Do you need captions for your social media videos or posts but don't want to spend time and money for a copywriter? You can use an AI caption generator that does the legwork for you.

We've rounded up the seven best AI-powered tools to help you generate captions, each available for free. Before exploring them, let's see what they are and how to choose the best AI caption maker.

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    1. Ahrefs - AI Social Media Caption Generator
    2. Pally
    3. Coschedule
    4. StoryLab
    6. Captions AI
    7. Copy.AI

What Is an AI Caption Generator?

An AI caption generator is a tool that employs artificial intelligence to produce all kinds of captions for social media use. Caption generators use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to create the perfect caption for your posts on social media. They analyze and synthesize spoken and written language to provide realistic and natural-sounding captions.

They let businesses and content creators reach and engage their audiences easily without worrying or taking the time to write captions for posts themselves.

As for user responsibilities, you only need to type your post's topic or general idea in a text box, which most AI caption generators have, to define what the caption is about and what it will look like.

You can also choose the tone or style of your captions to customize how viewers will convey them. Many AI caption generators also allow you to type keywords and hashtags, effortlessly optimizing your outreach.

How To Select the Best Auto Caption Generator

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best auto caption generator.

  1. Determine if a particular caption generator suits your social media platform of choice. Since all these caption generators are AI-powered, they generate captions using advanced machine learning. Your chosen generator should have the data and knowledge from a specific social media platform to better understand and cater to audiences.
  2. Check the language support. If it isn't available in multiple languages, it will only create captions in English. That can be a letdown for those looking to market their products to non-English audiences.
  3. The tone you convey through your captions is vital. To engage your audience and boost your social media presence, you'll have to communicate your brand in a manner to which your audience will best respond. Most caption generators will let you choose from about a dozen tones ranging from enthusiastic to persuasive.

While some generators may tick all these boxes, others may fall short in some areas.

Top 7 Free AI Caption Generators for Social Media

Let's look at the best free AI caption generators and what they offer.

Prompt Tone Target
Ahrefs 40+ Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Image nameedIn, Pinterest, YouTube
Pallyy English General, Instagram
Coschedule English YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Blog, Email, Podcast, Ad
StoryLab 17 Image nameedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter,
Pinterest 25 General, Instagram
Caption AI 28 General, Instagram 6 General, Instagram

#1 Ahrefs - AI Social Media Caption Generator

Ahrefs is a platform with everything you need to expand your social media influence and drive more traffic to your posts. Ahrefs offers many tools, including the AI Instagram Caption Generator and the AI Social Media Caption Generator.

Users can upload their desired photos into the generator, select the tone for their caption, and add a description that will help AI create a more tailored caption.

The AI Social Media Caption Generator lets users generate and curate captions according to the specific social media platform, whether it's Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Image nameedIn, Pinterest, or YouTube.

Users can type a brief description of the content they want to caption, select or even add a custom tone, and generate multiple captions at a time.

ahrefs free ai caption generator

The Ahrefs generator also includes hashtags and emojis, ensuring your captions are amusing and engaging. It can also shorten or rephrase the captions if you so desire.


Both caption generators are available online and are free for use. They are also straightforward and user-friendly, have many customization options, and support 40+ languages.


It appears that Ahrefs does not have any particular cons worth noting.

#2 Pally

Pally is a platform specifically designed to aid you in managing your social media. It has many tools and features that help users organize and grow their brands and presence on social media. Among these tools are free caption generators: the Image Caption Generator and Instagram Caption Generator.

The Image Caption Generator will write a caption for any image you upload in one of the dozen tones available. You can also type an additional prompt, guiding the AI toward a more specific caption.

pally image caption generator

Likewise, the Instagram Caption Generator will generate a caption according to the outline of the post you type in its textbox. It also lets you choose the length and tone of the post and will generate up to 30 hashtags if you so wish.

pally instagram caption generator


Pally's caption generators are free and easy to use, making captioning your social media posts a piece of cake.


If you aren't looking for a general image caption generator, you're left with the one for Instagram. Users looking to post on different platforms may have better alternatives.

There aren't many customization options, so generating specific captions may not work out for users. In addition, It supports only English captions.

#3 Coschedule

Coschedule is a tool that helps you manage and organize your social media. It's famous for its social and content calendars with tools that allow you to create and schedule your posts on social media. These are its most popular tools and features, but Coschedule also has TikTok and Instagram caption generators.

Like most caption generators above, they're available online for free. They produce a caption according to your prompts. They also allow you to select the tone of the captions and the target audience for your posts.

coschedule free caption generator


Coschedule caption generators are free and easy to use.


To generate captions, you'll have to create an account. However, the generated captions are headlines. Those looking for more extended and engaging captions should consider other AI caption generators on this list.

#4 StoryLab

Another platform with a free AI caption generator is StoryLab. It can boost your social media engagement and help you effectively market your content or products. Its AI caption generator caters to users of various social media platforms, such as Image nameedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

StoryLab's Social Caption Generator lets you select a specific social media platform, type your post's details and specifics, and select one of the many writing styles available.

According to your chosen platform and writing style, StoryLab will generate a caption that will echo and improve your social media presence.

storylab auto caption generator


StoryLab generates fitting and engaging captions catering to specific social media platforms. It is free to use, user-friendly, and has many aesthetic templates.


The free version limits you to three AI queries a month. Users looking to caption their posts fairly regularly would have to buy one of the paid plans StoryLab offers. Another potential disadvantage is creating an account before captioning your media.

#5, also known as Jarvis, is a specialized tool to help marketing teams and influencers improve their performance and advance their social media presence. It offers many AI-powered tools and helps automate and simplify brand marketing.

One of these tools is the Instagram Caption Generator, aka Photo Post Captions.

The Photo Post Captions template allows you to describe the nature of your post and specify the tone of the generated text.

jasper ai caption generator for instagram

It is available for free on the official website. Like when using most AI caption generators, your captions are just a few clicks away.


Jasper's Photo Post Captions template is free and easy to use.


The generated captions vary in quality and won't always be relevant to your posts. The free version has limited customization options, leaving users wanting more. Furthermore, you must create an account to access Photo Post Captions.

#6 Captions AI

Captions AI is a modern-looking video editing tool that allows users to generate captions within minutes. Its captions are available in 28 languages, which you can customize by choosing the font.

The generator is free and available online, where you can upload your video, select the language, and click to begin transcribing it.

captions ai interface


Captions AI is straightforward, making it accessible to newer users and those starting with content creation.


Caption AI limits you to video captions (which may vary in accuracy) and has fewer customization options than other AI caption generators.

#7 Copy.AI is one of the most popular AI caption generators on the market. It offers many AI-powered writing tools to help content creators increase sales and engagement. With a thorough understanding of what appeals to specific audiences and multiple caption templates and tones to choose from, it's no wonder that enters the conversation more often than not when talking about AI caption generators.

It has two caption generators: the AI-Powered Image to Caption Tool and the AI Instagram Caption Generator. By adding the URL or uploading your desired images and providing additional details on the nature of your post, these generators will produce captions that embody and promote your brand's image. image caption tool

The Instagram Caption Generator also lets you select the point of view for creating captions. free instagram caption generator

Pros caption generators are free and easy to use and let you generate captions that resonate with your Instagram followers.


Although both generators are free, they have limitations since users can generate 2,000 words per month. To unlock more credits, users must opt for the paid plan.

Bonus: Best Tool for Auto-Generating Video Caption

Look no further if you are searching for a sophisticated auto-generating video caption tool with a modern and intuitive interface.

Wondershare DemoCreator is a downloadable software abundant in video recording and editing tools and features. It allows you to record or upload videos and customize them however you desire. It's perfect for content creators, businesses, and individuals looking to create engaging videos quickly.

That can do that using Wondershare DemoCreator's AI-powered features that automate and simplify editing. One of them is AI video caption generator.

Free Download
Free Download

Auto Captions generates accurate transcriptions for your video in only one click. It supports over 90 languages, transcribing and translating them automatically. Additionally, Auto Captions lets you choose how you want to style and customize your text to stay consistent with your brand's color scheme and fonts.

For those interested in trying out Wondershare DemoCreator Auto Captions, here are several straightforward steps to guide you on your video editing journey:

  1. Launch Wondershare DemoCreator on your computer and go to Video Editor.
    go to video editor
  2. Import your video and drag and drop it to the timeline.
    import videos to the caption generator
  3. Click the Captions > Auto-Caption > Start to Recognize.
    click auto-captions
  4. Select the language of the video and click OK.
    language selection
  5. The software will automatically generate subtitles on the timeline. You can edit and customize them as you like.
    generate subtitle on the timeline
Free Download
Free Download


It's no wonder that AI caption generators are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and content creators.

These caption generators provide engaging captions that find their target audience by analyzing data from various social media platforms and imitating realistic speech patterns.

Having automatic captions at your fingertips significantly lessens the time and effort necessary to post on social media.

All the automatic caption generators above are readily available and easy to use. They barely differ regarding customization options, as most allow you to type keywords and select the font, style, and tone for your captions.

Although some of these AI caption generators have limitations regarding how many words you can transcribe per month, they are surely worth trying. Besides, all the above caption makers operate through a browser. If you want to work on Android or iOS, search for the best automatic caption app.

For those looking to generate auto video captions, Wondershare DemoCreator and Caption AI are there to help you out.

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