Nowadays, YouTube videos are essential for showing one’s expertise online. But sometimes, making good videos can seem challenging and expensive. However, making these videos can cost little with the right AI YouTube video maker tools. Moreover, you won't need any special skills as most of these tools offer ease of use.

So, if you want to start making videos for your AI YouTube channel, this guide is the best for you. Here, we will explain 5 AI video maker tools and their features. Moreover, we will share tips on what types of videos you can create. Also, we will explain the elements that should be present in your videos.

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  1. What Type of YouTube Videos Can Be Created with AI YouTube Video Generators
  2. What Elements Should Be Present in a YouTube Video to Gain Viewers and Subscribers
  3. Top 5 AI Video Generators for Professional and Beginners
  4. The AI-Integrated YouTube Video Editor to Enhance the Game of Editing Videos

Part 1. What Type of YouTube Videos Can Be Created with AI YouTube Video Generators

  1. How-To Videos: AI video makers can transform step-by-step instructions into video tutorials. This is great for teaching your audience how to use your products or perform certain tasks.
  2. Social Media Content: Short, attention-grabbing videos are perfect for social media platforms. AI video generators can create engaging videos for platforms like Instagram and Twitter.
  3. Vlogs: Share your thoughts, experiences, or travel adventures through vlogs created with AI. To enhance the video, you can add background music, captions, and other elements.
  4. Review Videos: These videos help you share your thoughts about products or songs. AI tools can turn your reviews into engaging videos with visuals and commentary.
  5. Time-Lapse Videos: AI can help you create time-lapse videos to shorten a long process. So, you can summarize your whole week's journey in a few minutes.
  6. Cooking and Recipe Videos: Share your favorite cooking techniques in video format. AI can help you create step-by-step cooking videos that make it easy for others to follow.
  7. Animated Videos: These AI tools help you make animated videos that are fun to watch. You can create characters and scenes without needing to be an artist.
  8. Motivational Videos: Create videos that inspire and motivate others. With AI, you can turn your motivational words into videos that encourage people.

Part 2. What Elements Should Be Present in a YouTube Video to Gain Viewers and Subscribers

AI YouTube video generator tools can help you create various types of YouTube videos that too without the need for extensive technical skills or expensive equipment. Below, we have explained a few videos you can create using these AI tools.

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Making AI YouTube videos is a great way to engage many people. One of the most important things is that your audience subscribes to your channel. When people subscribe to your channel, that's a sign of gaining success with your channel. The more subscribers you gain, the more they will watch your videos. Remember that more than just uploading your videos is needed to get subscribers.

So, for that, we will highlight some key elements below. These elements should be present in your videos to help you get more subscribers to your channel.

1. Start with a Unique Touch

Begin your video in a way that stands out, like your special greeting. When they see your unique beginning, it keeps them interested and wanting more. It also aids them in recalling the amazing intro when discussing your AI videos on YouTube with others.

2. Explore Popular Topics

Craft videos about what's popular and buzzing right now. This could encompass events of the season, news, local occurrences, surprises, and more. Focusing on popular discussed subjects attracts a broader audience. People are keen on engaging with content that aligns with ongoing trends. You can pinpoint trending topics through resources like YouTube's trending section.

3. Elevate with Background Music

Enhance your videos by integrating background music with YouTube AI. This doesn't only capture attention but shapes the tone of the viewing experience. Furthermore, a well-matched soundtrack encourages viewers to share your content. It's essential to ensure that the chosen music suits the intended emotions and that you have the right to use it.

4. Make Your Voice Clear

The clarity in videos matters very much. If you're speaking in your video, ensure your voice is clear and easy to understand. A video loses its viewers when they struggle to catch what's being conveyed. When there's background music, make sure your voice is louder. Also, ensure your audience can follow your words with ease.

5. Engage Your Audience

Create opportunities for your viewers to participate, even if you're not live streaming. Encouraging audience interaction offers several benefits. Direct questions to your viewers and respond in the comments section. Feedback from your audience might inspire future content. Moreover, you can even build content around their responses by highlighting their ideas.

Part 3. Top 5 AI Video Generators for Professional and Beginners

You might be familiar that people like watching videos rather than reading content. Making videos is a good idea to engage with people. Now is the perfect time to start making AI-generated YouTube videos. Here, we will explain five key tools with key features to help you make videos smoother.

1. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI emerges as a versatile AI YouTube video generator. This tool provides users with four high-rated AI features: AI humans, AI studios, AI interviewers, and AI avatars. To help you save up to 80% of your budget and time, this tool enables you to auto-generate 10 questions. You can even benefit from enhancing your real-time conversions with a 2D realistic AI avatar.

Moreover, all the AI models within this tool are 3D digitalized for a better user experience. Users can now cater to their business needs even more effectively. This can be done by using over 100 built-in AI avatars in over 80 languages.

deepbrain ai youtube video maker

Key Features

  1. To generate top-quality video content, this tool holds 148 AI patents. Users can easily generate content based on specific needs using this AI technology.
  2. Users can now easily boost their business, educational, sports, or sales needs. They can benefit from 100+ AI templates and use them to generate videos.
  3. Get access to API key generation and make videos more engaging. You can even check the progress of videos, as it usually takes 1 to 10 minutes to produce each video.
  4. You need no experience using this tool, as it offers over 70 AI face swap models. This helps you avoid buying expensive equipment such as cameras and microphones.

2. Lumen5

Lumen5 uses the power of AI to convert written content into dynamic videos. Whether you begin with a URL or paste your text, Lumen5's MLA works to match your content with relevant footage. However, users can easily calculate scene composition and text positioning for enhanced visual output. Also, you get to add your watermarks and maintain the aspect ratio at will using this AI video generator for YouTube.

Auto generation of captions is yet another great option in this tool. Once a user uploads their video, the captions are automatically generated based on video content. For even better customization, users can set the fonts and colors per requirements. Also, simply select the words, if any, in the transcript and directly match the visuals with the audio timing.

lumen5 ai youtube video maker

Key Features

  1. This tool offers optimized security as millions of videos and photos are licensed. These are available in the tools library and can be accessed easily.
  2. Generate and create all of your videos in 1080p, and that too in multiple formats. This can be quickly done utilizing the available workplace within Lumen5.
  3. To make videos more unique, this tool allows you to upload your company icons and fonts. It helps you to make your videos legalized and better in every way.
  4. Using the professional version of this tool provides you with 10 instant videos. Simply head to the RSS feed and get to use the templates and generate results quickly.

3. Synthesia

Synthesia stands as the best YouTube video creator AI to turn your written text into videos. It also has a library of over 140 diverse AI avatars that can speak 120+ languages. Moreover, it offers more than 60 high-designed video templates. This, in return, smoothens your content creation journey. You even have the option to craft your custom avatar.

You also do need to reshoot your videos at any point. As you can quickly prototype your videos, share them, and get feedback all by staying within the same tool. For better video enhancement, clone and pair your voice using the custom avatar to make the video look more realistic.

synthesia ai youtube video maker

Key Features

  1. Adding micro gestures is the best-ever feature in this tool. You can now add raised eyebrows and head nods type features for better, more engaging videos.
  2. If you want to use additional tools, Synthesia supports over 38 integrations. These are related to content, education, marketing, sales, and many more fields.
  3. To help your video reach a diverse audience, this tool provides 134 female and 132 male voices. It allows you to make videos based on users' preferences.
  4. The whole video-related features are SOC 2 and GDPR complaints. So this makes your video-making process certified and independently audited.

4. Pictory

Pictory introduces an easy way to transform your written content into high-quality videos. This YouTube AI tool can even extract the content diversely from your recording on Zoom, Webinar, and Teams. The feature to add captions automatically enables you to up your reach by 85%. So, even your long videos are edited within minutes, and this tool removes all the silences and filler words within the video.

You can use the AI feature to summarize the video's key points to grab more user attention. In return, this helps you understand the videos quickly and more efficiently. So, you can now benefit from this tool's media library containing over 15,000 music tracks and 3M+ video clips. This tool also doesn't slow your computer down, as the entire process runs in the cloud.

pictory ai youtube video maker

Key Features

  1. Being user-friendly, this tool requires no professional skills, and you can generate videos within 10 minutes. You can even add your voices or built-in AI voices to these videos.
  2. The diverse features of this tool help users improve productivity by 80% and social engagement by 2x. It can assist in driving more traffic toward your video content.
  3. Add diverse and unique watermarks to make videos stand out. To make them even more creative, you also add intros and outros to your videos.
  4. This tool uses ReelFast technology to turn your transcriptions into videos quickly. So, you can now avoid creating videos of long hours.

5. Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI offers a better approach to video creation by removing the need for setups. The tool allows quick video generation by selecting AI avatars and video templates. The free talking avatar features is the best thing about this tool. You can upload a photo ad, fill in the required text, and choose from 100+ languages to create a talking avatar.

Regarding using the realistic human voice, it offers 8 male and female voice options. Users can convert 5000 characters at max each time using the text-to-speech feature. Apart from this, users can also remove the background with AI-powered background remover.

vidnoz ai youtube video maker

Key Features

  1. Generate your customized avatars and describe them within the 200 characters limit. You can also select the gender as either male or female.
  2. Over 3000 templates are available to create videos from. You can take a picture that comes alive with AI talking head feature.
  3. Get to use the 11 free online tools that come as built-in in Vidnoz AI. Some of these include video trimming, video creation, and video hosting.
  4. When creating talking avatars, the user can set the speed for text-to-speech from 0.5x to 1.5x. All the text is adjusted into a natural human voice without any robotic tone.

Part 4. The AI-Integrated YouTube Video Editor to Enhance the Game of Editing Videos

Apart from all the five tools we discussed above, there is another tool that stands out best. Wondershare DemoCreator is a straightforward YouTube video creator AI software. It is tailored for individuals who often engage in editing YouTube videos. Unlike other editing tools with low-quality results, DemoCreator offers a distinctive advantage.

Alongside its video editing capabilities, it ensures the creation of high-quality screen recordings. This eliminates the need for users to switch between separate applications. To be noted, this dual feature makes it an exceptional choice for YouTube video production. Furthermore, DemoCreator boasts many remarkable features contributing to its comprehensive video editing toolkit.

democreator ai youtube video maker

Key Features

  • Enabling users to fashion engaging video presentations with VTubers, which are virtual characters. This unique capability lends an interactive dimension to presentations.
  • For educators, it offers an ideal platform to create compelling video courses Educators can benefit from a dynamic learning environment by utilizing the software's features.
  • The software transcends conventional presentation methods by facilitating live streaming. These include online platforms such as YouTube Live, Twitch, and Discord.
  • This tool allows video presentations to be shared within online meeting platforms. These include Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
  • The software enhances the video presentation experience by integrating virtual camera Moreover, it helps users to showcase their presentations with entertaining and unique effects.

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Free Download

Ending Words

All in all, the AI YouTube video maker tools discussed above provide users value. All these tools help users at some point. The key features we have explained for each tool will help you select the best tool. Moreover, you can make your YouTube videos more engaging in just a matter of seconds.

But if you need to use more advanced AI features, the Wondershare DemoCreator is the top choice. This tool is recommended due to its versatile features and affordable pricing. This tool is compatible with Windows and macOS; you can even use the online version.

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