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How to Record Minecraft with OBS

Alma Elliott
2024-03-01 20:20:42 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

OBS Studio is now one of the most capable recordings software available. OBS game capture is an efficient free solution for recording screen games for YouTube videosor simply snippets to show your friends. We'll go through how to record in OBS and how much storage space you'll need for your recordings in this post. For many enthusiastic gamers, OBS is a trustworthy tool for recording high scores, excellent in-game performance, or how to play a game like a pro fast and efficiently. To combat this problem, how to record gameplay with OBS is a good option as gamers may employ a variety of third-party screen recording methods to document their games. For instance, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), which is fully free and open-source, will be used in this tutorial.

Part1. Why Use OBS to Record Minecraft and Game Screen

Gamers have been sharing their video game recordings and records with friends or posting them on social media in recent years. OBS Studio is a popular open-source tool for recording and broadcasting your gaming to the rest of the world. OBS Studio allows you to broadcast your game broadcasts to Twitch and YouTube, and it can also be used to create screencasts. It's a sophisticated tool, but for someone looking for a simple game capture solution, it's overkilled. When players have an incredible experience in gaming, they often feel compelled to share it with the rest of the world online. The issue is that games do not provide an in-game method for recording gameplay. Even while the software may seem sophisticated at first, after users get the hang of it, the interface becomes a lot simpler to grasp. This post will provide an in-depth explanation of how to recode gameplay footage to assist you.

Part2. How to Record Minecraft with OBS

OBS has two functionalities that it can perform exceedingly well: streaming and recording. For a reason, OBS Studio is the industry leader in streaming software, and it's the combination of these two capabilities that makes it so outstanding. Video recording and live broadcastingare both possible with this free and open-source application. Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Live broadcasters all utilize the software. The file will be stored on your device and will be available for editing or uploading to a video streaming site like YouTube shortly after recording.

Step 1.To begin, open OBS Studio. After opening the app, it usually adds a Scene by default. If not, go to the bottom-left corner of the screen and click the Add button in the Scenes box. Click the + symbol at the bottom of the Sources box, which is located next to Scenes.


Step 2. From the settings menu, choose Display Capture. A new pop-up window will emerge. Click the small downward arrow to open a drop-down list if you have several monitors. Select the display you want to save and click OK.


Step 3.Because OBS is primarily a streaming application, it is not immediately apparent how to record locally or even that the capability exists! Everything within your stream preview window will be recorded if you use the record button. Within the two red squares above, this is emphasized.

The keen-eyed among you will see a Start Recording button underneath 'Start Streaming' in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. This is your record button, and pressing it will start your recording. The record function will capture everything that your stream viewers will see. Overlays, alarms, and stream labels are all examples of this. It will also record your audio preferences in the same manner.


Step 4. You'll know you're recording when the 'REC' button goes red and the length of time you've been life appears to the left of the button. To access the OBS options menu, click the cog in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Navigate to the 'Output' tab on the left once inside. Simply click the button again to terminate your recording, and it will revert to its grey state. Although the default location for recording is your 'Videos' folder, you may simply alter this in the OBS Studio options menu. Go to the 'Recording' sub-menu on the output tab. It might be a drop-down menu; if so, click the + sign to see all of your selections.


OBS Studio isn't for you unless you're ready to put in the effort to master it or have demands beyond basic game recording, professional Twitch broadcasters swear by OBS and its deep, adjustable power—not it's for you. It's similar to OBS in that it's a full-featured screen recording and instructional creation software. Although the software is primarily intended for e-learning and course construction, its functionality may also be used for screen recording and other related tasks. After you've finished recording, use the built-in tools to blur, speed up, or trim your recordings. Finally, it enables you to export recorded files in a variety of formats, such as MP4, FLAV, MKV, and others.

Part3. How to Record Game Screen with OBD Studio

The first question that every player has is whether or not OBS is suitable for recording gaming. Yes, it is correct you can use it to record games with OBS. OBS has proven itself as a thorough game recorder throughout the years. Step-by-step instructions to using OBS Studio to record games may be found below. First, we'll go through how to set up this software for recording games, then we'll show you how to capture games on your PC.

For novices, the UI is confusing, but if you get the hang of it, it will serve you well. Its ability to capture the fast-paced action that video games present make it a top-ranked gaming recorder. Furthermore, OBS Studio is open-source, free software that is well worth a try for all users. This approach may be used to remedy the issue if you have two graphics cards, one of which is NVIDIA. The OBS black screen is most likely caused by OBS and the game you wish to record running on separate graphics cards in this case. The picture of the game can't be obtained since they're on different adapters, and it's not accessible on the device OBS is using.

Step 1: Install and Launch OBS

To acquire OBS Studio, go to the OBS Project's official website and sign up for their download portal. OBS is available for download and installation. After that, decide whether you want to use Windows, macOS, or Linux. Click the "Windows" download option on the left to get OBS for Windows. After clicking it, the download for OBS Studiowill begin and the user will be able to find it on their computer.


Step 2: Add Scenes for Recording

OBS Studio will be accessible on their machine after the installation is complete, and gamers may use it to record their Valorous games. The software, on the other hand, does not come pre-configured for recording and must be set up manually. Scenes should be added. Open OBS and go to the bottom left of the screen to the "+" symbol underneath "scenes." Add a "recording" scenario to the mix.

Step 3: Customize the Recording

Users should go to the Output tab and set the Video Bitrate to 6000 Kbps, Encoder to Hardware, and Audio Bitrate to 256 after entering the settings. Users may also modify the location of their recording by selecting the save path location in the same settings tab., in the "recording" scene, click the "+" symbol below "sources" on the bottom left of the screen, and add a "display capture." If you have more than one monitor, choose which one you want to record.


You may add a "video capture device" to capture your webcam and an "audio input capture" to collect the audio from your microphone if you want to. The next step is for users to go to the Audio tab and disable Desktop Audio. Users may add an audio input device, such as a microphone, by configuring the Mic/Auxiliary device under the same tab.

Step 4: Setup the Recording

Now, in the bottom left corner of the screen, select the "Scene" button, and then hit the + icon next to the scene tab beneath the sources tab. A drop-down menu will appear after pressing the add button, allowing you to add Game Capture and Audio Output Capture. Two additional tabs will appear under the sources tab, which must be configured. Choose a filming location as well as a video format. To do so, go to the bottom right corner of your screen and choose "settings." Then, under "recording path," click the "output" option to choose the place on your computer where you wish to store the recordings. Finally, choose "recording format" and "mp4" (or any other file type) from the drop-down menu. In the "Best Parameters for OBS Recordings," we'll go through several more settings that need to be tweaked to guarantee high-quality outputs.


Step 5: Start/Stop Recording

Users may start recording their gameplay by pressing the "Start Recording" button on the bottom-right of OBS Studio after everything is set up. To stop recording, just hit the Stop Recording button, and the video will be stored at the previously specified destination. Now is the time to press the "start recording" button.


Par4. Review of OBS From Different Review Platform

OBS Studio is a popular video recording and streaming softwarethat may be used for both of these tasks. Streaming may be simply described as the continuous transmission of video from one device to another. It's not just one file transmission, but a continual stream of data, which is why it's called a stream: the information continues trickling through. The act of capturing and storing your film to your local device is known as recording. There is no online activity present, therefore it may be completed without using the internet.

Some customers report that whether they attempt to record a video game or anything else, the software fails to capture the game at all. When viewing the recorded file, there is audio from the game but no video to accompany it; instead, a blank screen appears. This problem with OBS, not recording games is rather prevalent, especially among newbies to the software. As a result, there are a variety of options accessible to assist you in resolving the problem.

Source Controls in OBS

The source lock and visibility buttons are two features of OBS that are often forgotten. For locking and viewing a specific source, these two buttons may be used to toggle between on and off states. The lock button is perfect for securing a single source so that it cannot be moved by mistake. With the Move Transitions plugin and Hotkeys, the visibility buttons may be utilized in a variety of fascinating ways. When the visibility button is pressed, for example, you may use a move transition animation to slide a source into the screen.

Pack of Features

OBS Studio has a lot of features and options, and if you're prepared to put in the effort to master it, it may provide power users with a lot of freedom. OBS Studio features a wizard to assist you to optimize your setup for streaming or recording video when you first start the application to make learning easier. You may also include a picture-in-picture webcam shot, customizable watermarks, and other features in your broadcast or video.

Creating Hotkeys

Hotkeys allow you to easily access features inside OBS, such as broadcasting or recording, using your keyboard or other USB input devices. Hotkeys may be set up to do nearly any function in OBS, and new Hotkey choices are introduced each time you create a scene or add a source. Hotkeys may be configured under the OBS Settings section. A search box is included at the top of this section to help you quickly locate the Scene or Source you want to manage. You may, for example, assign a certain key on your keyboard to move between scenes. You may also use Hotkeys to display or conceal certain sources. To prevent mistakenly activating a Hotkey, you should consider utilizing two keys to activate it.

Best for Gameplay

In certain circumstances, OBS is preferable to other options. OBS Studio is an excellent alternative if you want to record your gameplay and then turn it into a YouTube playthrough guide, for example. OBS works best with a multiscreen configuration in which you can see OBS on one screen while playing your game on the other, however, this isn't required. In contrast to the other software, OBS does not display an in-game overlay. Instead, it works quietly in the background. You'll also need to inform OBS to start recording or broadcasting your game after it's up and running, or immediately before you start it up.

Taking Advantage of the Multi-View

Source Docks is a new plug-in that enables you to dock a preview of any source inside the OBS interface. The Multiview will display you your preview and output screens side by side by default, followed by eight preview scenes. The Multiview is another function that expert OBS users often come to appreciate. The View tab contains Multiview, which may be used in full-screen mode or as a resizable window. On a separate monitor or as a tiny window on any screen, Multiview enables you to swiftly view a combination of sources and scenes. You may change the viewing viewpoint from full-screen to windowed or vice versa by right-clicking anywhere on the Multiview. You may also keep the Multiview window "on top" of all other windows.

Part5. OBS Alternative- Wondershare DemoCreator

OBS Studio is a very dependable streaming software that is used by both major and small broadcasters throughout the globe. It is, nonetheless, a very powerful video capture tool. Instead of broadcasting your screen, OBS Studio allows you to record video straight to your device. The days of frame screenshots and sophisticated setups are long gone. You may be familiar with the OBS Studio if you're a gamer who enjoys streaming flawless gaming or a teacher who has a lot of video presentations. It is, however, a bit difficult for novices to operate because of the sophisticated user interface. Thankfully, there are several OBS choices to choose from.

DemoCreator is an easy-to-use and free OBS replacement with a straightforward user interface. This software, like OBS, enables you to capture your screen in a variety of ways, including full screen, half of the screen, and so on. It's also a fantastic audio recorder that allows you to capture system sound or microphones with a few easy clicks. DemoCreator has a trimmer, which means you can simply change your recorded files inside this screen recording software, which is better than OBS. The recording option is a great way to capture games, a camera feed, or a display capture and store it on your local device for uploading or editing later. You may use it to record any part of your screen and add narration from your microphone as well as footage from your camera. You may add text, shapes, and pictures to your video as it's being recorded. Furthermore, this software enables you to easily design entertaining animations and seamless transitions.

How to Record Games with Wondershare DemoCreator

Step 1: Download and Install DemoCreator

To begin with the Wondershare DemoCreator gaming video making, you need to download the software from these links:

After you have downloaded the Wondershare DemoCreator file, now is the time to install the software. To do so, open the downloaded file and follow the default steps to go ahead. After you are done with the installation, open the masterpiece from your desktop.

Step 2: Set Up Your Gameplay Screen

After opening Wondershare DemoCreator, you shall see the following interface. Now you need to click on the Capture button to proceed with capturing your video screen:

Select the screen area which you want to capture in your final video. Customize the settings of your recording at the corner settings box with the DemoCreator title. Just click on the setting tab and customize your recordings as you want.


Step 3: Start Your Gaming and Start Capturing

After you are done with the settings, open your game which you want to include in your game video making. As soon as you enter into the game, proceed with the game interface until you want it to include.


While you reach a point from where you want to capture your game recording just hit the Red Dotted DemoCreator button as follows. Now your screen capturing is start right from this step.

Step 4: Directly Share to YouTube

You can also use the post-production editing functionality to further enhance the recording effectively. For instance, if you want to export the recordings, hit the Export button at the top of the video editor interface and be with it. Furthermore, if you want to share your recording on a social platform like YouTube, then hit the YouTube menu bar from the list and sign in to your channel to share it handily.


The Best Recorder for Minecraft and Game

Game recording mode, framte rate and resolution adjustable.
Built-in thousands of templates, resources, and effects, edit the video like a pro.
Edit the audio, video, recorded clips on different tracks simultaneously.
Supports AI Face Recognition, stress any key point on the recording screen.
Export to MP4, MOV, MKV, GIF and multiple formats, and with high quality.
Free Download
Secure Download
Free Download
Secure Download

Part6. Conclusion

OBS Studio is a sophisticated application that comes with pre-installed screencasting tools. Free software sometimes lacks the depth of capabilities needed for seamless broadcasting, but not with OSB Studio. Even though the application is completely free, it has all of the essential elements that distinguish internet broadcasting. It provides a high level of performance that readily rivals the more expensive choices. Above all, the software supports live broadcasting to a variety of platforms, including Facebook Live, Hitbox, Twitch, YouTube Live, and others.

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