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How to Record World of Warcraft Gameplay?

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:42:07 • Filed to: Hot Games

The World of Warcraft game revolves around two fighting factions. These are the Alliance and the Horde. Once you join the game, you will be signing up to be a part of their epic battles. For starters, you can choose between different classes and races. You get to fight villains and explore boundaryless realms. It is definitely a game for those seeking some escapism.

Subscribers have the option of joining and signing up for the free (starter) edition. Here, they will get to up their game to level 20. You can fight your way through different dungeons and explore multiple races and classes. Incidentally, you can level up a notch and experience options galore. Under the subscriber version, you can experience a multitude of expansions, and get yourself to a revered level 110.

There is a handy tutorial to help you get started on World of WarCraft, easily accessible on their website. Also, you can seek help on the same platform. Because it’s a very popular game, it’s no surprise that there are several gamers who would like to share their tips and tricks of the game with others. The best software to use to screen record World of Warcraft gameplay is Bamdicam.

How to Record World of Warcraft Gameplay

For starters, the home page or startup bar has a nifty and easy to use toolbar. Two buttons that are relatively easy to use and understand are the record button (red) for recording the screen, and the icon with a gamepad that helps you record games. Let the games begin

  • On the main interface, select the game icon to record game play. This is conveniently located at the beginning of the toolbar, in bright yellow/orange.
  • This mode is dedicated to capturing movie scenes specifically. This means if you are recording a 2D or 3D game like Minecraft, Maplestory and of course World of Warcraft, selecting this mode will provide optimal results. Because you plan to use these videos online, this is the perfect setting for internet streaming videos as well.
  • Once you click the game pad, its color will change, indicating that the software is ready to record.
  • To commence recording, click on the red button or use the hotkey/shortcut F12 to achieve the same effect.
  • Once you feel you have recorded enough, hit F12 to end recording. Your video will be saved automatically to your download folder.
  • When you need to review what you managed to record, there is an icon conveniently located on the top of the interface that resembles a folder. Alternatively, the output tab is lower along the left part of the same screen.

Alternatively, you could use Wondershare DemoCreator to record World of Warcraft Gameplay. This handy software takes care of all your game recording needs in an easy-to-use package.

Step 1: Use the Game Recording mode to record any games that are shown on the screen. This will also direct you to configure your webcam settings. Microphones can also be utilized to incorporate audio into the final video. 

democreator start capture

Step 2: As soon as you select capture mode, shift through several FPS settings that are displayed. These can be altered later according to your specs or any new requirements of the video- or fans. 

Step 3: Pick a size for the recording region. This can be a tiny portion of the screen, something larger, or indeed the full screen. Under the same screen, you should choose which keys will become hotkeys or shortcuts. These shortcuts reduce time wasted trying to record or overwrite something while in game play.  

select world of war recording area

Step 4: Under the screen tab, opt for the record a game choice, not forgetting to select whether audio should be merged in. By default, the audio will be gotten automatically via the mic. In you prefer not to have that happen, select Don’t Capture to end the recording of any sounds.

democreator settings

Step 5: Sometimes you want to record your reactions to a game. In this case, recording World of Warcraft gameplay will require you to select the webcam setup and glance over the various settings. These choices are frame rates and, of course, resolutions.

Step 6: Proceed to hit the red button and start recording. The process will begin in 3 seconds. You can also enable screen drawing feature before this step.

start to record gameplay

Step 7: Start Capturing by selecting the F10 keys or simply clicking the capture option. Recording begins almost instantaneously after you click on that icon. Clicking the start/ stop button again will cease recording.

recording world of warcraft

Step 8: There are other options too if you want to pause then resume recording later. Using the F9 key, you can pause the video and continue on another scene. After you have recorded your video, visit customization options in the recorder window.  

edit game video in democreator

Step 9: When recording World of Warcraft Gameplay, adjust frame rates to create seamless videos.  When your recording is finalized, the end product can be accessed under saved recordings and open on the editor. You can now edit and add captions or text to any part of the recorded video, before publishing on social media sites, or forwarding it through emails.


For game recording, little software match the caliber of these two applications. Bandicam may seem a tad more popular with gamers, but Wondershare DemoCreator is increasingly gaining popularity as a handy application for all sort of screen capturing and game recording. Bandicam from the outset seems to be a tad more user-friendly, but both provide the same services and results needed by all gamers. It is left to the consumer to decide which software gets the best results in the minimum amount of time, with minimal effort. Our choice would be Wondershare DemoCreator, perhaps because of the easy to navigate toolbar with the game pad and record icon placed close by for convenience.