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  • 2. Record your computer screen, microphone, and webcam simultaneously.
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Best Bandicam Alternative for Windows and Mac

David Wilson
2024-03-01 20:17:27 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

Bandicam is one of the most advanced types of game recording software that money can buy. It allows you to record a specified area of your screen or the whole screen and allows you to record with a high compression ratio allowing you to save one space. It has been shown to be superior to many similar types of software however there are Bandicam alternatives out there. Bandicam is available for $39, you will also be able to find more about the Bandicam capabilities to see whether or not it is the right choice for you.

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Best Alternatives for Windows

If you have windows then you will need a recorder that works well with it. Here are a few Bandicam alternatives to try:

1 Wondershare DemoCreator

DemoCreator allows users to create and edit videos. It is able to help you to load everything from video’s to picture and music and play them back as stories on many devices. You can also publish your videos directly to YouTube, Facebook and many other sites. It’s simple to import media to edit and add voice overs and overlay webcam screens to your gameplay.

2 Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro can be bought for $49.95. It’s simple to use for beginners but gives you professional results for your gameplay recording. You can record both visual and audio concurrently and convert your files into MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV and SWF giving you more options without losing quality. You can edit your recordings as you go or save them to edit later which is excellent news for those that want to make live recordings. Schedule when you want the recording to start for ease of use and upload to the cloud to save more room on your computer.


3 CamStudio

CamStudio is available to download for free. This Bandicam alternative lets users record their screen and audio activity from their computer to create an AVI file then using the producer change it to streaming flash videos. It can be used for demonstrating gameplay, tutorials and tricks and so much more. Whether you are trying to sell a product or just want to showcase your own gameplay this Bandicam alternative is simple to use and best of all it’s free however it won’t have the amount of functions a paid competitor would.


4 Webcamera (online video recorder)

Webcamera is a free online video recorder, you can use it to record your gameplay with only a webcam and access to the internet which is good news for those on a budget just starting out. The online app allows you to record video as well as take pictures from your browser. It has settings that can be tweaked and is easy to use for those that are just starting out. Unlike other free recorders there is no limit on the size of video you can record. You choose the quality, select the volume and even reduce echo from your browser. The recorded data is secure so that only you have access to it making it a great choice if you are looking for Bandicam alternatives.


#5 Screencastify (Screen Video Recorder) – chrome extension

Screencastify is a free add on for Google Chrome that can be used to capture screenshots and video. You can record just one tab or the entire desktop easily just by clicking a button and as it is synced with the G-suite you don’t need additional software. There is a free version available which allows you to record up to 10 minutes for each video recording. This has a watermark and limits you to 50 videos each month. You cannot use the MP4 and certain other features but it is good for learning to use and deciding whether or not it is worth paying for. You can record, edit your recordings, store and even share from the add on making it one of the simple to use Bandicam alternatives for beginners.


Best Alternatives for Mac

If you are looking for Bandicam alternatives for your Mac then read on for both free and paid software for your game recording and much more.


OBS is one of the free Bandicam alternatives that works with both Windows and MAC. It’s free to download which is good news for beginners and those on a budget. You can capture in real time and divide your video into scenes that you can edit separately if you wish. It also has an audio mixer to help you to get the best quality recordings for your needs and has been made to be simple enough for first time recorders to use. It also has many functions that would suit those that have used recording and editing software in the past. It works with all the most popular streaming platforms making it easier for you to share your completed videos with your followers.



2 Camtasia

If you are willing to spend more for quality and choice then the Camtasia is a premium Bandicam alternative for those that want to take their gaming videos to the next level. It costs $199 and allows you to create professional recordings even if you are a novice. You can add a number of special effects to your videos with text, icons and images and every video is promised to be as clear and crisp as it can possible be. All video elements can be dragged and dropped to the preview. You can even edit up to 4K resolution for the longest of videos while maintaining quality. The fast rendering time and stability allows you to take on complex edits and projects without causing lag speeding up the time it takes to create a perfect video. Add motion backgrounds, music that is royalty free and pre-set icons, or just use your own.


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3 ScreenRecord Studio

The ScreenRecord Studio can be purchased for $29.95. It has a way to capture your screen using an all in one function to make it easy to get powerful videos without previous expertise. Everything in the package is included to help you to import, edit and engage your viewers. You can even add voiceovers and cam overlays to personalise the experience further. There is no limit to the amount of layers you can add and you can edit movies in SD, HD and numerous other sizes. If you do make a mistake you can use the undo function so you don’t have to start from scratch. Adapt the lighting and add credits to the end of your recordings if you wish.