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How to Fix Fraps When It Stops Recording

Alma Elliott
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Screen Recording Troubleshooting

Fraps is a widely used, powerful screen capture tool that's been setting the industry standard for years. Despite this, like all programs, it does have some bugs that are hindering some users. Some have reported issues that are stopping Fraps from recording at the 29-second mark, which is incredibly frustrating for any longer content. With this in mind, we've put together our tips on how to fix Fraps when it stops recording.

How to Fix Fraps When It Stops Recording

Check for Upgrade - The simplest solutions are normally the most obvious. If Fraps stops recording at the 29-second mark, there's one very clear solution – upgrade. If you're using the free trial of Fraps you're limited to less than 30 seconds of video, making it unsuitable for dedicated bloggers and vloggers. After upgrading you'll have the option of unlimited video capture. If you're a registered user experiencing problems then read on!

Check your hotkeys - Make sure to check your hotkeys and bindings as more than one user has reported an issue when they were actually just pressing the wrong button. Leaning on the keyboard can have a similar effect, so clear your workspace and try again.  

Check Hard Drive Space - If neither of these solutions works but your video recording still keeps stopping it's very likely to be an issue with your storage size. Video files take up a lot of space on your PC and smaller hard drives (like those that come with older laptops) may fill up before you've finished filming. To fix this you can buy a portable hard drive, which thanks to technological innovations and widespread demand is very cheap. You can also try capturing from a computer with a larger hard drive, or look at what you have saved and see if there's anything you can delete. Programs like CC cleaner have additional tools that can help you save your storage space. If none of these solutions work, your simplest bet is to contact Fraps customer support.

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Best FRAPS alternative – DemoCreator Recorder

While Fraps is an excellent program it does have some downsides as we've just elaborated on. If you're using a MAC the software isn't available and even on PC it doesn't have any built-in video editing software, so you might want to consider using an alternative capture tool. Our choice would be Filmora, a simple yet powerful piece of software that allows you to record at 120 FPS, perfect for high resolution, fast-paced uploads of any part of your screen. Even better, it also includes a basic editing suite that will allow you to cut, annotate, rotate, and generally perform all the simple customizations you'd need before posting a video online.