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Lightstream Studio Review

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:36:30 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

Lightstream gives live streaming creative instruments and development for content producers on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook Live, and other huge social streaming stages. Lightstream simplifies it to design a transmission, get various sources and cameras, and run a live stream like a specialist. For free, cloud-based software, Lightstream streaming software has a huge load of features including smooth overlays, guest encouraging, neighborhood help of notable streaming instruments removed scene transforming from your phone or tablet, live talk backing, and anything is possible from that point. Another cool segment is that all of your exercises, scenes, and assets are saved in the cloud, so you don't have to adjust them no matter what.

Lightstream Studio is arranged as a momentous and regular live streaming studio in your program, they are "the Google Docs for live video creation," as shown by their site) Recall how everything is done in the cloud now? For sure, that is quite Lightstream Studio capacities. Sources are gotten from your PC, yet all the compositing and encoding is done on Lightstream streaming software. This suggests impressively less CPU use on your local machine. Lightstream Studio ensures significantly less CPU usage than other streaming software with comparative picture quality.


Price and Interface

The free arrangement gives the greatest streaming length of as long as 3 hours and the most extreme yield nature of 720p 30 fps. The superior arrangement accompanies a streaming length of as long as 12 hours and the greatest yield nature of 720p 60 fps. Live streaming software helps your transmission live occasion feeds to your crowd. You can likewise draw in with your crowd, permitting them to remark, respond, and talk straightforwardly on your live stream. Lightstream offers two Lightstream studio costs:

Free Trial: $0

Pro License: $99 each month

Key Features of Lightstream

Lightstream streaming software chooses the best encoding settings accessible on your PC consequently. This cloud software likewise screens the soundness of your Internet association and naturally changes the bitrate to hold your stream back from buffering. You can even welcome visitors to your live stream occasion. You can have a scope of occasions like board conversations, interviews, web recordings, item dispatches, and the sky is the limit from there. Furthermore, even your visitors can impart their screens to their crowd, encouraging you to increment your effort.


  • Zero Setup: All you need is a web association and PC. You don't require costly equipment and experience a bulky download cycle to utilize Lightstream.
  • Controller: Leverage your cell phone to begin and stop your stream. You can likewise utilize it to switch scenes, an extraordinary component when you are creating distantly.
  • Live Support: It offers live one-on-one talk backing to help you with any issue.
  • Fullscreen Alerts: You can spread out your cautions, overlays, and mixes along the edges or make them take up the full transmission. Get insane
  • Numerous Scenes: Set up independent modes, an alternate perspective, brb screens, and more and switch between them freely
  • More Platforms: Bring Your multi streams to YouTube, Facebook, or even your site with our Custom RTMP Destination choice.
  • Incorporated talk and stream review: No more requirement for different tabs for your dashboard, visit, and stream see. One page to administer them all
  • Auto BRB: One of the astonishing highlights with the Lightstream IRL is Auto BRB. Information association isn't generally dependable and having a lost association can cause an interruption in your IRL stream. Yet, no concern, with Auto BRB, your stream will remain life for your watchers while you hold on to recapture signal.

How to Use Lightstream Studio

Lightstream is an electronic live streaming studio that causes you to make proficient and effective live streams in practically no time. It comes outfitted with a simplified manager that gives limitless innovative controls, tasks, and scenes. It likewise offers a broad outsider mix for movement illustrations, on-stream alarms, and online media showcases to help you drive commitment. In the below Lightstream studio tutorial, we've demonstrated the steps to make it easier for beginners to embark on their first project with this toolkit.

  • To begin, you can fire up the Lightstream studio tutorial, you will be asked what stage do you stream on. For the individuals who are clients of Lightstream effectively, this will look recognizable to you. You can set up an IRL stream for your channel utilizing an RTMP source. You should pick what sort of gadget you might want to utilize.
  • You can redo your stream by adding a picture layer to the scene. Start by adding a caution to your stream. Lightstream has an assortment of web-based alarm administrations through our outsider combinations, you can pick whichever you are OK with. Visit the assistance-ready site and pick your alarm. Whenever you're done, duplicate the URL from your alarm administration and glue it into Lightstream.
  • Then, you can add your IRL feed utilizing RTMP by replicating the stream key and ingest URL and placing them into the gadget you intend to utilize. You at that point can go live on your gadget and you should see your feed appear in Lightstream. Here you can test your cautions, add new layers and scenes, or simply go live! Having your overlays and alarms saved in the Cloud on Lightstream, the customization choices for your IRL stream are perpetual.
  • Setting up an Auto BRB layer is basic, add a picture layer of your decision onto your scene at that point add it under your feed. On the off chance that you lose association, your BRB layer will show on stream and will remain live utilizing Lightstream.
  • Streaming IRL can be brimming with astonishing encounters and incredible minutes that you can impart to your crowd. Making the cycle to make these encounters a lot simpler with Lightstream, can truly save time and start your experience right away.

Lightstream Studio Review | Pros and Cons

  • Render live transfer in numerous video characteristics, including 720p30, 720p60, and 1080p30.
  • It offers dependable incorporation with Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and custom.
  • Influence the 'Green Room' highlight to welcome visitors distantly by essentially sharing a connection.
  • Secretly talk with visitors in the green room during the live stream.
  • You don't need to stress on the off chance that you get detached. Lightstream keeps your life and educates your clients until you get back to life once more.
  • Lightstream screens for any hiccups in web association and will consequently change the bitrate to hold the stream back from buffering.
  • Cloud motors assume most of the compositing and encoding and the most recent encoding advancements imply better quality video with less CPU required.

Alternative Way to Record Streaming Videos

Lightstream streaming software is portrayed as an 'astonishing, live-streaming studio that experiences your program so you can move shows from any web-related PC with the most outrageous ease's and is an application in the Remote Work and Education grouping. The natural interface of Wondershare DemoCreator simplifies it for everyone to record a fasten and capture the structure sound, enhancer, or webcam as shown by your necessities. Furthermore, it also permits you to set the objective preceding account to ensure the recordings are made in high type.

run democreator

You have any time tried substance making, or perhaps endeavored to record a presentation for your social occasion, you unquestionably know how pressing is the piece of screen recording and video changing software. In case you are endeavoring to make recordings for online classes or progressing association accounts to get the greatest second in a game, add depictions and overviews, and offer their gaming experiences with the world as a Lightstream streaming software alternative, you can endeavor Wondershare DemoCreator for nothing out of pocket. It is the ideal PC screen recorder for educators, office staff, bloggers, and gamers to make their video projects easily. You can record your on-screen presentations, demos, instructional activities, running match-ups with system sounds, and comfort works out.

  • Alter Screen Capture and Frame Rate: Set a custom screen size and casing rate before recording
  • Game Enhanced Recording Mode (for Windows just): Detects the gaming applications on your PC naturally
  • Imprint Recording Nodes: You can check significant chronicle hubs precisely for additional altering
  • Changes: Stunning progress impacts, like disintegrate, eradicate, vanish, and more for a smooth encounter
  • Green Screen Effects: Replace portions of your video with green screen foundations to take your undertaking to another level
  • Fare Videos in Different Format: Export documents to MP4, MP3, or MOV and change your video's goal, outline rate, bitrate, and different settings.


In case you're searching for a brisk and simple toolkit while referring to is Lightstream good for screen capturing, video altering, and then some, look at the Wondershare DemoCreator. It's not difficult to hop directly in and begin making proficient video content, but at the same time it's furnished with advances, inscriptions, comments, and the sky is the limit from there. Wondershare DemoCreator is a video capture software just as a video altering device. It has a wide assortment of capacities, from capturing ongoing interaction film, recording your screen, capturing camera film, and sound capture includes as well. It's the ideal apparatus on the off chance that you'd prefer to record instructional exercise recordings, interactivity film, preparing recordings, and significantly more.