Have you ever filmed a perfect video only to realize something in its soundscape makes it completely unusable? The microphone often catches more than you need when recording in a noisy environment. Wind, traffic, voices, and other random sounds can interfere with scripted speech or create a distracting cacophony that ruins the experience.

Not to worry. While sound has always been tricky to edit, that’s all in the past. Adobe has developed a solution that lets you split sound from noise and edit them separately. The AI-based Project Sound Lift was introduced in 2023 as one of Adobe’s “Sneak” previews.

Here’s what it is and how it fits with other Adobe AI voice and audio tools.

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What Is Adobe’s Project Sound Lift?

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Project Sound Lift is software designed to separate video sounds of different types and origins into audio tracks that you can edit individually or erase from the video. It can split voice from non-speech sounds, separate overlapping sounds, silence background noises, and more.

As exciting as this sounds, there’s both good and bad news from Adobe. When it’s done and ready for commercial use, Project Sound Lift will undoubtedly “revolutionize sound processing” and “make high-quality creation easier for everyone.” Unfortunately, Adobe didn’t make it clear when this will happen, as Project Sound Lift remains in the beta phase indefinitely.

Adobe already has an extensive family of AI voice and audio tools with which many video content creators are familiar. Project Sound Lift is expected to incorporate at least some of them, such as Adobe’s Enhance Speech technology, which is already a part of Adobe Pro.

Adobe AI Voice Removal With Project Sound Lift

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Will Project Sound Lift be able to harness the power of AI for voice removal? From what we’ve seen in AdobeMAX Sneak, this should be a piece of cake for Adobe’s sound splitter.

The prototype presentation shows how to separate voice from various sound environments, such as overlapping background music and applause in the busy Adobe MAX conference or street racket in a different video. And it’s very easy: all it takes is one click. However, separating overlapping sounds is not even the best part of what Adobe’s Project Sound Lift can do.

#AdobeMAX Sneaks: Introducing Project Sound Lift | Adobe

Once you isolate voice from background noise, you can edit each individually. Adobe’s team could have easily made the applause at the Adobe MAX conference louder without compromising the sound quality of the speaker’s voice. In the last example of the presentation, the speaker’s voice is isolated from the street noise and then modulated to sound like a robot.

Even though this was not shown in the presentation, and there’s still no demo version of the Project Sound Lift that we can try, there’s no reason why users won’t be allowed to filter out voice from the rest of the audio recording and then completely remove it from the video.

The Future Promises of Adobe Project Sound Lift

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Adobe’s promise that Project Sound Lift will “revolutionize sound processing” is not an empty one. If this tool really gives us the ability to split recorded sound with a single click, that will forever change the way audio and video recordings are edited.

It will bring forth a new era for video creators and editing professionals. Hobbyists will finally be able to use complex audio tools.

There will be tons of applications for Project Sound Lift once it finally sees the light of day. Just off the top of your head, you can imagine the following promises of this tool come true:

  • Journalists can use it to remove background tumult from interviews;
  • Marketers can use it to enhance cheers and applause on event videos;
  • Isolated vocals can be edited in concert recordings and music videos;
  • Voice can be edited and manipulated for an enhanced creative effect;
  • You can tweak the volume for separate speakers in roundtable videos.

If all this turns out true, Project Sound Lift will be nothing short of disruptive. Absolutely anyone, including amateurs posting videos online for fun, will be able to edit sound like a professional. Professionals will also be able to focus on the creative aspects of their work.

Other AI Voice Tools to Consider

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Until you can use Project Sound Lift for your video projects, there are other tools with which to experiment. Some of them come from Adobe’s lab, too, like the aforementioned Adobe AI Audio Enhancer (also known as Adobe Podcasts Audio Enhancer because of its focus on podcasters).

Of course, Adobe is not the only provider of video editing tools that can manipulate and enhance sound. If you need a robust alternative to Adobe, Wondershare DemoCreator is one of the best tools around. It includes features like noise reduction, voice changer, and sound effects.

Here’s an overview of what these two tools offer in terms of AI voice manipulation.

Alternative 1: Enhancing Sound with Adobe Podcast AI Voice

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In many ways, AI Audio Enhancer is a forerunner of future Project Sound Lift, and both of them rely on Adobe’s AI Voice technology that helps enhance the quality of narrated videos. Adobe has made the best of this tool to train and improve its noise reduction and voice enhancement algorithms. It’s safe to assume that these algorithms will play key roles in Project Sound Lift.

But in addition to noise reduction and voice enhancement, AI Audio Enhancer offers a palette of other features that many video creators find useful. There’s AI auto-transcription, which serves as Adobe’s AI speech-to-text tool, as well as a collection of creative sound effects.

Alternative 2: Wondershare Democreator – A Comprehensive AI Voice Editing Tool

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Wondershare DemoCreator is an all-in-one software for video recording and editing with AI voice features like Denoise, Subtitle Generator, Voice Changer, Speech Enhancer, and Text to Speech. Using this tool, you can easily edit narrated videos and polish sound to perfection. An audio trimmer and a gallery of rich sound effects are at your disposal, as well.

The best thing about DemoCreator is that it offers recording and editing on the same platform. So it’s not only for podcasters; you can use it for anything from business presentations to game streaming. And thanks to its intuitive UI and AI, DemoCreator can be used by anyone.

To show you how easy it is, here’s how to use DemoCreator to change your voice:

Step 1: Download DemoCreator from the official website and install it on your computer.

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Free Download
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Step 2: If you want to record a new audio, click on the Voice tab just above the timeline.

record new audio with democreator

Step 3: You can also import an existing video by clicking on the . icon in the Library.

import an existing media file to democreator

Step 4: Select the video from the Library and drag and drop it to the timeline.

drag and drop a selected file to democreator timeline

Step 5: Go to the options panel on the left and select the Audio tab. Scroll down to find Voice Changer and choose between six options – None, Man, Woman, Child, Robot, or Transformers. Click on it, and the voice will be changed automatically.

use a voice changing feature in democreator


Project Sound Lift is an innovative audio editing solution by Adobe that will be able to separate voice from background noise with a single click. For now, Project Sound Lift is still in its beta phase, so it is unavailable to the public. Once it’s officially launched, users will be able to edit or delete overlapping sounds individually, which has the potential to disrupt the sound editing industry.

Until that happens – if it happens at all – media content creators have other AI voice tools at their disposal. Adobe’s Podcast Audio Enhancer is an obvious alternative to Project Sound Lift, but it may not be enough for your needs. If you need a comprehensive tool, try DemoCreator.


  • What is Adobe Voice AI?
    Adobe Voice AI is a state-of-the-art audio editing technology developed by Adobe for its Podcast Audio Enhancer software. Among other things, Adobe’s Voice AI allows you to detect, edit, and manipulate voice in videos, reduce noise around it, transcribe speech to text, etc.
  • What are the AI features of Adobe Podcast?
    Some of the key AI features of Adobe Podcast Audio Enhancer include automatic transcription, remote recording, AI-assisted sound enhancement, and an automatic microphone setup tool.
  • How does Adobe AI Voice work?
    Adobe AI Voice is an AI-powered technology that detects voice in videos by analyzing the frequencies in the audio recording. It denoises the video by reducing background noise and random sounds and sharpens the voice, making the video sound crystal clear, as if it was edited by a professional tool.
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