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How To Record VR Gameplay

David Wilson
2024-04-02 09:21:40 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

With the onset of VR or virtual reality, many gamers are gradually moving toward it while leaving behind traditional video games.

However, you must always come with incredible content to showcase the best. When it comes to gameplay, the most essential part is how to record VR gameplay?

Part 1 How to Record VR Gameplay on PS4

In this section, we will see how to record VR gameplay in 360 degrees so that the viewers can see the video from any angle they want. 360 degrees' video provides an immersive experience, which requires the use of rig cameras containing multiple lenses.

This process is taken up by the camera itself or with the help of a special video editing software or tool. Such tools are designed to analyze audio and visuals to link the multiple camera feeds together.

In case you are using a PS4 console to record the game, go for an in-built option to record the game from your console. The PS4 console can record gameplay easily, and this method is used by many professionals to do the same. As it is the default feature on PS4 devices, it works flawlessly without any delays for long recordings. Besides, this option should be equipped with the majority of the firmware versions on PS4 devices.

Step 1: Setting the recording limit

Start by pressing the Share button on your PS4 controller and then click on the Share and Broadcast Settings option. From here, click on Length of Video Clip and then select the default length for the recordings.

Setting the recording limit

Step 2: Select the audio source

From the Sharing and Broadcast Settings menu, you can choose to add the audio from your microphone to the recordings. For the same, click on the Audio Sharing Settings followed by selecting the Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips option.

Select the audio source

Step 3: Recording gameplay

In this step, you will start recording the gameplay. So, open any game and start to play. After this, click on the Share button two times from the controller to begin recording. In case, you want to end game recording before the system does it automatically, press on the Share option twice.

Step 4: Finding the game recordings

All your recordings are saved in the Capture Gallery. Therefore, you need to go to this option from the main menu to find your game recordings.

Finding the game recordings

Part 2 How to Record VR Gameplay with VRCapture

The best part is that there is not just one but many ways to record VR gameplay, one of which is by using VRCapture! VRCaprute is a free utility that can be availed from the Stream store. It lets you initiate recording by pressing the keyboard shortcut or by clicking the option to start recording.

This method also provides many customization options to allow you to select the default folder for saving the gameplay recordings. Additionally, it comes with multiple keyboard shortcuts to make the process simple and speedy.

Steps to capture the gameplay with a steam VR recorder

Step 1: Setting the VRCapture

To set up the VRCapture, you need to visit the Stream store to download and install the utility on your computer system. This process won't take too long for downloading the file.

Step 2: Recording VR gameplay

After downloading and installing this utility, launch it on your device and start playing the game that you wish to record. While playing the game, select the recording option.

Recording VR gameplay

Step 3: Stop capturing/recording

Now, when you are done with the game, click on the stop recording option or press Ctrl+F12 keys at the same time. When you do so, the software will instantly stop the recording of the game.

Step 4: Changing default save location

In this step, if you need to change the location of the folder where the game recordings will be saved; you will need to go to the settings and specify a new folder to save the recordings.

Part 3 How to Record VR Gameplay on Desktop

You can effectively and timely record the gameplay videos using the VR game recorder. But, of course, you just cannot opt for any random recorder. When it comes to the best VR recording software, we recommend only Wondershre’s Wondershare DemoCreator as it provides the most suitable environment to record the games.

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Download Now
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This screen and video recorder is compatible with desktop computers and comes packed with an impressive range of features to let you record anything you want and in any way you want. It has a 120fps screen recording feature and provides a vast range of screen recording options to make things easy and convenient. It also lets you record audio from an external microphone and the screen attached to the desktop.

Furthermore, it features noise removal, voiceovers, special effects, transitions, video speed control, and lots more, to let you effortlessly create the top-quality gameplay videos. Plus, it is super easy to use, and you don't need any special computer or technical skills to perform editing and changes with this tool.

Steps to record VR gameplay using Wondershare DemoCreator

Step 1: Download and install the free version of this software from the official website and then follow the on-screen instructions to register yourself to the suitable package. You can opt for a monthly, yearly, or perpetual license based on your needs and choice.

Step 2: In this step, you will select the Capture and Video Editor option. To do the same, click on Capture, and then in the new screen, customize the video settings. This tool lets you choose different settings such as Audio, Video, Advanced, and Screen. The Screen option is located on the left side of the panel that lets you set the screen size and fps settings.

When you want to start the audio recording for a video, just change the settings to Capture from the Audio section for both Microphone and Computer Audio settings.

Step 3: After setting up the gameplay recording options, you can begin recording by pressing on the Start Capturing option or by pressing the F10 shortcut from the keyboard. Now, there will be a wait time of 3 seconds before the recording begins. You can choose to pause the recording anytime by selecting the Pause Capturing option.

Step 4: Once you are done with the gameplay recording, you can click on F10 to stop recording. After this, you can move forward to the Video Editor to perform editing using several effects, transitions and other attractive features. 

Step 5: Lastly, once you are through with the video editing, you can save the video on your system’s desktop. You can do this by going to the Export Windows and then saving the entire process. To save the video, you need to set the name, file format and location. Then, you can change the audio and video settings to add more interesting results to your content.

Also, you can change the frame rate, number of channels, resolution, sample rate etc. for the audio and video which you have just saved.


Recording gameplay video is the recent trend in the digital world that provides specific strategies, tips and tricks to win over the games. However, when it comes to sharing your skills with others, you just cannot create any plain and basic content due to tough competition out there in marketing.

So, go ahead and don't stop yourself from using the above-given methods to take your gameplay recording to the next level and achieve the best comments and ratings on your online channel when it comes to gameplay!