Benefits of Screencasting in The Classroom

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Teacher Skills

Screencasting classroom is the kind of classroom where method of screencasting is utilized in teaching. Screencasting is a digital concept where everything that happens on a computer screen is accurately recorded. This means that everything from the cursor’s movements to the tabs open on a window, the audio narration as well as the video on the screen is recorded in its entirety. The video result at the end is more or less due to screencasting. In layman’s terms, screen casting is essentially just screen recordings. These recordings may go on to cover objects such as text, images, audios, music, sound effects, graphics or even the movements of the mouse. Screencasting in the classroom is usually in the form of instructional videos.

In this age of modern technology we can use screencasting to educate, learn, and also to bring innovations to ways of traditional learning. We can easily use screencasting to reinvent our old-school methods which will greatly help students in learning more effectively. There are numerous tools available that can be used to screencast. The best part? Most of them are so user friendly that you can use them without the need of any prior experience! Screencasting can be included in the curriculum and into many learning activities. Screencasting in the classroom is a really effective instructional format that can be used for tutorials, demonstrations, digital storytelling, and narrated PowerPoint presentations.

We can add video clips, audio, pictures and even our own narration. It can not only be used to present detailed lectures during school hours, it can also be saved for students to keep and review at a later time. These are among just a few benefits of screencasting in the classroom. And if you want to know how to use screencasting in the classroom, here below are some really good ideas for you.

Audio-Visual Learning Environment

A screencast can comprise of many multimedia elements such as music, sound effects, audio, and graphics, which can make any lesson appear more interesting. It may contain text which becomes more appealing to the students because of the use of audio-visual aids.

According to Mayer's theory of multimedia learning,  animated presentations that contain an audio component, moving pictures and sound effects, makes learning more effective and is a great alternative to traditional learning. Students can benefit by listening to the narration of the teacher and understand concepts more clearly. Many researches indicate that students’ retention is greatly increased through videos so screencast is a beneficial step towards effective learning.

Increase Student Engagement

Whether it’s a simple topic or a complex one, you can record your screen cast in a detailed manner. Good engagement of students in the class is considered the hallmark of a good teacher. Student engagement is the key ingredient for successful learning. This is where screencast comes into play.

It well-engages the students throughout the class. You can ask questions, inquire about their experiences, and even show them stories through screencast. Screencasting can be used to engage students in activities on the screen. It acts much like a whiteboard, but better! With screencasting, you can not only use text to engage your students, but pictures and videos and audio too!

Student Access Digital Content

With the world becoming a global village traditional methods of learning are becoming more and more obsolete. There is a severe need for digitization. Students in today’s day and age want to have access to digital content.

They want technology in their hands so they can learn at any time in any place. With screencasting, your students can do exactly that! With the help of screencasting we can instil in them the love of knowledge and learning.  Your student can play, pause, rewind and forward the screencast recording from anywhere and any device. Screencasting is the next step forward when it comes globalization and possibly the future of education.

Involvement of Parents

As a teacher it is the prime responsibility of any teacher to coordinate with the parents of the students. In this modern era parents love to engage in students’ studies and learning, they like to be involved. Screencasting is the best way to ensure that. You can involve parents and communicate with them through screencast.

You can make videos of students, how they are performing in the class, what progress they have made and then share it with the parents. In this way they will know about their child progress and will engage in the classroom more often and eventually they will get to know what kind of support is required from them to help their child for any improvement. Screencasting is a great way to keep the parents informed as well as involved in the child’s education.

Sense of Relief for Absentees

Absent students find it difficult sometimes to make up for missed classes and lectures. However, since screencasting is an easy way to ensure that the lessons are saved for later use as well, it is a big relief for absentees.

You can simply upload the screencasting on the online portal and students can learn what they have missed due to absence from class. Screencasting can also allow students to learn at their own pace. They can understand it more clearly, comprehend, absorb, learn it step by step and achieve great success.     

Oral Language Fluency

Fluency in reading is a main part of education. It is an important indicator of quality education not only in early years and but also important in advance years of education. Especially if they are trying to learn a whole new language. Students can practise their fluency with the help of screencasting.

The teacher can help them with tools like Loom and Screencastify to screencast their videos. They can learn about expressions and emotions during reading. Pitch, volume and speed by watching their own videos again and again. It becomes an interesting thing for the students to watch themselves grow and improve in reading. In this way they can practise fluency in reading.

Screencast by Students

Another way to use screencast in classroom is to ask the students to use it. Students these days are more technology literate so why not ask them to create their own?  Ask your students to search about the topic, record themselves, comprehend and summarize the topic.

In this way they will not only learn the course topic but will also other valuable skills. Students can learn about public speaking, how to edit videos, presentation skills. If they make a mistake they can go back and re-record their videos. Videos like this help them digest the topic better.

Coming up with Interactive Feedback to Students

Let’s talk about another technique of using screencast in the classroom. Why not giving feedback to your students through screencasts? Guess what, this a fun and interactive way to give feedback and this is most loved by students.

If you are sitting at home take out essay paper of a particular student from the pile and read it thoroughly. You can make a screencast, with your background voice. Tell your student which areas of the essay needs improvement, and appreciate the best parts of essay. In this way students will be more interacting with the feedback.  

Teacher Friendly

Let’s not deny that screencasting is a very user-friendly tool for you. The teacher can prepare the lecture at home and screencast it with their topic related images and videos. Chances of error during a lecture are reduced to a minimum when the lecture is pre-recorded.  

You can give the screencast to your students beforehand so they can learn about topic in advance. It may also benefit the teacher in such a way that if a teacher is taking leave then giving the screencast of the lecture will help the student. So in this way screencasting is a teacher friendly tool.

Share Screencast with Fellow Teachers

Another great way of using screencast is to share it with your fellow teachers. They can share their methods of teaching, tools, presentation with one another. Teachers can help each other improve, do constructive criticism and progress in their field. It would be convenient to save all the screencasting at one place just like GOOGLE DRIVE to create an amazing digital library that can be used by anyone whenever required.


In view of above we can conclude that screencasting classroom is a great innovation in teaching methodology. It is evident that the audio-video learning tutorials/courses are readily available to kids of the current generations and they find it more effective, interesting and engaging as compared to old ways of learning in classrooms through books and white/black boards which correctly seems as boring to them. Therefore, it would the best way to cope with the requirements of kids of new generation to take benefits of screencasting in the classroom and the schools should take steps to ensure the implementation of screencasting classroom in the schools for the benefits of the kids. Furthermore, it is beyond any doubt that this innovative approach of screencasting classroom is way more effective and interactive then the traditional ones.

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