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Best Screen Recorder with Pencil

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

In some screen recording cases, text can't make yourself clear like a live video can and you need screen recording software the one free screen recorder with the pen tool. At a certain point or the other, you may have to share content shown in your work area as a video or preview and if vital, incorporate sound. This content can be a game-play feature, an instructional exercise, a demo, an item audit, or even a screen capture of a window of interest. In situations when it's simpler to show your screen to a huge crowd as opposed to the message, you should utilize the best software screen recorder with a pen tool embedded. Given the highlights, you are searching for combined with the current objective, you have the chance to decide if to utilize premium business software or free other options. Its implied paid variants have a larger number of highlights than free ones.

It can frequently be tedious and come up short on the intelligent commitment needed to catch somebody's consideration. Likewise, envision recording everything to express something when you can utilize screen catch software. Most Windows screen recording software accompanies progressed highlights, for example, altering and comment devices other than having the option to record the screen as well as the webcam simultaneously. Contingent upon the intended interest group of your screencast, you will want to save your work locally on your Windows 10 PC or even better transfer it to a social platform for advantageous sharing. Such screen recorder with drawing tools for pc is incredible for screen shares, online video instructional exercises, online courses, online classes, and you can utilize them for a variety of other essential features related to video recording and editing. Here we’ve enlisted the best-scrutinized screen recorder with pen tool for pc available in this advanced-level era. Follow our lead to find out more.

1. The Best Screen Recorder with Pen Tools

For your requirement for screen recording withdrawing and sharing, we suggest Wondershare DemoCreator. This product is accessible for Windows and macOS. Wondershare DemoCreator is a collective PC screen recorder answer for all your screen recorder with pen and video altering needs. It permits you to record the framework recordings in excellent with clear sound yield. Wondershare DemoCreator isn't just a screen recorder with inner sound yet, besides, a video supervisor and you can make your video excellent to post on YouTube straightforwardly from the program interface. With further developed screen recording and video altering highlights, DemoCreator makes it simple for experts from various fields to make convincing instructive recordings.

DemoCreator screen recorder with pen tool for pc also lets you draw on the screen utilizing various shapes while the recording is going on. This element is utilized to underscore a specific piece of the screen by underlining or enhancing it. You can use built-in annotations from the various shapes given like the circle, line, rectangle, and many others. They feature impact lights up any piece of the screen. You can even draw practically any shape on the screen utilizing the pen-and this should be possible in shades of your decision.

DemoCreator Drawing Tools:

Here is the list of all the real-time drawing toolkits, this free screen recorder with pen tool allows you to use while recording your screen with this masterpiece:

  • DemoCreator allows you to configure your Cursor shape into your recording screen.
  • You can also use the Spotlight feature to mark the special event of the real-time recording
  • Its drawing toolkit has Pen and Highlight tools you can utilize to draw on the screen while recording.
  • You can also embed the texts inside your recording screen in real-time.
  • It also permits you to include built-in shapes like Circle, Rectangle, Arrow, and Line with buttons visible in the drawing menu bar.
  • In the third group of the drawing toolkit, you can Undo, Redo and clear the drawings you’ve made so far inside the recording area of your screen with a single click.
  • At the end of the screen drawing toolkit, you can pause your recording, restart the recording and stop the recording with the screen drawing functionality while recording your screen with DemoCreator.

2. How to Draw While Screen Recording

Wondershare hopes to meet the developing screen recording and video altering needs of its clients and extend its client base. It gives progressed highlights like ongoing drawing and spotlight impacts while recording the screen, quick fare video without altering, sound blur in and grow dim impact for its video proofreader. While you’re the one that wishes to utilize this screen recorder with drawing tools for pc, then you’re at the right place as in this section, we’ll be doing a step-by-step procedure to use this screen recorder with a pencil toolkit so being a beginner, you can get an idea of how you can use this toolkit effectively.

Step 1: Launch DemoCreator Screen Recorder
To proceed with withdrawing on-screen while utilizing this screen recorder with pencil software here is the first step that involves opening the screen recorder so you can emphasize the intuitive screen drawing feature easily. Just open the program and click on the New Recording button to get into it:

democreator recording screen

Step 2: Enable Screen Drawing Tool
Now in the next step, you need to simply enable this handy toolkit of screen drawing features by simply going to the bottom line of the screen recorder window and slide the Screen Drawing Tool slider to enable it accordingly.
Step 3: Start Recording and Use Screen Drawing
Here's the kicker of this guide, where you will be performing the live screen drawing with DemoCreator. So, to proceed without any delay, customize the screen recording essentials and hit the Start recording red-circled button as follow:

enable screen drawing

Now in real-time, you can opt for screen drawing tools as the first group lets you use the Cursor and Spotlight features as shown below:
The next to that group enables you to draw the Pen and Highlight the important part of the recording as shown below:
The other group has built-in shapes like Circle, Rectangle, arrow, and line drawing tools you can use in your recording screen.

screen drawing while recording

Step 4: Stop and Export Recording
Just as you've performed the screen drawing inside the recording phenomena. It is being recorded well-accordingly and now you need to stop and save your video to your required destination.
You can also use the post-production editing functionality to further enhance the screen drawing effectively. For instance, if you want to export the recordings, hit the Export button at the top of the video editor interface and be with it.
Furthermore, if you want to share your recording on a social platform like YouTube, then hit the YouTube menu bar from the list and sign in to your channel to share it handily.

3. Other Best Screen Recorders with Pen Tool


Bandicam is outstanding amongst another screen recorder with pen tool for pc and game recording software that empowers you to record anything occurs on your PC screen, a game-play and even catch content from outer gadgets like XBOX or PlayStation. Bandicam brings you three unmistakable chronicle modes; "Screen Capture" mode that allows you to record either the PC screen or even a particular zone of your screen, "Game Capture" mode that catches film of a game-play utilizing DirectX/OpenGL innovations on your framework and "Screen Capture" mode for catching film from outer gadgets like webcams, cell phones or game-playing gadgets. Viable with most major intuitive whiteboards, this screen recorder with drawing tools for pc is an extraordinary approach for internet mentoring and recordings.


Bandicam users can at the same time draw lines, boxes, or features while recording in 'Screen Recording' mode. This screen recorder with the pen ability of Bandicam is helpful to make YouTube recordings, instructional exercise recordings, and online talks. It likewise lets you draw, compose and feature over any work area software progressively, permitting you to move flawlessly between your product and your notes. Make your video gatherings, online gatherings, and introductions stand apart by featuring data straightforwardly on-screen continuously with this screen recorder with pencil software. It likewise has a splendid help instrument for illustrators, visual creators, 3D Artists and that's just the beginning! Effectively sketch over 3D, liveliness, and innovative studios.


Screencast-O-Matic is another best utilized in the training area to assist learners with video tasks, get ready instructional exercises, and talks with its free screen recorder with the pen tool. It additionally proves to be useful with regards to giving item demos, make computer game walkthroughs, and lead a workshop. You can add drawings as you record your video as opposed to holding back to alter your video. With Screencast-O-Matic's screen recorder with pen tools, you can draw on accounts for teachings, instructional exercises, ongoing interaction, support recordings, and that's just the beginning. Utilize these apparatuses, and you'll discover your learning audience is bound to follow and comprehend your recordings.

screencast o matic

Visual guides can have a significant effect when you're attempting to make a drawing in an instructive video. That being said, at times you simply need to record your video immediately, as opposed to returning in and add visual components when you're set. Fortunately, Screencast-O-Matic's screen recorder with drawing tools for pc has instruments that permit you to draw, add text, or zoom as you record your screen. You can add rich content comments, titles, and callouts so you can show your focuses in an outwardly striking manner. Additionally, it has fast console alternate routes that you can use to empower sans hands recording. Bound with highlights like moment slideshow producer, free included music, and simple to-utilize speed control for recordings in its screen recorder with pencil package for beginners.


With solid innovative progressions in the screen recorder with pencil products, numerous corporate associations have been applying on the web strategies for upskilling their representatives other than customary ones. One of the online techniques that can be recorded in virtual demonstrations. Now that being said, Wondershare DemoCreator permits its clients to utilize this newly developed technique with the top-of-the-list screen recorder with the pen to record the screen in HD quality so the objective clients will consider them to be as you are watching while at the same time recording the recordings on your screen more effectively than ever.