How to Use the Secret Screen Recorder in Windows/Mac PC or Android?

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2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

As we dive into 2023, how to use a hidden screen recorder in Windows 10 would now be not a big deal. As we know that, there are numerous specific purposes to record a screen on a PC or cell phone, similar to making a video instructional exercise for an online course; recording interactivity for sharing on Twitch; recording streaming films for disconnected playback, and so forth on YouTube even. You don't have to focus to locate the best screen recorder, and there are concealed screen recorders on your PC and cell phone. Yet you need the one best-hidden screen recorder Windows 10 which can fulfill all the necessities associated with this concern. Here we'll enlighten this best toolkit among the available ones.

Regardless of why you need to record screen exercises, you will be required to record screen Windows 10 with audio. On the other side, a wide range of android recorder applications have been begun concerning this case to record screens in gadgets highlighting software like Android, iOS, and windows. Notwithstanding, not all the valuable things which should have been recorded are accessible on cell phones highlighting android and iOS working frameworks. Yet, here we'll be discussing the hidden screen recorder Android version as well. Although, commonly it's the workstations or PCs the screens of which should be recorded to accomplish a specific reason.

How to Use the Secret Screen Recorder in Windows/Mac OS? - More Advanced

In your desktop systems, you need a handy toolkit that can perform the secret screen recording operation with the sole purpose of recording and editing. In this regard, we recommend Wondershare DemoCreator which is the best-hidden screen recorder for Windows 10 and also works smoothly on Mac OS. This software has special features of editing even while recording screen and just as you finish the recordings, you can have an editor opened for editing/exporting purposes.

To understand and learn how to use DemoCreator hidden screen recorder Windows 10, here we've enlisted the filtered steps for you to follow.

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Step 1: Open DemoCreator Screen Recorder

To start with this hidden screen recorder windows 10, you need to download and install it from the below button:

Just after you've finished installing this software to your PC, open the software from the desktop and go to the Start New Recording button from the screen.

Step 2: Customize Hidden Screen Recording

Now within the screen recorder interface of DemoCreator, you have got a variety of customization to go for. All you need to do is select the size of the screen where you want to secretly record it for later purposes from the customized screen recording size. You can also enable the screen drawing tool, webcam recording, Microphone recording, and System sound recording within the recording window from the direct button available.

Step 3: Hit Start Recording Button

In the next step, after you've customized your screen recording interface and settings, now is the time to start the recording for that purpose, hit it the red-circled recording button as follows which will start recording after giving it a 3-second delay.

Step 4: Ensure the Secret Recording is on the Desktop

With DemoCreator, you can easily record the screen-specific area or the window-specific area for your screen which enables secret recording without any hassle. This means you can secretly select the specific window of your computer screen with the default screen selection area inside the recorder as shown below:

Step 5: Edit the Recording

The best part with the DemoCreator is that you can finally edit your recordings so you can bring effects and titles to your recordings. To edit the recordings, go to the video editor section just after the recording has been done by the screen reorder of DemoCreator.

Step 6: Export the file

Right after the recording and editing, export your file to your desired location in the desired format. So to proceed with that, hit the Export button situated at the top right corner of the screen of the software interface.

You can also do the export without editing it, so to do that hit the Fast Export button from the media files where your recordings are held. Also directly post it to your YouTube channel as well within the Export window, just by going into the YouTube menu bar and signing in to your YouTube channel within the Wondershare DemoCreator.

How to use hidden screen recording in Android?

The way toward recording your Android screen is simpler than you may anticipate. There are a considerable number of applications on the Play Store or App store you can use to record your cell phone screen. In any case, leaving your data and screen action open to an outsider application may not be the most soothing thing. It builds your security hazards. Fortunately for Android 10 clients, there's an implicit screen record highlight that you can depend on all things considered.

Meanwhile, being an android user, if you're looking for the one that can work as a hidden screen recorder for Android, here in this section, we've described the steps necessary to do screen recording secretly and without letting anyone know. Just follow them hassle-free.

Step 1: Download Hidden Screen Recorder for Android

Once and for all, there are no limitations on the Google Play store which stops you from choosing your best app for this purpose. The fascinating part about the apps on the store is their affordability and flexibility. So, that's for sure, all you need to do is opt for the best Screen recorder among the available ones and download it so it can install eventually on your Android device.

Step 2: Give all permissions to the screen recording app

In the next step, as soon as you're done with the downloading of the app, you have to give all the permissions to the required app so it can perform the secret recordings for you without letting the subject know that it's being recorded. This step requires authentication so it can ensure the safe usage of the application hence you can do it by simply tapping the agree on permissions pop up.

Step 3: Go to notifications and click no notification for this app

In the final step for being recorded, you need to disable the notification panel for your specific app so I won't include the notifications from the other apps to disturb the recording phenomena. To perform this step, follow the practical guideline below:

  • On your Android device, go to the settings from the Home Page of your device.
  • Within the settings, go to Notifications or App Notifications.
  • From there, select the Screen Recorder app which you've downloaded and then turn off the notification slider which affirms the notification to not show up.

Note: As following the steps above, after you are done with the hidden screen recorder app on your Android device. Remember that the hidden screen recorder app should be used for legal purposes only. Hidden screen recording can be used for spying on your phone hence you need to understand it as well.


Screen Recorders are not the inherent screen recorder on Windows or Mac PC, yet it is the genuine shrouded screen recorder on a PC. It can shroud the entire chronicle measure in the toolbars without checking. Additionally, its clock recording highlight can begin a screen recording task consequently regardless of whether you are not sitting before the PC. This screen recorder Windows 10 free has special specifications including recordings for editing purposes, hence you can have it all within one toolkit for your all-secret recordings and editing. You can download it from these links:

You can similarly record sound from the mic and it is normally mixed in with recorded accounts. That makes it invaluable to help you with making instructional activities, uncommon accounts, recording your intelligence, or recording video talk. Wondershare DemoCreator hidden screen recorder windows 10 has made it possible with its customized recording window inside which you can have all available to you with a single click. So, what are you waiting for? Download now and install it on your Desktop PC as it has both Windows as well as the secret screen recorder in Mac specifications.