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If you need to take your content showcasing to the following level, video is the best approach. It's assessed that by 2022, overall, 82% of all worldwide traffic will be from videos. Bloggers are consistently needing the best computer screen video recorder to assist them with making a screencast for their blog. A video is exceptionally intuitive when you need to tell the best way to your users.

Screen recording is an amazing method to share any data that you have on your screen with your watchers. For your group, a free screen video recording software can be utilized for a few reasons, from making instructional exercises for your site to recording a repetitive tech issue to sending your showcasing group a speedy note rather than an email. Here's a list of the best screen video recording apps for Windows, Mac, and Mobile.

1. Free Screen Video Recorder

At the point when you start recording, you can pick which part of the screen you need to catch and will approach a sound blender. The sound mixer on the other hand will take into account proficient sound quality. While mentioning the free screen video recorders, OBS is on the list. With OBS, you can record some scenes, exchanging consistently with custom advances. The adaptability makes it outstanding amongst other screen recorders. OBS Studio is worked for joint effort and customization. It is outfitted with an incredible API to permit modules and contents that permit you to utilize the product that suits your one-of-a-kind necessities. Since it is open-source, it additionally permits you to work with local area designers to make the highlights you need.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a screen recording application for the most part utilized for live gushing on stages like Twitch and YouTube. Also, this product offers a smoothed-out settings board so you have an assortment of design choices for your transmission or recording. By and large, OBS Studio is an amazing and highlight-filled program for video recording and live web-based on windows PC. It is open-source, totally free, and permits you to open incredible customization and usefulness to suit your particular necessities.

Steps to Record Screen with OBS:

Download and Install OBS: Download OBS from the official website and introduce it as indicated by the directions for your OS, either its Windows or Mac OS. At the point when you launch OBS studio, you will see the starting interface as follows:

run obs screen recorder

Screen Recording Setup: Before you can begin recording, you'll likewise have to add a source inside this scene. With the default Scene chose, click the + button at the lower part of the board marked Sources, at that point select Screen Capture on Linux or Display Capture on Mac and Windows.

obs display capture

Begin Recording: At the point when you're prepared to begin recording click the Start Recording button at the base right. At the point when you're set snap Stop Recording and a video will be kept in touch with the envelope determined in your settings.

obs start recording

2. Video Screen Recorder for Windows PC

There is a lot of work area, program-based screen recorder for YouTube videos accessible to us today. Out of them, there's an all-in-one intuitive platform Wondershare DemoCreator. Where you can undoubtedly record your PC's screen and make a staggering instructional tutorial video. This free screen video recorder permits you to record your voice utilizing your sound source. DemoCreator assists you with making custom content for your sites or some other social platforms including YouTube as well. Utilizing Wondershare DemoCreator, you can record the whole screen or even crop any region in the screen for recording. Aside from their screen, instructors can incorporate sound through a microphone or coordinate their webcam too.

DemoCreator is a modern screen video recording software that provides the best FPS as well as codecs to the exporting content as well. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need a helpful live screen recorder, consider downloading the Wondershare DemoCreator. Get it before thinking about your next instructional exercise video to see the distinction in video quality and appreciate the usability of this product. you can utilize different highlights like a drawing instrument, spotlight, comments, and the sky is the limit from there with this best screen video recorder for Windows 10/8/7. The best part about DemoCreator is that there are no impediments on the length or the quantity of recorded content.

Steps to Record Video with DemoCreator:

Launch DemoCreator: In the foremost step, install or update this masterpiece toolkit to your systems as it's compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

democreator start

Customize Recording Screen: Now inside the screen recorder of DemoCreator, you can perform the setting of your screen to be recorded with this video screen recorder intuitively.

democreator settings

Start/Stop Recording: As soon as you're finished with the customizations, hit the Record button. At the end of the recording, use the Stop button to save your recording to your desired format setting from the Export window.

democreator lecture recording

3. Screen Video Recorder for Mac

Meanwhile, on Mac OS, there's a free screen video recorder where you can record your screen through QuickTime Player for all forms of macOS recordings. Regardless of whether you need to save a video of what's playing on your screen, share what you're taking a gander at with companions, or film an instructional exercise, recording your Mac's screen can prove to be useful. Fortunately, Macs have this element worked in, allowing you to record part or the entirety of your screen.

It additionally requires you to record system sound and anything coming in through your mic, as Mac's implicit alternatives don't allow you to record inner sound with its screen video recorder mac. For that, you'll host to download a third-gathering application, Soundflower. Where you can turn on the outside mic and include it in your QuickTime recording process.

Steps to Record Video with QuickTime:

Open the QuickTime Player application: From the top menu, click on "File". You can likewise right-tap the QuickTime symbol if it's in your list then Select "New Screen Recording."

new screen recording quicktime

Customize the Mac Recording Screen: The "Screen Recording" window will spring up. Close to the red record button, you'll see a bolt for a dropdown menu list, where you can get to choices for showing your mouse clicks and picking which receiver to use for sound. You'll have the option to pick where to save your video later. To record just a segment of the screen, drag the cursor to resize or move the chronicle window. To record the whole screen, click anyplace on the screen.

start video recording with quicktime

Start Recording: Click the "Start Recording" button in the middle of the window and after that, once you're ready to stop recording, click on the small, square stop button in the top menu bar. You can also hit COMMAND, CONTROL, ESC to stop the recording.

4. Screen Video Recorder for Android and iOS

AZ Screen Recorder gives a steady and free screen video recorder. With this screen recorder, you can without much of a stretch record well-known portable game recording; you can record video calls with important business meetings. AZ Screen Recorder is a steady, excellent screen recorder for Android that assists you with recording smooth and clear screen recordings. With a huge load of highlights like screen catch, screen video recorder, video supervisor, live transfer screen, this screen recording application gives a simple method to record screen recordings like video instructional exercises, video calls, game recordings, live shows, and anything with this screen recorder for YouTube videos.

One of the notable screen recorder applications for Android and IOS, AZ Screen Recorder is doubtlessly the greater part of you may have utilized or caught wind of it. With different capacities like DU Recorder, AZ Screen Recorder gives heaps of customizations and settings for recording your mobile's screen. The customizations accompany decisions of goal choices shifting from 240p to 1080p, bitrates going from 1 Mbps to 12 Mbps, distinctive edge rates from 24FPS to about 60FPS, choices to record inner, outer sound, and contacts, and a various number of settings. You can likewise create a time-lapse video with this best screen video recorder.

Steps to Record Screen with Android and iOS Application

az screen recorder

Install and Open A-Z Screen Recorder Application: You'll see an overlay with four catches show up. Tap the stuff symbol to change video recording settings including recording goal, outline rate, and touch rate. At the point when you're set, press Back to get back to the home screen.

Start Recording: Tap the red camera shade symbol in the A-Z overlay. The video will start recording. Utilize your mobile like typical until you're prepared to quit recording.

End and Save the Recording: At the point when you're done, pull down the notice conceal. In the A-Z warning, you can either delay or quit recording.

5. Screen Video Recorder Online

ScreenApp.IO is one of the easiest and the quickest methods to catch your screen on Windows, Mac, and Linux. No downloads or expansions are required for this computer screen video recorder. When you visit its site, you can decide to record your whole screen, an application window, or a program tab. Concerning recording voice, it likewise gives you three choices, Microphone Audio, Browser Audio, and No Audio. ScreenApp.IO's center capacities and do offer the fastest method to save a chronicle of PC movement for additional utilization. What's more, you can perform the free screen video recorder tutorial exercises with one or numerous applications, record ongoing window applications, as well as record YouTube tab videos effortlessly.

Utilizing an online video recorder and your webcam is an incredible method to make a video in a hurry or on a tight spending plan. It's speedy, simple to do, and viable. ScreenApp.IO is an incredible free-of-cost approached online screen recorder, with which you can record PC screens without enlistment. This screen video recorder extension formally accessible for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, this web toolkit can help you effectively to record, alter and share your screen without a penny once you visit its full website address on your Windows/Mac/Linux based PC.

screenapp io

Steps to Record Screen Video Online

Step 1 Visit This Recorder Online

Search for the address on your desktop browser to visit the official website of this recorder.

Step 2 Customize Recording Screen

Click on the "Get Started" button and choose one from the options given: Microphone audio, Browser audio, or No Audio. Click on "Share your screen".

Step 3 Start/End Recording

Click on "Start Recording". Once you are done with your meeting recording, click on the "Stop Recording" button.


Regardless of whether you need to record a directive for your group, an item demo, or an online class, you'll need to utilize a computer screen video recorder application. While generally simple to utilize, free choices can be utilized for your requirements, there are additionally more strong instruments for bigger organizations like screen recorder for YouTube videos as enlisted above including DemoCreator and other handy tools. The current century has a place with internet learning and it is time you venture up your content too. The first and the main thing you need is nevertheless the best screen video recorder to embark on an online presence.