• 1. Record your computer screen, microphone, and webcam simultaneously.
  • 2. Allow you to customize screen capture and frame rate.
  • 3. Edit videos with thousands of resources and templates.

Mycam Webcam Software Review

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Webcam Recording

All of us are aware of laptop camera apps. MyCam is one of them. It's a great Windows laptop camera app. With the help of the software, you can record the video and take a snapshot. It does not matter which webcam model you use; this software is compatible with each and every window-based system, be it laptop or desktop.

The best part of the software is you do not have to install the software or do not have to do any setup. Once you download the software in your system, it gets merged with the system webcam and provides you the functionality to capture the screen. It's very easy to use a software camera for the laptop or desktop. To run the MyCam, you would require the .exe file just to connect your camera.

Key Features of MyCam webcam software

  • Capture all the images and videos: MyCam is able to capture all the media from the camera connected to the computer, and the software has multiple other features that will help you customize the final file. You can upload multiple images and videos to save in your system as GIF and use it on social media.
  • Manages files: MyCam manager is responsible for managing all the files which you can create along with the program. Also, the software will allow you to organize them very easily and pull them up.
  • Watermark: You can able to avail of this feature in the free version of this app.
  • Multiple images and video formats: MyCam Webcam software has multiple images and video formats. When you are capturing an image, you have to choose in between JPG or BMP format. If you are recording a video, you need to choose AVI or MPEG format; all these are the very common format of this software.
  • Light-weighted and stable: MyCam is comparatively lighter than other apps. The best part of the software is you can run the app as soon as you download it.

How to Use MyCam Recorder

Step 1: Download the software

Here are the steps for MyCam download for windows. The first step is to go to the Play Store and download the MyCam app. Now it's your decision do you want to use the paid version or the free one? Whatever it is, the download will be the same. After downloading, you have to activate your subscription if you have any to avail of all the features. The free version of the app will enhance the live videos. Free or paid, both have their features.

Step 2: Choose your subscription

MyCam Webcam has multiple subscriptions. Check out the affordable prices as per your needs and take the subscription to avail more and quality features. For example, whether you would like to pay annually or pay one-time fees and enjoy the subscription for a lifetime. Now let see what the lifetime subscription advantages are;

Step 3: Activate the app

After choosing the subscription format, you are now ready to activate the MyCam app.

If you have purchased the subscription, you have to activate the paid subscription version. If you want to use the free version, activate the free version. Here is how you can activate your account, Open your MyCam software app and log in to the account by giving your user id and password. Now go to the subscription tab. If you find the subscription there just simply click on that to activate the account

Step4: Start using the MyCam app.

Now you are ready to use the software.

Pros and Cons of MyCam

Image and video capturing, along with being a hobby, has also become a profession today. If you want to emerge the best in this respective profession, it is high time to upgrade your skills. Also, using the latest and updated software packages, including MyCam, will help you excel. The MyCam download for Windows will let you record all videos and pictures smoothly. You will also open those files, followed by letting you apply amazing filters and effects. Once done with the editing, you will be able to share the files with your friends easily.


  • It enables easy opening and playing of media files
  • It supports delayed shooting
  • Picture formats supportive include .jpg and .png


  • Though MyCam can be easily used at zero cost, the watermark will be available in your video. If you want to remove the watermark, then you need to purchase the license.
  • The validity is lifetime and can be easily used for registering a maximum of 2 personal computer systems.

MyCam Webcam Recorder Alternative - Wondershare DemoCreator

If you plan to make your video highly active and luring for your viewers, then switching on to Wondershare DemoCreator will be a great option. The exclusive combination of screen recorder and video editor under a single umbrella makes it a better choice over MyCam. Now, you will be able to easily capture videos related to demos, tutorials, games, and presentations.

Once done with the capturing, you will be able to edit them as per desire. With daily practice, you will be able to stand ahead of the crowd like a pro. The exclusively intuitive interface will let you record a video clip with ease. From system sound to webcam recordings, everything is easy to capture as per need.

The steps that you are supposed to follow are very simple and easy-to-follow. The step-by-step instruction has been included as under:

Step 1: Download and install DemoCreator on your PC or Mac, and then run the program, click "New Recording" from the screen.

democreator start capture

Step 2: Now you can chztomize the recording area, frame rate, resolutions, audio and webcam recording options.

democreator recording

Step 3: Hit on the red button to start video recording. You can also use the screen drawing tools during the process.

These are some exclusive steps that enable easy capturing, editing, and sharing the masterpiece through few clicks. Wondershare DemoCreator is known to be supportive in Windows 2007 and older versions. Hence, as a user, you need not run here and there searching for carrying out your task.


The features, along with space requirement and cost, make the difference. The choice is yours! If you have lots and lots of projects to manipulate in a single chance, Wondershare will be the best alternative to MyCam. It will help you to carry on with your projects in numerous systems in a hassle-free manner. Whereas, in MyCam, you have to select projects generously due to certain limitations included. Also, the RAM storage capacity, along with input and output abilities, makes a huge difference.