red circle icon” to start recording.
  9. To pause the recording, click on it again. Or you can use the f9 key to pause it. Press it again to resume.
  10. You can also use the f10 key to start or stop the recording.

screenflow screen recorder

How to edit

After the recording is over, the captured content will automatically open in the editor interface.

Editor interface has 4 operating areas

  • Media library
  • Timeline
  • Preview Window
  • properties
  1. Import the images or videos, if you want to edit other than captured content.
  2. Drag it and drop it in the timeline to edit
  3. In the timeline, you can cut, trim, and split the video.
  4. The video will display in the preview window.
  5. From the media library, choose the feature you want to add
  • Transitions
  • Annotations
  • Captions
  • Subtitles
  • Stickers
  • Background
  • Templates
  • And more.

screenflow screen recorder

Export setting

After editing the video, you can export it to your PC and any social media such as

  • YouTube
  • Facebook, etc
  1. Click on the “Export” option on the upper right corner.
  2. A pop-up window will appear.
  3. Adjust the settings.
  4. Choose any format in which you want to save your video.
  5. Finally, Click on export.
  6. If you want to remove the watermark, you’ll have to buy its subscription.

screenflow screen recorder


The trend of using content is increasing day by day. It helps to attract the attention of the audience. People usually prefer visualization to read long boring paragraphs.

The way you deliver the information to the people is necessary. So, the video should be creative.

Videos can be of many types such as demo videos, tutorials, instructive, etc. You’ll need software to capture or edit the videos.

Tons of software are available to record or edit the videos, effortlessly. ScreenFlow is the video recording and editor software that you can use for this purpose. But it’s costly, not everyone can afford it.

DemoCreator is software that has multiple features. One of the main advantages of using DemoCreator is, it’s free and easy to use. You can use this software to capture and edit your videos.