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How to Annotate Screen While Recording

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:43:14 • Filed to: Annotation

Screen recording is an essentiality in this rapidly changing and enhancing era of technology. Adding more to it, annotating a recording while recording a tutorial series or giving a presentation live in front of the audience has great significance. It doesn't matter if you're a teacher or a student who seeks knowledge by online means. Screen recording with annotations is a must-do task for you to perform as with this influence, you can save the energy for future purposes and in some cases, for a better learning approach. Hence, in short, you just need a screen recorder that can perform the screen drawing tasks as well.

So, if you're the one with the training video set user and want to know the best toolkit out there to perform your screen recording with annotations then you're at the right place as here in this article we're going to perform the live and step-by-step action of screen capture with the drawing mechanism so you can have a better understanding with the techniques to draw while you record screen. You can also find out more with the powerful yet intuitive Wondershare DemoCreator software as this software has the easiest tricks and methods for beginners as well as experts in this regard. Let's dive into the live-action with the top-notch software in upcoming sections:

Method 1: DemoCreator Screen Drawing Tool

Meanwhile, assisting you with the best screen recorder and drawing toolkit, Wondershare DemoCreator has the top-notch priority as this software has all the features embedded with the natural touch and clean and easy interface, a software could ever develop. Although screen drawing was never easy before, with the launch of this software, it's now handy as well. To perform this powerful feature with this software, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and Install Wondershare DemoCreator

The foremost step while embarking on your first screen drawing project with DemoCreator is downloading and installing this offline software, which has all the solutions for your screen recording and editing requirements. To ease your research, we've provided you with the link to the updated version of this software.

After the download has been completed, now install by default installation of the downloaded file of this software which doesn't take long to get into your PC.

Step 2: Launch Screen Recorder

After the installation has finished, now is the time to launch this powerful software from your Desktop and you shall be left with the starting window of this software with the two main options to opt for.

Hit the New Recordings button which eventually takes you towards the recording interface of this software.

Step 3: Initiate Screen Drawing Tool

The best part with DemoCreator software is that it also allows you to draw on your screen while recording as well. To launch the screen drawing editor, simply enable the Screen Drawing Tool slider from the recording window.

Step 4: Customize the Screen Drawing

Now within the screen drawing toolkit, you can perform various functions to your screen recording in parallel. In the first group from the left, you can perform Cursor and Spotlight features to your screen recordings from the menu bar.

In the next group within the menu bar, you can perform many drawing actions with the simplified buttons mentioned as Pen, Highlights, Circle, Rectangle, Arrows, and Lines.

Proceeding towards the next group within the menu bar of the screen drawing tool, you can handily Undo, Redo and Clear your current drawing work with the straight-forward buttons available to you.

You can also opt for Pause, Start and Restart your screen recording with the handy buttons available to you in the menu bar of this screen drawing toolkit.

Step 5: Edit the Screen Recordings

As soon as you're done with the screen recording functionality with the Screen Drawing tool in Wondershare DemoCreator you can also edit it with the best video editing features DemoCreator offers you so you can polish your screen recordings well. To proceed with the recording, add your screen recording to the timeline.

Note: You can also add pre-recorded screen recordings and perform screen drawing to your videos with DemoCreator by its Annotations menu bar at the left sidebar of the software main interface as follows:

Step 6: Export your Recording

At last, when you're finally done with the recording and editing, now is the time to export your masterpiece to your desired location within your PC just by hitting the Export button as follows;

Now in the export window, you can customize and select the desired location within your PC and hit the Export button, eventually exporting your masterpiece with a fast turnaround time.

You can also go for the fast turnaround time option with the button FastExport:

You can also go for the YouTube direct sharing of your masterpiece just by hitting the YouTube menu within the Export.

Method 2: Camtasia Screen Drawing Tool

Camtasia is also a software with second to none specs and in terms of screen recording specifications, this software has also some satisfying results impressive enough for beginners. Here we'll put a light on Adding Annotations and Recording Narration at the Same Time with Camtasia software, so follow the steps below to do that:

Step 1: Install Camtasia

In the first step while doing so, install this software into your Desktop PC and you can do that easily by following the link we've provided you to download and install this software:

Download and Install Camtasia

Step 2: Launch Screen Recorder

After the installation, now is the time to launch the Screen Recorder feature of Camtasia to handily draw on your screen with this software. To do so, go to

Select tools > Recording Toolbar > Effects Toolbar > Record

This will lead you towards the screen recorder of Camtasia.

Step 3: Launch ScreenDraw Tool

From the screen recording window, you can easily direct towards the ScreenDraw button and after hitting that button, you shall be left with the screen drawing toolkit where you can customize your screen drawing options:

Step 4: Edit your Screen Recordings

With Camtasia, you can also perform the altering to your screen recordings, and to do so, simply add your videos to the software interface and perform the Annotations menu bar various editing to your pre-recorded videos with this software.

Step 5: Save the Masterpiece

After you're done with both live and pre-recorded screen drawing features with Camtasia, you can now save your videos to your desired location within your Desktop.


From the above step-by-step guide of how to draw on your screen with the top-notch software available in the market. It is made clear now that the easiest way to do this special task is possible only with Wondershare DemoCreator as with a lot of options and simple and straight-forward buttons, you can polish your pre-recorded videos with the best tools for screen recording with annotations and in addition to that, you can also perform the live screen drawings to your computer screen handily and effectively. Download this software for both OS from these links below:

Meanwhile, Camtasia has also provided you with a way to deal with this task, you can also opt for the easier method with a lot more features than software can offer. Hence, we can say that opting for Wondershare DemoCreator is the wise choice as it has pre-installed templates and directions with the screen drawing and annotations toolkit so you can have a better and easier understanding even with being new to this video editing and recording industry. This means it doesn't matter if you're a pro-level or rookie in this niche. Wondershare DemoCreator is here to assist you in all manner.