Anime has grown quite popular, even beyond the Japanese Animation movie industry. This worldwide growth can be attributed to the unique art style of anime and how it goes above and beyond the usual animation of other sectors. In addition, it is more entertaining, with relatable storylines that appeal to children and adults.

Are you in search of the best websites to watch anime for free? This blog guides you to the best anime streaming sites for various regions. What's more? You get to enjoy popular anime shows on these sites for free!

In this article
  1. A Quick List of Best Anime Streaming Sites
  2. Top Anime Streaming Sites to watch
  3. Go Wild! Anime yourself in a Virtual World

01. A Quick List of Best Anime Streaming Sites

Website Regions Available Choices of Contents Loading Speed Ad Annoyance Video Quality Still, working?
Zoro Globally available Classic, action, romance, mystery, drama, fantasy Fast 0 360p to 1080p resolutions Yes
Funimation U.S, The U.K., Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand Original anime shows Robust 0 High Resolution Yes
9anime All major world regions Latest released anime series Slow 0 High quality Yes
KissAnime The U.S., the United Kingdom, and 50 other countries Popular anime T.V. shows, drama, thriller High speed 0 480p, 720p, 1080p, H.D., and 4K video quality Yes
Netflix Available globally Exclusive anime titles Fast 0 High high-quality resolution Yes
Crunchyroll Approximately 180 countries Popular anime and manga Fast 1 High quality Yes
Contv The United States of America Virtual Comic Con, classics, Cosplay Average 1 High resolution Yes
Animepahe Global availability Variety of anime genres Average 0 High streaming quality Yes
AnimePlanet Available worldwide Anime and Manga properties Fast 1 HD quality Yes
Gogoanimes All major regions of the world Horror, games, action, kids Fast 0 Great quality Yes
Animedao All regions Dubbed versions of anime shows Fast 0 High video resolution Yes
Hulu Japan and The United States Classics, horror, action, kids Fast 0 High video resolution Yes

02. Top Anime Streaming Sites to watch

Below we discuss our 12 best free anime websites for 2024. These anime sites allow you to stream your favorite anime shows for free online and at any time you wish.

1. Zoro

The first free anime website on our list is On this platform, you can safely stream anime or download it to your device to watch later.

  • You can download dubbed and subbed; Anime offers ultra-HD quality for free.
  • It is ad-free, which makes for a secure streaming service.
  • It has many anime titles ranging from mystery to horror, school, game, kids, action, etc.
  • You can stream anime movies in any video resolution your internet service can contain, from as low as 360P or as high as 1080P.
  • It is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

2. Funimation

Funimation is one of the top anime websites to watch anime for free; it has played a major role in bringing the art form that is anime entertainment to a wider world audience.

  • It provides over 13,000 hours of original content for hardcore anime fans.
  • The interface is well-decorated and appealing to users.
  • It is free from annoying buffering that affects streaming speeds.
  • Anime movies are streamed in high-resolution video quality.
  • You can play anime games, purchase anime merchandise on Funimation, and stream anime movies.

3. 9Anime

Another anime streaming website you can use for free is 9Anime. Its redefined interface has made navigation easy for users.

  • This site has no hidden payments or charges, making it completely free.
  • It has a friendly, easy-to-use interface for everyone.
  • The search field allows users to filter anime shows using the year of release. You can watch both old and new movie releases here, all free.
  • Anime shows are alphabetically organized using titles so you can navigate easily to the movie of your choice.
  • It allows for a change of language, especially for non-Japanese speakers.

4. KissAnime

KissAnime is an anime website that allows users to stream their favorite anime shows in different resolutions and quality, including H.D. and 4K, for free!

  • There are no interrupting surveys during movie streaming.
  • This anime streaming site lets you access popular anime even on your mobile devices, as it supports big and small screens.
  • It also offers your popular anime shows in English, unlike the default Japanese.
  • The user interface is clear for easy navigation.
  • Anime series are updated to the latest episodes as soon as they are released.

5. Netflix

Netflix is best known for offering some of the best exclusive movies and shows. So it is no surprise that such a movie streaming giant contains a wide range of premium anime titles.

  • It retains the exclusive license to some popular anime titans such as Kaguya Sama and Death Note, a big deal for anime lovers.
  • The dubbed and subbed versions of both the latest anime shows are available on Netflix in high quality.
  • You can choose the video resolution you want your anime to be displayed.
  • The user interface is sleek.
  • The free trial period is 30 days, after which you must subscribe to any plan between $7.99 to $9.99/month.

6. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has been around for a long time, one of the anime streaming sites responsible for how popular anime shows have become in the West.

  • It offers some of the premium class's most popular anime and manga shows.
  • Your one-stop shop for some of the most exclusive anime shows.
  • Its interface is clean.
  • Apart from offering a 14-day free trial, a subscription is quite affordable, especially for a site that provides exclusive anime and manga shows like this.

7. CONtv

ContvComics is a new free anime streaming site that you should check out. It provides exclusive access to Comic-Con for comics fans, including the anime genre.

  • It shows over 2,500 movies, T.V. shows, and original programs.
  • It has both free and paid versions.
  • CONtv is compatible with various devices and systems like Android, iOS, Roku, and Xbox.
  • You can easily search and binge-watch your favorite popular anime movies.

8. Animepahe

Animepahe is a free online anime website that has become quite popular among lovers of anime shows. It competes well with other popular anime streaming sites on this list.

  • It is a highly dependable anime website for watching free anime movies.
  • Its user interface is easy to maneuver.
  • You can access thousands of anime titles based on your preference: history, romance, drama, action, etc.
  • Movies are available in dub and English for non-Japanese viewers.
  • Anime titles are indexed in alphabetical order to make for easy browsing on the website.

9. AnimePlanet

AnimePlanet is a fun platform that collaborates with Hulu and Crunchyroll to provide you with over 49000 anime titles. Remember that all these shows are completely free!

  • The interface is both interactive and intuitive for anime lovers.
  • It provides an AnimePlanet community comprising loyal anime fans to interact with one another.
  • This anime streaming website adds to your fun experience with its character ranking platform, forums, Discord chat groups, etc.
  • You also get the latest anime news on this site.

10. GoGoanime

Gogoanime is another favorite of anime lovers as it is available to virtually all regions with no limitations. You will be amazed at the large collection of anime series and movies you will find within your reach when you visit GoGoanime.

  • The Anime List area contains many anime shows for your viewing pleasure. In addition, any show you do not find on the home page can be searched using the search field.
  • There are dubbed Chinese and Anime versions if you want to try.
  • It is a user-friendly anime streaming site for new and old anime lovers.
  • The anime movies are categorized in alphabetical order, by popularity and according to the month and year of the movie release.
  • GoGoanime releases the latest Anime series immediately after they are released, so its users are among the first to watch new shows.

11. AnimeDao

If you want a fast and free anime streaming service, consider using AnimeDao, one of our best platforms for streaming anime online. It has a clean interface you would enjoy navigating, even as a newbie.

  • You can find the latest anime movies here.
  • It supports high-resolution videos, yet with remarkable speed.
  • It streams at optimal capacity, although it is a free tool.
  • Movie titles are organized into searchable categories.
  • There are subbed and dubbed versions of popular anime series on this site.

12. Hulu

Hulu is one of the top streaming sites for movies and tv shows, but do you know it also applies to anime movies? Indeed, it does, and you can get premium shows on this website.

  • It supports streaming across various platforms and devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • It retains the license to popular anime titles from reputable Japanese anime studios.
  • You can screen-record movies on this site, unlike many top websites.
  • Hulu allows you to stream free anime shows even offline after downloading them.
  • It is available in the U.S. and Japan.

Top Tip: Are you looking for how to download your favorite anime videos? You can use some video downloader apps; there are many of these apps available online. However, a more efficient method is to use the Wondershare DemoCreator to record the anime shows you are streaming online. That way, you get to watch as many times as you wish.

03. Go Wild! Anime yourself in a Virtual World

Imagine a scenario where you can create a cartoon version of yourself and use that design to stream live anime scenarios like gaming, tutorials, business discussions, or social media platforms.

Creating a virtual version of yourself is not just possible now, but it is fun to try with DemoCreator's Anime Avatar Creator. This tool can create a virtual avatar or anime representing you in real time. Furthermore, it replicates your features in the form of anime, so when you make a presentation, the virtual representation will move as though it were you: because, technically, it is you!

Free Download
Free Download

How to get an animated version of yourself?

Follow the steps below to create your animation version:

step1Launch Democreator Wondershare and select Virtual Avatar Recording

Download Democreator and launch it on any preferred device. Choose the Virtual Avatar Recording Mode, as this mode is ideal for capturing your screen, live streaming, recording, and making PowerPoint or other media content.

step2Choose Your Virtual AVatar

DemoCreator will provide you with several VTubers from which you can make a choice that suits your preference. Alternatively, you can upload your model if you do not like the default avatars on the interface. Move to the right end of the page and import your already-made PPT using the steps below:

After selecting the screen area you want to record, you can choose your preferred virtual avatar. At the same time, we also offer a variety of virtual backgrounds to enhance the fun of your videos.

step3Enable Your Webcam and Start Recording

An area will be indicated to you; ensure you sit within it as it ensures DemoCreator gets all your features and motions to replicate them in your avatar correctly.

Under "Calibration Mode," carefully follow the provided instructions to fine-tune the motion-tracking effects. Once completed, press F9 to initiate the recording process quickly.

step4Preview and Export

Press the F10 key to quickly terminate the recording. In the Preview Recording window, swiftly review your video. You can perform basic cuts in this window, click "Export Express" to complete video export, or click on the "Advanced Editing" option at the bottom left to navigate to the editing interface for more creative edits. If you are dissatisfied with the video, there is a "Re-record" button below to assist you in swiftly re-recording.



The world has gotten more visual, and the growing love for animation indicates this trend. Therefore, anime lovers constantly search for the best websites to watch their favorite anime movies and tv shows. This article got you covered. With our recommended top free anime websites, you can enjoy your favorite anime from any part of the world. Moreso, you can create your animation using the flexible Demo Anime Avatar Creator. With this exciting tool, you can add subtitles to your virtual avatar presentation, use transition effects, add stickers (even animated ones), and so much more!

Free Download
Free Download

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