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Being the need of great importance, the pandemic has shown how distant functioning can, in any case, be overseen effectively utilizing video conferencing and other far-off working instruments. These renowned applications permit you to keep working with our partners up close and personal. In any case. The Google Meet and Zoom for teaching applications has grown to such an extent that it makes you keep thinking about whether you'll at any point need to go to the workplace once more. In this pool of applications, Google Meet and Zoom are probably the most well-known and generally utilized instruments. In this way, it's simply normal to get befuddled in choosing Google Meet vs Zoom for your association. Here you'll find a detailed analysis of Google Meet or Zoom which is better.

google meet vs zoom

Google Meet and Zoom are immediate contenders and two of the most well-known platforms for virtual conferencing on the lookout. Furthermore, even though they are the same as one another in numerous viewpoints, they additionally have some key contrasts that can tremendously affect your choice for a video conferencing apparatus. Both Google Meet and Zoom permit you to settle for huge scope video decisions with up to 100 members free of charge. Keep reading to find out more features of these two applications.

Google Meet

Google Meet is the recently rebranded video conferencing application of Google Workspace which is some time ago known as G Suite. You actually may hear individuals discussing its past names: Google Hangouts Meet or Hangouts Meet. Google Meet is reasonable for organizations and people in any industry who routinely have video gatherings, distantly oversee groups, or consistently telecommute.

Even though it is essential for Google's business stage, it's feasible to buy this apparatus independently. It's an extraordinary answer for associations searching for a reasonable video conferencing arrangement and is a sound choice for existing G Suite clients who need a dependable and secure video meeting device without the laces. Those searching for an undertaking-level video conferencing device should look somewhere else, as Google Meet's venture level maximizes at 250 gathering members.


The first one is Free and includes calls up to one hour and a maximum of 100 participants. The paid one is $8 per active user per month and enables you to include 150 participants during your calls that could last up to 24 hours.

Multiple Screen Layouts

Google Meet offers a couple of various video designs to browse: sidebar, spotlight, and tiled. With an end goal to stay serious, Google Meet has likewise as of late increased the number of members you can see through a tiled design from four to 16. Having the option to see more individuals simultaneously can help encourage support during distant work and task arranging, particularly during bigger gatherings and telephone calls. This component can help you track numerous speakers, and support more coordinated effort between meeting members.

Screen Sharing

Clients can undoubtedly share their screen during a gathering and pick precisely what to impart to different members. If you would prefer not to share your entire screen, Google Meet gives you the alternative of sharing a particular program window, application, or archive.

Real-time Captions

Google being Google, the arrangement offers continuous subtitling during video meetings. With simply a tick of the "Turn on subtitles" button, any member can turn on live inscriptions. As far as availability, this is an extraordinary component, and it additionally fits meeting accounts, with the goal that those survey the video recording later can track with all the more without any problem.

Noise Cancelation

As of late, Google declared that Google Meet Enterprise and G Suite for Education clients will approach another commotion-dropping element, which assists channel with trip foundation clamors in members' recordings.

Zoom Application

Zoom, for one, has caught the consideration of the world since the beginning of the pandemic for its staggeringly natural plan, improved safety efforts, and fun highlights like virtual foundations. Zoom has more to individual use than business tasks, however, it offers some expert-level plans that can take care of business if convenience is your need. Alongside its work area and versatile applications, Zoom offers answers for big business gathering rooms, program expansions, online classes, and a web customer that permits meeting members to go to gatherings without introducing the Zoom application.

Zoom has drawn in numerous clients by having a hearty complimentary plan, which permits gatherings of up to 100 individuals without confining any application highlights, rather than restricting gatherings with the expectation of complimentary records to 40 minutes. A fascinating element with regards to Google Meet is the immediate record choice which can be utilized once the speaker begins talking. In any case, the component is as yet being developed, so it's not going great, as such.


Zoom offers a variety of plans, starting with the Basic one which is free and gives you a chance to host meetings with up to 100 participants for 40 minutes. The Pro plan is $149.90 per year and it's suitable for small teams. It has the same features as the Basic plan, but instead of 40 minutes per meeting, it offers 30 hours, social streaming, and 1GB of cloud recording.

Gallery View

Zoom has a component called "Exhibition View" that will show up to 49 members all at once, so you can see everybody simultaneously during a gathering.

Screen Sharing

Sharing your screen is valuable whether you're having a critical work meeting or watching films with your companions.

Sharing your screen permits those in a gathering with you to perceive what's on your screen, and because Zoom realizes that we at times have tabs open in Google Chrome with sketchy sites, we will pick each window in turn to share.

Change Your Background

One of Zoom's coolest features is that you can change your background without any green screen.

Record Zoom Meetings

In case you're holding a Zoom meeting that includes different cross-useful colleagues, or in case you're starting a drawn-out project, or regardless of whether a couple of colleagues out of the workplace, it's a decent practice to record those gatherings for future reference. You can record gatherings to your gadget or the Zoom cloud for later looking into to ensure everybody is in the same meeting.

Create Recurring Meetings

Zoom allows you to make a common gathering so the entirety of your settings will be saved and gatherings will consequently be booked simultaneously consistently week, or month.

Customize your Preferences

In your Zoom app, you can set the preferences that will apply to every Zoom Meeting you attend.

Mute Yourself

This is an essential guideline of video conferencing decorum; however, it bears rehashing, regardless of which programming you use. Quiet yourself when you're not conversing with eliminated diverting foundation clamor. In your inclinations, you can set yourself to be naturally quieted when you join a gathering.

Fully Comparison of the Google Meet vs Zoom Software

When it comes to general features, both platforms offer similar basic features, such as presentation modes for screen sharing, support for up to 720p HD video, and call encryption. Google Meet has done some major improvements in the last few months and included some features that were previously reserved for Zoom. It finally has breakout rooms, polls, background filters, a tiled gallery layout for larger calls, and whiteboards.

When it comes to general features, Meet and Zoom both offer many of the same basic functions, like call encryption, support for up to 720p HD video, and presentation modes that allow for screen-sharing to other participants. Zoom enables you to view diagnostic information while in a meeting, to determine if the issues you are facing are caused by audio, video, or network. This can help you solve any issues you may have, instead of running to the IT administrators for help. The only thing you need to do if you want to use this function is to have a Zoom Desktop client which is a downloadable application used to participate in Zoom calls.


Google Meet



Windows and Mac

Windows and Mac

Participants Limit

100 for Basic and 250 Participants for Enterprise

100 for Basic and 500 Participants for Enterprise

Time Limit

60 Minutes

40 Minutes

Screen Recording



Screen Sharing



File Sharing




Only with Google officials

Supports integrations with 888 Tools


Fully Secured, Google Drive storage, Advanced Protection Program Enrollment, and 2FA

Have Security Concerns Sometimes as it includes AES 256-bit GCM Encryption

The All-in-One Meeting Recorder & Video Editor

Record desktop screen and webcam simultaneously
Edit recorded clips quickly with a wide range of professional tools
Built-in plentiful templates and effects
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At the point when it comes absolutely to video conferencing highlights, Zoom has a slight edge over Google Meet in Google Meet vs Zoom analysis, offering an exhaustive variety of alternatives at different value focuses. Zoom's most costly arrangement offers help for the biggest number of members. in case you're searching for a greater assortment of uses to use pair with your video conferencing administration, then, at that point Google Meet may be a superior fit. Perhaps the most mainstream part of Zoom is that it can show up to 49 members on one screen. While Google Meet permits up to 16 members to appear on the screen at the same time on its tiled format.