Making and sharing YouTube shorts is one of the best and most effective ways to grow your YouTube channel. YouTube shorts are vertical videos that hold the capability to captivate the attention of viewers. However, creating eye-catching YouTube shorts can be time-consuming and challenging.

Moreover, you need to have prior editing and video-making experience to create YouTube shorts manually. That’s why you need to work with AI short video generators. This article will review some of the premium-grade AI YouTube shorts generators. Thus, you can trust these tools for creating high-quality YouTube shorts.

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  3. Best 5 YouTube Shorts AI Video Maker to Try in 2023
  4. A Reliable and Innovative AI integrated Video Editor for YouTubers

Part 1: Why YouTube Shorts are More Popular Than Normal YouTube Videos

You must be curious to learn why YouTube shorts gained more attention than simple videos. Here are some of the reasons that can help you understand why AI short videos are more popular:

1. Snappy Content Requiring Shorter Attention Span

In today's world, everyone is busy and has a short attention span. YouTube shorts often have 15 to 60 seconds in length and can help fulfill the shorter attention span. Moreover, these shorts are designed for quick content consumption.

It is ideal for viewers looking for bite-sized content with proper entertainment. Thus, you can get snappy content from the shorts without compromising your timings. Engaging more viewers without compromising routine work is a perfect choice.

2. Super Addictive and Trendy Contents

Shorts are designed in such a way that they can catch the attention of the viewers within a few seconds. This platform is vertical and also supports the full-screen format. Moreover, these shorts can be visually captivating and attract viewers to watch more and more shorts.

The content in YouTube shorts is trendy. You can view shorts on dance routines, viral hacks, and many other types of content. Viewers can draw attraction toward this type of content and share the shorts on other social media platforms.

3. Discoverability and Recommendations

YouTube shorts have higher discoverability chances which makes them more approachable. Users can discover new content from the shorts without any issues. It also boosts your online presence and increases visibility.

One of the best things is that you can naturally attract more creators and viewers with YouTube shorts. The recommendation algorithms also enhance searchability with their short-form content. This also revitalizes popularity and contribution.

4. Diversity and Integrations

YouTube shorts encourage user engagement through comments and shares, which ensures diversity. The content of these shorts can range from comedy to drama. The shorts are not initially monetizable but can also incentivize the creators after a few times.

It also has cross-platform integrations, so you can easily share the YouTube shorts on other platforms. Creators can also reach a broader audience to enhance your social presence.

Part 2: Indispensable Elements in a YouTube Shorts Video

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Now that you know about the diversity and benefits of short video AI, you must be thinking about creating these shorts. You can effortlessly create YouTube short videos but make sure these videos integrate the following elements:

1. Clear Concept and Theme

Make sure you start the videos with some attention-grabbing content. From captivating movements to intriguing shorts, you can add anything to the videos. Moreover, you have to make the videos in such a manner that can clarify the concept of your shorts. If viewers can understand the concept of your shorts, they can watch it without hesitation.

2. Visually Appealing and Engaging Content

You have to make videos more visually appealing to enhance reach. Furthermore, you can use bold colors, transitions, and filters to increase the visuality. This can also make you stand out in a crowd without investing extra effort. Other than this, make sure there is no overdoing in the shorts which can impact the engagement of videos.

3. Storytelling and Thumbnails

The YouTube Shorts video also has the capability to represent your story with a narrative structure. You can now share the story of your brand with a broader audience in a well-structured manner. This helps in keeping viewers invested in the videos and progress effectively.

While creating thumbnails, you need to encapsulate the essence of your videos. Make sure you create thumbnails that can lock the attention of the viewers.

4. Captioning and Call to Action

While creating YouTube short videos, you have to make sure that you add on-screen captions to the videos. From punchlines to tutorial steps, you can add any caption to the videos. This also works as the medium of communication between viewers and creators. You can also add calls to action in the YouTube shorts, such as subscriptions, comments, and more.

5. Format and Relevancy

To optimize the mobile viewing experience, you have to make sure that you select the reliable aspect ratio of YouTube shorts. Make sure you choose the formats that can fit on the mobile screens without issues. If you are making videos of such type that the viewers can feel relevancy with the shorts, it can also help you grow.

Part 3: Best 5 YouTube Shorts AI Video Maker to Try in 2023

The following AI YouTube short generators hold the capability to create videos without requiring any extra effort from your side. The best 5 tools that can help you in making high-quality YouTube shorts are been selected and discussed here:

1. Steve.AI

If you want to create brand-boosting AI short videos, Steve.AI is a perfect choice for this. You can trust this tool even if you have no experience in video making and editing. It can also aid you in making YouTube intros, outros, and shorts. You can also encourage the user's engagement to increase conversion.

It also comprehends 1000+ YouTube video templates which you can customize effortlessly. Moreover, it can also insert rich graphics in the videos to boost its productivity. youtube shorts generator

Main Features

  1. Video from Text: You can create both animation and live videos by using text, blogs, articles, and other written materials.
  2. AI Video Maker: It can also help make videos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.
  3. Various Use Cases: With Steve.AI, you can generate several types of videos such as product, explainer, education, marketing, promo, and more.


Do you want to create YouTube shorts in seconds? The reliable platform for accomplishing this task is With this, you can create short videos with full customization. For example, you can easily customize video output format and frame rate.

It also incorporates innovative algorithms ensuring that the video's main person never misses the spotlight. One of the assuring things about this AI YouTube short generator is that you can export videos in 1080p quality without watermark issues. This helps make your content stand out to reach a wider audience. youtube shorts generator

Main Features

  1. Brand Presets: Using this premium quality tool, you can make every video unique by adding brand overlays and logos.
  2. Video Editing: It has powerful and advanced editing tools that can give your videos a polished look. You can also make automated video adjustments with this.
  3. Subtitles and Aspect Ratios: To make content livelier, you can add animated subtitles in videos with this. Moreover, it also supports several aspect ratios to make videos more platform-friendly.

3. QuickVid

Many YouTube content creators trust these YouTube short AI generators to generate high-quality YouTube shorts. It is a one-stop solution for crafting attention-grabbing YouTube shorts. It can also streamline your workflow efficiency, and you can make videos without editing experience.

The entertaining part of creating such videos is that you can also add your customized avatars to YouTube shorts with this. It has a unique set of Tuber-style avatars, giving you flexibility over selection.

quickvid youtube shorts generator

Main Features

  1. Voice Cloning: It has an extensive library of high-quality voices, and you can also create a clone of your voice and add it to the video.
  2. Image Overlays: You can amplify the productivity of your videos by adding relevant image overlays. Moreover, you can upload any image of your choice without complications.
  3. Video Subtitles: To make your YouTube shorts more approachable, it automatically adds engaging subtitles and captions to it.

4. Nova A.I

Nova A.I is a cloud-based AI YouTube short generator. Through this, you can work on your YouTube shorts and save them without worrying about video corruption. This AI short video generator is known to be a big plus for content creators and influencers. Moreover, it has a sleek interface suitable for all types of content creators.

Not only YouTube shorts, but it can also make Facebook stories, online courses, and many other things. It can help you to cut and trim multiple videos while adjusting the frameworks. You can also resize, rotate, or crop the frame sizes to fit them on various platforms.

nova a.i youtube shorts generator

Main Features

  1. Text to Speech: You can turn written text into speech in both male and female voices using Nova A.I. It also supports 35 languages, and you can select the language of your choice.
  2. Transition and Filters: If you want smooth video transitions, Nova A.I got you covered. You can easily add multiple transitions and filters between your video clips.
  3. Auto Clip Maker: Based on the highlights of your video, this feature of Nova A.I can create automated clips from that video.

5. Pictory

Pictory is a dependable short video AI creator that helps you create quality-oriented shorts. With this, you can experience new ways of YouTube short-making. One of the best things about Pictory is that it’s an easy-to-use AI short video tool, so you don't have to master any skill to use it.

You can provide the script or writing promotes, and it will generate video content from that. Moreover, you can also breathe new life into published blogs and transform them into high-quality videos. It can also add automated captions to increase your reach on social media.

pictory youtube shorts generator

Main Features

  1. Highlight Creation: Pictory can help create short video highlights to boost sales conversions. You can also engage the viewers through this.
  2. Text-Based Editing: This fantastic tool allows you to edit videos using text commands. It is perfect for editing Zoom recordings, webinars, and other videos.
  3. Auto-Transcription: It can help in repurposing videos and can also provide call transcriptions. Moreover, Pictory can remove filler words automatically during transcriptions.

Bonus Tip: A Reliable and Innovative AI integrated Video Editor for YouTubers

Wondershare DemoCreator is a revolutionary short video AI creator that helps you unleash your creativity and share it with the world. Using this fantastic tool, you can generate shorts on education, freelancing, and other things. It is a one-stop solution for YouTubers because, with this, YouTubers can generate AI avatar-integrated videos.

You can also select and customize the avatars to give a more personalized look to the videos. Other than this, it can edit YouTube videos in several ways. For instance, you can trim, merge, and split the videos easily without impacting overlays. It can also resize and crop the videos and change their speed.

democreator youtube shorts editor


To wrap things up, you have to create YouTube shorts to boost your engagement. These help you to reach a broader audience and attract more viewers. However, before creating the YouTube shorts, make sure you give them a perfect look.

For this, you have to keep several elements in mind which are discussed in this article. Assisting the perfect creation, use the best AI short video generators as provided in the article. For finer results, you can go with the option of Wondershare DemoCreator for efficient video creation.

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