How to Capture Gameplay from Xbox 360

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:44:01 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Want to share your best gaming videos with your friends? With the use of your consoles or a capture card, you can record your favorite games with high definition. Here are the ways on how to record gameplay from Xbox 360.

This is a tutorial on how to record your Xbox 360 games. If you want to record high paced online gameplays, consider Wondershare DemoCreator which is a powerful but easy-to-use screen recorder & video editor. Some of its main features include recording high paced games at up to 120 fps, recording screen and webcam simultaneously. Apart from that, it's also a handy video editor tool, with which you will be able to do basic editing, add annotations/text/callouts, and more. Download the free trial version below.

Record Xbox 360 Gameplay Without Capture Card

In order to have the capabilities to stream or record using your Xbox consoles, you will need to gather the following supplies.

Record Xbox 360 Gameplay using a Capture Card

If you want to capture HD gameplay from Xbox 360, you will need need to get a capture card at all due to the fact that it already has recording and streaming capacities.

You will need :

  • The Elgato Game Capture Card HD device
  • USB cable
  • Two HDMI cables

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How to record

With the use of the Elgato Game Capture Card HD, follow these steps to complete the connections from the Xbox console to the capturing computer.

Step 1.Get your USB cable, locate the mini USB end, insert it into the mini USB output port on the Elgato.

Step 2.Grab one of the HDMI cables and plug one end into the output port on the Elgato, located next to the mini USB port.

Step 3.Get the second HDMI cable and plug it into the input port on the Elgato located next to the AV input.

Step 4.Finally take the other end of that HDMI cable and plug into the back of the Xbox console the HDMI port.

Step 5.Locate the other end of the USB cable and plug it into the computer of choice.

Step 6. Go on the computer and make sure the Elgato Game Capture HD software is downloaded. This is where we begin setup for capture gameplay from the Xbox console.

At this point, it is suggested to do a test preview. You can do this by clicking on the record button and you should see live streaming of your console.