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How to Use Xbox Game Bar to Record Screen on Windows 11

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

You may record gameplay for different reasons. If you want to capture your tactics or strategies while you are playing your favorite game then it will cause your benefits for many reasons.

Other gamers will start admiring you, they will follow all your techniques, and especially they will give their best attraction to those tactics or strategies you would share to show them how to pass a particular level. On the other hand, you can also start your YouTube career with the same plan described above in your hands.


There are hundreds of gamers that earn millions from YouTube just because they are sharing their gameplays while they are playing them. You can also follow this. Recording or streaming your gameplays will help you in this. You just need streaming or recording tools and you are ready to go.

If you are a windows 10 or 11 users and want to record gameplay for your YouTube channel or for any social media site then you can simply use Microsoft Xbox Game Bar application in Windows operating system.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 both have proved to be good for gamers as both operating systems contain all the features that a game needs to play the games or record it.

In this article, we will tell you how you can record your gameplays with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Bar on Windows 11 or 10. We will also tell you how to set a game bar so that it would produce the best results for you. In the last sections of the article, we will also tell you the best alternative to the Xbox game bar.

Part1. Introducing Xbox Game Bar

As described above, both Windows 10 and 11 have proved to be good for gaming because of Microsoft's support for gaming functionalities in both operating system versions.

Windows 10 has a separate setting page for gaming functionalities while windows 11 came with multiple more features than Windows 10 provided. But the thing is the same in both is Xbox application support for both versions of windows.


If you are using Windows 10 then you have to get this application free from the Microsoft store while Windows 11 users get this application built-in in their Windows. Xbox game bar is the best-known screen recorder and screenshot capture tool that is specially developed for gameplay recording.

Not only gameplay recording but you can also stream live with the Windows game bar.

The application comes with dozens of gaming recording features that will allow you to record your gameplay in the most efficient way. Not only screen recording settings but you can also adjust audio settings in the Xbox game bar.


There is so much ease for the users who use the Xbox game bar to record their gameplay. Like users can start recording, streaming, and stopping them with the shortcut keys they would set. Not only starting or stopping the recording but they can also adjust the settings with multiple Xbox game bar shortcut keys.

With the Xbox game bar, you can track your CPU and GPU performances in a short squared window that you can also add as a widget on your main window. Xbox game bar on Windows 10 and 11 allows you to add voiceovers on your recordings plus, you can also create clips out of your large recordings too.

Part2. How to set up Capture Options in Xbox Game Bar

In this and further sections, we will tell you how to set the Xbox game bar on Windows 10 or 11 so that it would work in the way that you want. Before jumping into the Xbox game bar settings, you should adjust some capture settings of your windows operating system. Follow the below steps as they are.

First, you have to open the settings window of your windows desktop like below. You can write it on the search bar or you can simply press the Windows + I keys simultaneously.


After opening the settings window, from the leftmost vertical panel. Click on the gaming option. A gaming window will appear. This is the same window that we have talked about in the above introduction settings that Microsoft made windows game efficient and provided a whole game setting windows so that the users can play games easily.

When the gaming window will open, click on the captures. This capture window gives you all the options so that you can adjust your gameplay recordings. It also provides you an option from where you can directly go to the folder where your gameplay recordings are stored and sorted.

For this click on the Open Folder button.


You can also set the maximum time length in which you want to record your gameplay. The best thing you can do from here is to check open the record what happened option and then when the best moment would come in the game you can capture it by pressing Windows logo key + Alt + G keys.

This page also gives you the option whether you also want to capture the audio while recording gameplay. You can also set the video frame rate and video quality. You can set these settings according to you. Don’t forget to tweak these preferences before recording.

If you have done the settings then you can get into the below section.

Start recording Screen Using Xbox Game Bar

After the above capture settings, open the game you want to record and then press the Windows logo + g key to open up the Xbox game bar application. When the application opens, it will lay all of its widgets on the game window. Each widget has its own functionalities that you would need while recording the gameplay. Like below.


The widget for you is on the top-middle of the window. It is called the game bar, from here you can select what widget would stay on the window and what not. If you want more settings then you can click on the cog icon to bring up those settings.


To start your recording, you can click on the start recording option from the widget that is on the upper-left corner of the screen. You can also press the Windows logo + Alt + R keys to start your recording. From the same widget window, you can mute audio, take a screenshot. These options are also shown below.


As you will start your recording, another widget window will appear on your screen. This widget functionality is that it will show you the timer that shows how long you can record gameplay and it will remain there until the recording stops.


You can stop your recording by clicking the blue button.

Once your recording will stop, you will see an alert telling you that the game clip has been recorded. You can see those captures in videos folders and then go to capture folder.


Changing Audio Inputs in Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox game bar also allows you to add your voice on the game clips or recording. You can also do commentary while gameplay recording too. You can do this by simply clicking the cog icon that will show you the audio settings of the Xbox game bar. You will click the same cog icon that has been shown to you in the above section.

After clicking the settings(cog icon) option, click the capturing option from the settings window.


In the window above, under the audio to record heading, you have three audio options. Select the one you want and move on to start recording.

Launching Xbox Game Bar Using a Keyboard Shortcut or Controller

In the default manner, you can bring up the game bar window by pressing the Windows logo + g, but if your Xbox controller or console is also plugged with your PC then you cannot open the game bar with the console. If you want that you can open the game bar from your console then you have to set it from your windows desktop settings.

Open up your settings windows by searching it on the search bar. Then click on the gaming option in the same way. Now, select the Xbox game bar.


Then you can turn on the Xbox Game Bar using the button on a controller.


Check open the option shown here to make your Xbox console open the game bar.

Part3. Xbox Game Bar Alternative - DemoCreator

If you don’t want to record gameplay with an Xbox game bar because of its lack of some functionalities then you can choose the best alternative that is developed by the Wondershare called DemoCreator. DemoCreator is the best and well-known screen recorder and video editor software that is available easily on the internet and is used by many gamers and experts.


DemoCreator gives both options of recording screen and editing your clips or videos. And for both of its options, it has introduced hundreds of features that can be used. DemoCreator has more than five hundred video editing resources plus, it has a separate game recorder mode in its screen recording options.

Below are some ways that you can record your screen and edit your recording from DemoCreator.

How to record screen with audio and webcam

DemoCreator provides you with an option where you can record your gameplay with your commentary and your webcam video.

  • Download and install the DemoCreator and launch the window. At first, it will ask if you want to record screen or edit your videos. Go for the Record.
  • A small widget-like window will appear. From here, don’t turn off the screen and audio option if you also want to record them with a webcam. For enabling webcam and recording it, enable the webcam option named Full HD webcam from the same window.


  • After that, click on the red button to start your recording. To stop the recording, click on the same red button.

How to cut video

After stopping the recording, your video will appear in the DemoCreator video editor window. Where you can edit it or export it simply. If you want to edit another video then you have to import it to the application.

  • You can import your media files by clicking the file option on the above panel or from the leftmost panel, you can select the file option to import.


  • After importing, your video will appear on the project panel. From there you can drag it the timeline window that is below and has a scale-like structure.


  • Right-click on the video you want to cut on the timeline and then select cut from the option. To cut a section of a video, place the playhead on the section of the video from where or till you want to cut then again right-click and then click on cut.


How to add video transition, caption, annotation, text effect

After you have added your videos to the timeline. From the left-most corner, click on the transition option. A window will appear with multiple transition effects that you can select and drag and drop them to the timeline on the video section where you want them to be.

Not only transition, but you can also add captions, annotations, text effects by the same method after clicking on the options available to you at the left corner. These options look like these.

After clicking on these options, the window will appear with multiple annotations, captions, or texts that you can drag to the timeline.

How to export with different formats

After you have completed your editing, you can export your file in different formats. You can also upload them on YouTube too. To export.

  • Click on the export button available on the top right-most corner of the screen.
  • After that, you will see a window that has two options of sharing on YouTube or saving your video on your computer. Select according to your plan. You can also set the resolutions in which you want to save or export or set the format in which you want to save the video.


Final Thought

It's up to you to choose between Xbox game bar or DemoCreator to record your gameplays. But always choose the DemoCreator if you also want to edit your videos too.

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