How much do you know about AI-powered music-making software solutions like Uberduck AI? You’ve come to the right place if you're yearning to learn more about AI-powered music generation. Uberduck AI is a high-end AI music generator that lets you make music with AI vocals.

It’s a perfect AI virtual assistant for coders, musicians, and creative agencies looking for an all-in-one AI solution for delivering unmatched experiences with video, music, and voice.

This tool aims to help users enhance their creativity using generative AI capabilities to create audio/video effects, music, lyrics, and more. Let’s delve deeper into Uberduck AI, its capabilities, features, applications, and pricing.

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What Is Uberduck AI

uberduck ai voice generator

Ubderduck AI is an AI-powered web-based platform that utilizes artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies to provide high-end tools for AI voice generation, automated synthetic media creation, and text-to-speech.

This AI voice generator empowers users to turn their spoken ideas into music videos, use voice clones for commercial and private purposes, generate speech from text, use AI voice conversion to write lyrics, and more.

If you’ve always wanted to sound like Eminem or your favorite actor, the Uberduck AI platform can make your wishes come true. The tool successfully and effectively uses the power of AI to convert written text into voiceovers and spoken words.

Put simply, you can use your voice to create audio files, record voiceovers for videos, generate rap videos, and what have you. Thanks to its immense AI capabilities, Uberduck AI can transform your text and voice commands into real-life sounding voice messages in any voice you prefer.

Key AI Voice Features of Uberduck

uberduck ai key features

Below are the best Uberduck AI features you should know about.

Text to Speech

Uberduck AI lends you the power of AI to help you streamline the process of turning text prompts into rapping, singing, and voiceover speech. The tool simplifies the conversion of text into vocal content, spoken words, video voiceovers, rap songs, etc.

Uberduck AI has an extensive voice selection library that lets you choose the voice you want to use to generate speech. In addition, it has a text-to-speech converter that lets you turn your text into spoken words.

Voice Cloning

Thanks to Uberduck’s fantastic AI capabilities, you can use the tool’s voice cloning feature to create custom voices and use them to create rap songs, singing voices, speech prompts, etc. You can also turn your voice into a shareable voice clone recording for commercial and personal use.

Voice cloning can be extremely helpful when you have 3D digital product models requiring audible descriptions. In addition, Uberduck AI can imitate the voices of politicians, celebrities, etc.

AI Chatbot

Underduck AI comes with a virtual AI chatbot assistant to help users navigate the Ubderduck AI-enabled landscape, regardless of their skills and levels of tech-savvyness.

Aside from helping you navigate the app and streamlining the content creation process, the Ubderduck AI chatbot can also transform text commands into voice messages. It can also offer suggestions on enhancing your audio content with AI capabilities.

AI Rap Tracks

Uberduck AI packs over 150K unique rap lyrics and tracks generated with AI-enabled neural voice synthesis. You can create multiple modern rap songs in a heartbeat without any musical knowledge or experience.

Simply tap into Ubderducks’s AI rap generator to create innovative rap songs by selecting a beat, using AI to generate the matching lyrics, tossing in the preferred rap voice over the selected beat, and creating a shareable and downloadable audio or video file.

Free Voices

Uberduck AI comes with an extensive library of royalty-free voice samples users can rely on to generate audio/video content that they can share on social media and web platforms without copyright issues.

If you’re a Spotify podcaster or a YouTuber looking to monetize your audio/video content, this feature can help you accomplish your goal.

Lyric Generation

Users can either write their own lyrics or use Ubderduck’s AI lyric generator to let it write the lyrics for them. All you need to do is instruct the AI lyric generator on what the rap song will be about, and the AI will do the rest.

API Access

Tech-savvy users can tap into Uberduck’s API access to use their codewriting skills for voice conversation, text-to-rapping, text-to-singing, and text-to-speech capabilities.

Write code for any of these functionalities to incorporate Uberduck’s AI capabilities into your applications for a more personalized user experience.

Ubderduck AI offers extensive API documentation to help users learn to use the full potential of Uberduck AI API, including lots of helpful information and coding examples.

Voice to Voice

The voice-to-voice feature allows you to convert your vocals to any preferred voice. Simply upload your voice futile, select the voice you like from the list, and generate customized speech. This feature is perfect for adding attention-grabbing voice to visual presentations, creating captivating YouTube videos, and adding an authentic touch to your audio/video materials.

Applications of Uberduck AI Voice Capabilities

uberduck ai voice applications

Since Uberduck AI packs such diverse and all-encompassing AI-powered features, it stands out from other AI voice generators.

Thanks to that, it supports numerous applications, such as:

  • New listening experiences – with Uberduck AI, you can reshape your listening experiences by assigning the voice of your favorite singers to new or existing songs.
  • Assigning a celebrity’s avatar to the voice of your choosing – select an avatar of your favorite celebrity and give it the voice of a famous actor or actress.
  • Producing melodies in rappers’ voices – add the voices of your favorite rappers to your tunes and melodies.
  • Creating GIFs – create easily shareable and downloadable GIFs with famous rappers.
  • Creating various music scenarios – use the voices of celebrities, singers, and other famous personalities to create various amusing audio and video scenarios.
  • Imitating famous voices – use the power of AI to mimic the voice of your favorite personality.
  • Writing new lyrics – harness the power of AI to enhance your lyric writing skills and generate top-grade lyrics that can be recited by various popular artists.
  • Mimicking various rappers’ flows – if you’ve always wanted to accurately tackle the flow and rhythm of your favorite rapper, you can now mimic it down to the tiniest detail with Uberduck AI.
  • Simulating duets – pair in your favorite artists to make unique duets.
  • Voice uploads – personalize your content with voice uploads for synthesizing speech.
  • Famous voice recreation – tap into an extensive database of famous voices you can emulate and personalize according to your specific needs.

Uberduck AI Pricing

ubderduck ai pricing

Uberduck AI offers three pricing plans:

  • Free – forever free for non-commercial use and 300 render credits per month (1 render credit = 1 second of audio; 2 render credits = one second of video).
  • Creator – $96 per year for commercial use, API access, AI rap generator, and over 3600 render credits per month;
  • Enterprise – contact sales to get a quote for receiving access to a full suite of Uberduck AI features.

Uberduck AI Alternative to Consider - Wondershare DemoCreator

wondershare democreator uberduck ai alternative

Uberduck AI is a fantastic and powerful AI voice generator, but it’s prone to errors. Since it relies on various web-based sources, it may feed you incorrect data. In addition, the tool is still in its experimental platform, so it may not always produce the expected results.

If you don’t want to take any chances, we recommend looking into an excellent alternative to Uberduck AI – Wondershare DemoCreator AI Audio Editor. The DemoCreator AI audio editing platform provides high-end audio quality and access to an array of audio editing tools, including top features like voice changer, audio trimmer, noise reduction, and an extensive library of sound effects.

With DemoCreator, you can change your voice to sound like your favorite celebrity, experiment with different audio effects, add sound effects to your video content, convert speech to text, and more.

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Free Download
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Key features of DemoCrator AI Audio Editor:

  • Trim audio clips – upload your audio files to DemoCreator and use AI audio trimmer to seamlessly trim music, sound effects, and spoken text without sacrificing audio quality. You can also use this feature to extract and transform audio samples into custom-made audio files.
  • Fade in/fade out – ensure a seamless transition between songs and audio clips to enhance the listening experience and eliminate any sudden volume changes (perfect for DJs and music producers).
  • Audio denoiser – DemoCreator excels at helping you perfect the audio quality of your music files and audio clips by effectively removing any background noise from your audio. The tool can successfully eliminate a wide range of background sounds and noise, including fan noises, clicking sounds, wind howling, hissing, humming, etc.
  • Change voice – DemoCreator allows you to mimic your favorite celebrity’s voice by giving you access to various voice-changing sound effects you can emulate in any way you desire.
  • Adjust audio speed – experiment with different audio and sound speeds to make your audial content clearer and easier to comprehend.


Uberduck AI is an excellent tool for turning written text into rap songs, video voiceovers, and narrations by famous characters. Though the tool empowers you to generate versatile audio content, it’s prone to errors and might feed you false information.

The platform is still in its experimental phase, so it may not always generate the desired outcomes. Thankfully, you have an excellent alternative to Uberduck AI – Wondershare DemoCreator AI Audio Editor.

DemoCreator is a reputable AI audio editor that can help you edit your audio clips in any way you desire. Since it’s an AI tool, DemoCreator is intuitive enough to learn from your commands and ensure you accomplish superior results with unmatched sound quality.

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