How to Record Nintendo 3DS Gameplay without a Capture Card

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2023-04-20 19:43:10 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Currently, game lovers are always looking forward to sharing some skills in gameplay through short social media clips in sites like Facebook and Instagram. They enjoy playing and recording Nintendo 3DS gameplay, due to its ability to display stereoscopic 3D effects. If you are among these players, you must be aware of the excitement of such moments. As for how to record 3DS gameplay, in the following article you can find the answer.

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However, you may have a challenge on how to record 3DS gameplay if you do not have a capture card, and may wonder whether it is still possible to record 3DS gameplay and share on social media. The good news is that you can still capture 3DS gameplay through other free methods and edit before sharing. These solutions include using your smartphone or digital camera, since they can record any video so long as you acquire clarity, capture sound, use the most suitable lighting and position yourself appropriately as a player and recorder. If you ask how to record 3ds gameplay, in this article you can find the answer.

How to Record Nintendo 3DS Gameplay with a Smartphone?

One of the best ways to record 3DS gameplay without a capture card is through your smartphone, since it contains a camera application. However, you must beware that it will not provide the high quality that you would desire despite being useful in how to record 3DS gameplay in the absence of a capture card. Additionally, you will have challenges in picking up Nintendo’s sound.

Here are the steps on how to capture 3DS gameplay with a smartphone;

Step 1: Frame the Nintendo’s screen perfectly in the smartphone screen

If you can ensure that the frame is filled with the gameplay image, you have an opportunity to make a good recording. Position the smartphone with its camera facing the game screen and ensure the phone frame is filled by the image. Ensure that the edges of the game screen are barely cut off.

Step 2: Do not zoom

Most smartphones use digital zoom. However, you should not use this feature to capture 3DS gameplay since it results in a blurry clip. Instead, you can seek enough clarity for filming.

Step 3: Dim your lights

The lighting in your room matters, and so you should ensure that no lights are shining directly to Nintendo’s screen. However, the room should not be entirely dark either since the game image could glow excessively. Generally, avoid direct lights on the gaming screen.

Step 4: Use a stabilizer

Holding your smartphone as gaming continues is not only tiresome, but also disrupts the clarity set. It must be completely steady, which is possible if you use a stabilizer. If you cannot get one, try stabilizing the phone on a level surface, with heavy objects like books.

Step 5: Play at the side

After setting the smartphone properly, sit at the side as you record to avoid catching reflections.

If you have a digital camera, you can forgo using your smartphone, since it does not have problems in packing sound. So, recording the 3Ds gameplay is much better with video editing.

How to Record Nintendo 3DS Gameplay with a digital camera?

If you have a digital camera, you can forgo using your smartphone, since it does not have problems in picking sound. So, recording 3Ds gameplay is much better with a digital camera. However, you could have the same challenges regarding obtaining perfect quality recording.

record with digital camera

Here is how to capture 3DS gameplay using a digital camera;

Step 1: Fit the gaming screen in the camera frame

Making a good recording means that you must perfectly fit the camera frame with the gameplay image. Begin by positioning the digital camera facing the game screen. The screen’s edges should not be cut off to ensure the frame is full. Do not point at an angle to prevent picking up a glare.

Step 2: Avoid zooming

Digital cameras may also have the zooming feature, which you should also avoid when capturing 3DS gameplay. Zooming interferes with how the recording is captured and leads to blurry videos.  Instead, seek adequate clarity.

Step 3: Use a tripod

To maintain the best position and angle established, use a tripod to support the camera steadily. This means that holding it as the gameplay proceeds is not an option because any movement will interfere with recording clarity.

Step 4: Connect audio to camera

If your digital camera is a camcorder, you can use the camcorder’s input to route the game audio. Simply get the console's audio cable converter to plug into input. Alternatively, you can set the microphone closer to Nintendo’s speaker so that the camcorder can pick up game audio clearly.

Step 5: Use proper lighting

In using proper lighting, ensure that no light shines directly on the gaming screen and that the room is not dark. If you must use a light, you’d better choose a warm light.

Step 6: Play beside the camera

Sitting beside the camera when playing the game and recording is advised to prevent reflection issues.     

How to Edit and share a Recorded 3DS Gameplay Video?

After using any of the above methods to record 3DS gameplay without a capture card, you should close your smartphone or digital camera when the games end. The next most important task is transferring the clip to your computer, which facilitates editing as well as sharing of the recorded 3DS gameplay video. Editing of recorded gameplay means making it more attractive or descriptive through the addition of cool effects, texts and titles, among others.

Friends expect you to share a nicely edited record of 3DS gameplay. Therefore, you may have used a professional video editor such as Wondershare Filmora 9, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. This video editor will ensure that you take your clip to the next level, which will capture Facebook and Instagram’s attention.

With this editor, you can trim the beginning and end of your video to keep the most important stunts. You can apply visual effects such as earthquakes, especially when you score a difficult milestone. You may include titles as well to cater to deaf viewers since they also need to follow through and enjoy like normal people. They could be animated and static titles, just to keep the recording interesting. As you modify your recorded 3DS gameplay, you should probably make an interesting movie introduction to gain viewers’ interest from the beginning. If you use color grading, you may change the film’s entire mood. Finally, export and then save the clip in full HD for sharing on YouTube Instagram or other social media outlets.     

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The following is a guide for this screen recorder for Windows 8 free download.

Step 1: Visit the download site.

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use the download method

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Step 3: Agree to terms and Conditions

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Once you have completed installation, the downloading of the best screen recorder for Windows 8.1 for free is said to be successful and so you can use the software.


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Screen recording gameplay like 3DS without a capture card can be tricky. You have the option to use your smartphone and digital camera, which do not guarantee the acquisition of quality recording. Luckily you can edit the video by incorporating various editing features to compensate for the loss of quality. On the other hand, if you decide to record screen on Windows , you need Wondershare DemoCreator to get the best outcome. It ensures that you screen record the game for as long as you wish and then provide professional editing tools to upgrade the appearance and flow. You no longer have to worry about screen recording gameplay.