Developed by Mojang Studios in 2011, Minecraft is a survival sandbox game that quickly became immensely popular among gamers of all ages. Today, it’s one of the best-selling games ever, reaching over 300 million sales.

In this 3D block game, players spawn in a world with randomly generated terrain filled with resources, villages, monsters, dungeons, and quests, with each player’s starting point differing vastly from the rest.

However, you can change these elements with great Minecraft seeds, significantly influencing your starting terrain and creating breathtaking landscapes. Today, we’ll delve into the best ones, exploring the twenty most amazing seeds in Minecraft.

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    1. Best Building Seeds
    2. Top Speedrun Seeds
    3. Best Minecraft Seeds for Survival
    4. Cool Minecraft Seeds
    1. Sakura Season
    2. Trial Chamber
    3. Pink and White
    4. Survival Island Villages
    5. Archipelago
    6. Snowy Taiga Village
    7. Frozen Edge of the World
    8. Incredible Hollow Mountain
    9. Underwater Temple
    10. Eight Ancient Cities
    11. Hollow Mountain
    12. Diamond Caves
    13. Bamboo and Lava
    14. Cherry Grove
    15. Easy Diamonds
    16. Submerged Obsidian Farm
    17. Endless Beach
    18. Desert Village
    19. Orange Savanna Village
    20. Fortnite
    1. Minecraft Bedrock Edition
    2. Minecraft Java Edition

What Is a Minecraft Seed?

A Minecraft seed is a code that influences the game’s world-creating engine, creating the same starting terrain each time it’s used. These codes affect the game’s randomness, allowing them to recreate a world they find beautiful or fun somewhere else.

Cool Minecraft seeds can also give players endless exploration, building, and adventure opportunities in unique landscapes, providing hours of fun and creating a breathtaking map ready to be explored by the bravest adventurers.

Best Minecraft Seeds by Type

With over 300 million downloads and countless players, Minecraft provides something for everyone. That’s why we’ve also divided Minecraft map seeds into categories so you can find what you’re looking for regarding landscapes and game modes. Let’s dig right into these.

Best Building Seeds

best minecraft seeds for building

Those who love creating survival bases and building strongholds can have hours of fun in the game’s best Minecraft seed for building (-3899835130120818196). It provides an excellent spawn point, a nearby village, and countless plateaus for setting up your kingdom.

Notable mentions also include:

  • Mountain range and tiny ocean seed (434533485056755);
  • Cherry blossom biome with a frozen peak, steep cliffsides, and waterfalls (903158928917910);
  • Peaceful crater map with peaks, snowy slopes, and mountain ranges (-6935862806631457235).
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Top Speedrun Seeds

cool minecraft seeds for speedrunners

With Minecraft speedrun records changing every other month, finding something for that part of the gaming community was vital. If you’re one of those players or someone in search of a map where you can set a new world record, the best Minecraft seed for speed runs is undoubtedly this map with a mansion, portal, and village near the spawn point (37021689).

Other worthy maps include:

  • Nether spawn map (1922293527921436389);
  • Three villages and a stronghold seed (7674399779279905778);
  • Survival island speedrun map (-2927611868038818840).

Best Minecraft Seeds for Survival

best minecraft seeds for survival

As Survival is one of Minecraft’s primary game modes, most players will be interested in this map type. Here, the best Minecraft seed for survival title has to go to the Island of Endless Possibility seed (-1565193745474179639). It has all biome types, resources, and endless adventure and discovery possibilities.

Other survival seeds include:

  • Temples of warmth map (-1565193744182814265);
  • River crossing seed (7180606916564781642);
  • Shipwreck islands (65106354201206042).

Cool Minecraft Seeds

cool minecraft seeds for exploration

Sometimes, it’s not about survivability, speed runs, and building elaborate bases. Sometimes, it’s about spawning in a cool-looking world with breathtaking landscapes and exploring the beauty of Minecraft’s blocks and the intricate maps they can create. The Mooshroom Island map (7749012223532925400) is one of those cool Minecraft seeds.

Notable mentions include:

  • Old growth pine taiga (-5543523367840054503);
  • Giant cavern spawn seed (7445395903252703439);
  • The badlands mountain map (-932245979383499761).

Best Minecraft Seeds Overall

If game modes are irrelevant to you and you’re just looking for amazing seeds in Minecraft, below is a list of the top 20 best Minecraft seeds of all time.

Sakura Season

sakura season minecraft map seed

Despite being a simple game of placing and destroying blocks, Minecraft can sometimes be quite beautiful. The Sakura Season seed in Minecraft 1.20 is a testament to that beauty, as the game’s latest environmental addition creates genuinely stunning maps. You’re bound to feel like you’re in Japan, so why not build a Japanese-style base in this gorgeous seed?

Seed: 5584399987456711267

Version: 1.20

Trial Chamber

trial chamber minecraft map seed

One of the best Minecraft seeds for early looting is only available with Minecraft’s 1.21 snapshot and experimental features enabled in settings. It includes an easily accessible underground chamber for looting countless materials for your base. However, you shouldn’t forget a pickaxe and some weapons. After all, this chamber is in a cave.

Seed: 393235010621814182

Version: 1.21

Pink and White

pink and white minecraft map

As another great Minecraft seed with a Cherry Grove biome, the Pink and White seed merges Japanese trees with snowy peaks to create a stunning combination of colors. It’s a fantastic seed for survivalists and adventurers, as plenty of resources are at your spawn point. There’s also a nearby village to help you start trading early on.

Seed: 5063885805507972583

Version: 1.20

Survival Island Villages

survival island villages minecraft map seed

Geared toward Minecraft enthusiasts and veteran players, the Survival Island Villages map represents one of the best Minecraft seeds for survival. The map we’ve particularly enjoyed includes three villages with scarce resources but plenty of trading opportunities. However, you can also create a map without these villages using the -3318953131599230111 seed.

Seed: -4060839488929676108

Version: 1.16


beginner-friendly archipelago minecraft map seed

Block game beginners will particularly enjoy this great Minecraft seed. The Archipelago seed is characterized by a cluster of islands with everything you need to get started. It’s a fantastic map for learning the basics, so it’ll be perfect if you’re looking for one of the least challenging maps.

Seed: 124014738

Version: 1.17

Snowy Taiga Village

snowy taiga village seed

This great Minecraft seed will spawn you exactly where you imagine – near a snow-covered village in a taiga biome. You’ll have quick access to three nearby blacksmiths, providing a great starting point for resource collection, base building, and trading.

Seed: 1370416074

Version: 1.16

Frozen Edge of the World

cool minecraft seed for explorers

Spawning players on a frozen ocean surrounded by frosty structures of interesting geometrical shapes, the Frozen Edge of the World is a pretty cool Minecraft seed. Sure, it lacks survivability, resources, and animals nearby, but it’s a perfect map for those brave explorers, and it’ll make you feel like you’re in an incredible adventure novel.

Seed: -1754216045272489466

Version: 1.20

Incredible Hollow Mountain

an incredible hollow mountain seed

Cave explorers will enjoy this beautiful map, characterized by an enormous hollow mountain near your spawn point. The caves inside the mountain are filled with abandoned mineshafts and tons of resources, providing beauty and value to any Minecraft enthusiast who dares explore it.

Seed: 8486672581758651406

Version: 1.20

Underwater Temple

ocean-based underwater temple seed

This cool Minecraft seed provides what its name suggests: a stunningly beautiful underwater temple begging to be explored. While its exploration can be challenging due to nearby enemies, it’s a relief from the regular old land-locked biomes.

Seed: -1013382714437321718

Version: 1.19

Eight Ancient Cities

eight ancient cities minecraft map seed

While exploring ancient cities can be pretty challenging due to their guardians, the wardens, those looking for such a map will love this one. With eight adjacent ancient cities, all within a thousand-block square from each other, you can easily explore the massive constructions. Good luck with the wardens.

Seed: -3227758055243832981

Version: 1.19

Hollow Mountain

another hollow mountain minecraft map seed

Marked by a massive lush cave inside an even more giant hollow mountain, this great Minecraft seed is among explorers’ favorites. The entrance to this wonderland is right near the spawn point, and the cave is so massive that even underground survival base builders will love it.

Seed: 1727502807

Version: 1.19

Diamond Caves

excavation-friendly diamond cave seed

Diamonds are one of the most valuable materials in the game. Fortunately, the Diamond Caves map is perfect for those seeking easy access to these rare items. It spawns players in a massive birch forest with a nearby hole and a waterfall. Heading down will lead you deep into the diamond-filled caves, allowing for easy excavation.

Seed: -198600772450851689

Version: 1.19

Bamboo and Lava

beautiful bamboo and lava map

Characterized by a unique landscape that combines a massive bamboo forest with a nearby lava pit, the Bamboo and Lava map is one of the most amazing seeds in Minecraft 1.20. It’s a perfect landscape for quickly obtaining some precious obsidian.

Seed: 835314931

Version: 1.20

Cherry Grove

cherry grove with pink trees map

Updated seeds in Minecraft 1.20 brought many cherry trees, which can make stunningly beautiful maps. The Cherry Grove map is one of these, involving a massive pink forest that stretches for hundreds of blocks. To see its true beauty, you’ll have to climb up.

Seed: 3368699220760197849

Version: 1.20

Easy Diamonds

easy diamonds minecraft map seed

With a spawn point between a savanna biome and a massive meadow, the Easy Diamonds map is known for its countless holes that lead deep underground. Its name stems from the many easily accessible caverns filled with resources like copper, dripstone, and, most importantly, diamonds.

Seed: -4361528937055201680

Version: 1.18

Submerged Obsidian Farm

easy obsidian farming map

The value of obsidian in Minecraft can’t be overstated. Even beginners know its importance, making the Obsidian Farm map incredibly vital. Here, players spawn near a village with a nearby submerged lava pool, making obsidian farming a breeze.

Seed: -8880302588844065321

Version: 1.19

Endless Beach

endless beach minecraft map seed

Although it’s available only for the Java edition of Minecraft, this beach biome seed is perfect for those who want to focus on the ocean instead of the land. It features a few nearby dungeons with treasure chests and is one of the game’s most giant beach biome seeds.

Seed: 300032

Version: 1.12

Desert Village

desert village minecraft seed

With a spawn point between a savanna biome and a desert decorated by a pyramid and a village, this great Minecraft seed is perfect for building a stronghold. Characterized by forests, mountains, and other majestic biomes, it’s a seed many Minecraft enthusiasts love.

Seed: -184311627141651860

Version: 1.20

Orange Savanna Village

orange savanna village map

Players whose favorite Minecraft biome is savanna should look no further than the Orange Savanna Village seed. With this map, you spawn near a peaceful village where you start trading early. The spawn point is also at the intersection of other nearby biomes, creating a visually stunning location.

Seed: -2429048941048277130

Version: 1.20


fortnite map with a minecraft seed

Named after its terrain resemblance to Fortnite’s map, the Fortnite Minecraft seed is among the most remarkable maps you can find in the game. However, it’s not particularly great for beginners, as you get spawned far on the west coast, with nothing but the ocean behind you.

Seed: 50774022433

Version: 1.19

How to Use a Minecraft Seed

Now that we know more about these great Minecraft seeds, let’s explore how to use them on your device. Here is a quick guide on generating beautiful game maps you’ll enjoy exploring.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

First, we’ll cover the Bedrock edition of the game. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Step 1: Launch the game and head to the main menu.

Step 2: Go to Play - Create New - Create New World.

Step 3: Scroll until you find the Seed box on the right.

add a seed in bedrock minecraft

Step 4: Add your seed number, adjust your settings, and tap Create on the left.

Don’t forget to adjust your game mode and difficulty!

Minecraft Java Edition

In the original Java edition of the Minecraft game, the steps look something like this:

Step 1: Open the Java edition of the game and tap the Singleplayer button.

Step 2: Click More World Options.

Step 3: Add a cool Minecraft seed and tap Done.

add a seed in java minecraft

Step 4: Name the world, adjust your settings, and hit Create New World.

That’s all there is to it. So, go ahead and explore your new world!


With over 300 million units sold, Minecraft is a block-based survival sandbox game where players can create random and unique worlds filled with monsters, resources, and beautiful landscapes.

However, Minecraft also has a trick up its sleeve. Its players can turn off the game’s randomness by sharing world seeds. That allows them to recreate a replica of a Minecraft world they’ve found worthy of exploring or enjoyable.

There are countless great Minecraft seeds, and we categorized them into different groups, creating a list of the best Minecraft seeds for survival, building, speed runs, etc. Moreover, we’ve also provided a detailed list of the 20 best Minecraft seeds of all time. Give them a whirl and see which one you like most.

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