How to Use Steps Recorder

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2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Record on Windows

While using Windows 10, many users face problems and are unable to solve them. However, in all Windows 10 operating systems, there is an option of Steps recording that many users are not aware of. It helps to troubleshoot the problems by recording the Stepss made during bad handling of the operating system in the form of screenshots in a small file format to be sent to experts for a solution.

IT professionals can go through the files and the screenshots and easily detect the problem in the operating system without much juggling otherwise and rectify the issues effortlessly. One gets a Steps recorder as a default app in Windows 10 operating system, but many users do not know how to use it. Let us discuss how to use Steps recorder so that one does not need to search the entire operating system for the faults but solve the problems effortlessly.

How to Use Steps Recorder on Windows 10

After typing "Steps recorder" on the search field of the taskbar of Windows 1, a pop-up window will open up highlighting the Steps recorder app. One can also get the "Steps recorder" option from the "Start" in Windows or typing "psr" in the Run window available by pressing Win + R. The Steps recorder will open up. One will be able to record by clicking the "Start Recorder" tab and also stop recording by pressing the "Stop" tab or even pause the recording.

After opening, if you are wondering how to use Steps recorder, let us discuss it a bit.

open steps recorder

Click the "Start recording" button after opening the Steps recorder app. It is the red button on the pop-up window. The recorder will begin to capture all your mouse movements.

start recording with steps recorder

Juggle with the application you are facing problems with and type, click or tap various functions. The recorder will record the mouse movements. Stop when you are done pressing the "Stop recording" button.

One should note that the Steps recorder windows 10 app cannot recognize and record what one writes while using it. Therefore, one should activate the "Add Comment" section and type inside the "Highlight Area and Comment" pop-up window, and click the "OK" button.

After the recording is complete or one clicks the Stop button, a review panel will open up. Review your activities and click the "Save" icon.

save recordings steps recorder

It will also ask in which folder one wants to save the file. Select the drive and folder and save the file.

A zip file is created inside which the recording is saved as an MHTML document.

Best Steps Recorder Alternative to Record Screen

Windows Steps recorder cannot always capture all the activities on the screen like large files or games. There are many alternatives to the Steps recorder windows 10 app.

Wondershare DemoCreator is the best Steps recorder alternative that one can use and solve the problems. This best Steps recorder alternative allows recording all activities on the screen, including audio, video, and even if one uses the webcam. One can even try it free for Windows operating system. Mac users should look for the best Steps recorder for mac and use it.

record webcam democreator

Using Democreator is the best alternative for Windows. Download the app and then open it. After selecting the target area and setting the frame rate, start the recording after adjusting the microphone and the webcam if needed. Only clicking the "Capture" icon will help you to record the screen with Democreator.

democreator record games

The saved files are stored by default creating a folder C:\Users\WS\Documents\Wondershare DemoCreator\RecordFiles, and one can easily share this folder with others and get the problems solved.

Related FAQs

Does Stepss Recorder have audio?

Not all Steps recorders can record audio. It is best to use Democreator for Windows operating system and Quick Time app for Mac operating system to capture good quality audio. The in-built Steps recorder inside Windows captures audio, but one has to use the Microsoft Voice Recorder app for the same.

Thus using the in-built software inside Windows becomes complicated while recording audio, and one can use the alternative app for the same. Use one app like Democreator that can serve all the purposes.

Where does Steps recorder save?

If you are using the in-built Steps recorder in your Windows operating system, the app will ask the location for saving the file after you have completed the recording. The files are saved in MHTML format inside a Zip file and saved in your desired folder.

However, if you are using Democreator, the default location where the files are saved is inside your C drive and n documents folder. To be precise, the default location of the files are C:\Users\WS\Documents\Wondershare DemoCreator\RecordFiles.

How to delete Stepss in Steps recorder?

If you are using the in-built Steps recorder with your Windows operating system, then there is no option to delete any Stepss. However, one can edit the typed document in the "add comment" section and can even delete them. If you are using some alternatives like Democreator, you can edit the videos, the screen recordings, and the audio.

This best alternative can be edited effortlessly to suit your need. You can use the "audio detach" option to delete the sound from a video after recording the screen with this application.


Steps recorder is one of the significant applications that one can use to record the screen's activities and share with others to solve any problems in their operating system. The IT professional can remotely look into the issues and give solutions to the users for the issues without visiting their home or office. Most of the users are not aware of solving the problems in their computers and run from pillar to post for a solution. Record your screen activities add additional notes, and pass them on to experts to get a quick solution. It is time to be with time.