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Something You Need to Know about Oculus Screen Recording

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:43:44 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

Title: Something You Need to Know about Oculus Screen Recording

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Summary: This post will let you know how to record the screen on oculus quest 2 and increase the quality of your gameplay videos. Furthermore, we will also guide you on how you can transfer videos captured on quest 2 to your computer.

How to record the screen on oculus quest 2 and increase the quality of your gameplay videos? We will also guide you on how you can transfer videos captured on quest 2 to your computer.

Part 1 What Is Oculus Quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2 headset offers an ultimate VR experience without making use of any cables. It comes with a powerful processor, lightweight design, and sharper screen to provide you high quality and immersive experience. This device makes an excellent choice for those who stream gameplay videos due to accurate motion tracking and a comprehensive approach.

If you are someone who ardently enjoys online games and looking for a way to record the same. Then, let us tell you to end your search here. Through this post, we will guide you on how to record, stream or cast your gameplay for your online channel to gather a large audience base with whom you can share your gameplay skills and tips on advancing the missions using oculus screen recording.

Part 2 How To Screen Record On Oculus Quest 2

Quest 2 is equipped with lots of sharing options to share your gaming experience with others. It lets you record gameplay videos, take screenshots, and even cast a video on your TV, computer, or phone. To know-how, continue to read below.

Step 1: Go to the Quest menu from your headset by pressing the oculus button located on the right controller. Now, look for the Share section.

Step 2: From the top of the Share menu, select options like Record video, go live, take a screenshot, or chat.

In case you have enabled Voice Commands, you can then say “take screenshot, cast, or stream” to quickly access these options while you are playing the game. With the Cast option, you can stream videos on your local network or devices. You can also cast to your smartphone using the Oculus smartphone app or cast on your TV using the Chromecast app.

Its Go Live features let you stream your gameplay over the internet, however, you are restricted to only streaming on Facebook.

The recorded videos and photos are saved in the headset itself, which can be accessed using the View All button. Moreover, you can connect Quest 2 to your computer and download videos for editing and sharing with others.

Part 3 How To Boost Capture Quality For Quest 2 Recordings?

The default settings of Quest 2 are so that you can send clips to your friends or peers, just like that. But if you are looking for a quality option due to being an advanced level user then you can go on and increase its frame rate and resolution. However, a PC will be required for the same.

Step 1: Download and install SideQuest on your system.

Step 2: Now connect the headset to your computer.

Step 3: Now, from the SideQuest menu, select Run ADB Commands followed by selecting Custom Commands.

Run ADB Commands

Step 4: After this, enter the below commands, one after another followed by hitting the Run Command button.

  • adb shell setprop debug.oculus.capture.width 1440
  • adb shell setprop debug.oculus.capture.height 1080
  • adb shell setprop debug.oculus.fullRateCapture 1
  • adb shell setprop debug.oculus.capture.bitrate 30000000

Step 5: After running the above commands successfully, you can plug in your headset and begin using the Record Video feature.

Note: To return to the default settings, reset your headset.

Part 4 How to Tweak Capture/Record Settings?

The capture settings can be seamlessly tweaked as per your requirements. However, it is advisable to not set them too high as it can give performance issues while playing both with the game and recording. It is essential to adjust the settings to balance out the performance and quality. In case you need to record too much footage, it is better to test for the new gameplay at the onset to ensure there will be no error in the captured output.

  • Aspect Ratio

The resolution options have a direct impact on the aspect ratio of the Quest 2 video capture. Its aspect ratio by default is 1:1. But if you prefer any other ratio or traditional widescreen, a ratio of 1.77:1, 1920*1080 is what you need. Besides, if you choose 16:9, it will feel cut-off from top and bottom as compared to the headset's field of view.

Part 5 How Can You Transfer Videos From Quest 2 To Your Computer

You can transfer videos from your Quest 2 to your computer in two ways as given below.

Method 1: Without additional software

Step 1: Attach your headset to your computer.

Step2: Wear the headset and agree to the prompts to let your PC access the headset.

If there is no prompt, it implies that the headset is not connected properly. So, you will need to accept the Guardian boundary before seeing the prompt. You can also try out any other USB port or reset the headset.

Step 3: Now, open Windows Explorer and go to This PC. Select Quest 2 from Devices and Drives.

Step 4: All your videos are saved in Quest 2. From here, go to Internal Shared Storage and then select Oculus, followed by choosing VideoShots.

select Oculus

Step 5: Now, you can drag and drop the videos wherever you would like to copy them. You can also delete any video that you don't want.

Method 2: SideQuest, Advanced

If you are an existing SideQuest user, you get an advantage to look for the headset files without accepting any prompt. See the below steps to know how?

Step 1: Install SideQuest.

Step 2: Connect your headset and computer.

Step 3: From the SideQuest menu, select “Manage files on the headset”.

Step 4: Now, go to Oculus and click on VideoShots.


Step 5: Then, click on the videos you want to save and then go to the +sign at the bottom right of the screen and click on “Save selected items to computer”.

In case, you wish to delete any video, use the trash icon from the same menu to remove it.

Recording Quest 2 videos with mic

If you are wondering whether oculus quest 2 record video with mic or not, then the answer is yes! The Quest 2 comes with a microphone that can be used with the link cables. This mic is placed near the mouth to let you have an interactive game session and it features one audio jack. With quest 2, you can also use a separate mic to meet your different requirements.


Recording with Oculus Quest 2 is quite easy. You can follow the above-given methods to record gameplays for your Facebook page or friends while adjusting different settings. Also, oculus quest record video with sound, so that you never miss out on creating the most entertaining gameplay content.