Best Screen Recorders for Chrome

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Free & Online Recording Tools

We live in a world where sharing moments can be equated with the sharing of information and creating memories. This creates the need for a screen recorder that can save and capture content on Chrome and make it shareable. This helps particularly the users who want to share tutorials or videos which explain how features of particular product work. Google Chrome offers many such extensions. The best screen recorder Google Chrome is the one that has the capability of capturing portions of the screen or the screen as a whole.

 Video quality also determines the size of the file which is going to be saved. Some users might require the video to be of superior quality and which would mean that the size of the video is going to be huge. On the other hand, there are going to be users who require the video to be shareable quickly even if there is a compromise in the video quality. The other property of a screen recorder extension is that it can be saved for use later.

The extensions may give the option of recordings being saved on a cloud apart from being saved on the computer. This would also depend on user choices and some users might want to keep their recordings more secure and prefer having them saved on a cloud. There are extensions that provide the option of saving it to a local computer without saving it on a cloud. Here is a list of the different screen recorders for Chrome.

1. Screen Recorder

screen recorder

The first extension which we are going to cover is the Screen Recorder. This is a Google Chrome free screen recorder that allows the users to record any video of their choice and it also allows the users to capture the recording from a screen which may be a desktop or the Chrome tab or any other window. The brilliant feature about this is that there are no watermarks or there aren't any sign-ups that are required. It also comes in 5 different languages. The user has the option of recording an unlimited number of videos.

2. Screencastify


Screencastify is one of the most popular extensions for screen recording. This extension has millions of users and allows the users to record from the browser tab, desktop, and webcam capture. This offers the videos in HD format and also provides the option of editing the videos and trimming and cutting them. The videos are then saved automatically to the Google drive and a shareable link becomes available. The videos can become available in the form of an MP4 or MP3 format. They are also available in the form of GIFs.

3. Grephy Screen Recorder

This screen recorder records the screen with a single click. When the share button is clicked, the Grephy Screen Recorder starts to record a screen, and once the recording is done and then on the click of a button the video stops recording after which the recording gets saved by itself on the default location of the desktop. For the audio part, the source may be the audio of the system or the microphone or there may be no audio in some cases making it one of the best screen audio recorder Chrome has to offer.

4. ApowerREC

apowerrec extension

This is a powerful screen recorder that allows the video recordings straight away from the extension. ApowerREC is easy to use as well as it can recorder capturing desktop, browser, webcam, as well as system sound, microphone, or both. This is a tool that is particularly useful for users' gameplay, meeting recording, live streaming since it is extremely easy to use.

5. Nimbus Video Recorder


This extension features among the best Chrome OS screen recorder extensions because it captures screenshots and allows the user to edit it. It also allows the users to trim the recorded screencasts and even provides the option of converting it to MP4 and GIF formats. There is also an option of adding annotations to the screen captures which makes this one extremely valuable to have as an extension. This extension allows the users to upload the screencasts and screenshots quickly. In the premium version of the extension, a watermark can be added as well.

6. HYFY Screen Recorder

This is an extension that records the voice as well as the video of the user along with its mouse cursor. Upon ending the recording, the user gets a link that can be copied and sent to anyone. The impressive thing about this extension is that the viewer of the video does not need any specific software to view the recorded video. In HYFY Screen Recorder's free version, the screen recorder can record 4 minutes for a single browser tab.

7. Viewedit


The Viewedit extension provides a key feature which is to track the person who is watching the recorded video and also for how long is it being watched. This is in addition to the video recording it offers for free. The user can record up to an hour of high-quality video. It also allows editing of the videos and the ability to draw on the captured video or add the speaking notes. The video can be mailed or shared on social media too.

8. Awesome Screenshot

awesome screenshot

This is an extremely easy-to-use extension where the user gets to capture both videos and screenshots and save them in different video quality sizes. Awesome Screenshot offers its users the option to pause the video at any time. It creates a shareable link and also allows the capture to be saved as an MP4 video or to be downloaded directly to the desktop. The users can blur a few portions of the video in this extension.

9. Animated GIF

The extension allows the contents of a desktop or a device to be saved on the window in the form of an animated GIF. The application is extremely simple to use and also displays the time that is taken for converting the screen capture into a GIF. This is a kind application which is used particularly for GIFS. The Animated GIF can be configured through the options page and it adds an action through which the screen can be captured.

10. Outklip


The extension is meant more importantly for the people who want to unleash their creativity on video sharing or social media platforms. The Outklip extension offers zero lag time between the creation of the video and the presentation of the videos. This is an extension that has a lot of features packed into it to give the content creators an edge in their videos. It is one extension which is useful for saving the space on hard drive and time of the content creator.


The world today is full of those who want to be creative in their way of creating content and become useful particularly with the advent of social media. Content creators all over the world have a global audience that can be reached at the click of a button. The screen recorder software that are offered by Chrome offer a huge boon to the content creators because they can become an easy way for the users to create their content the way they want to with multiple features that these extensions offer. The extensions offer options such as trimming of the video adding notes and even commentary through narration.

The users can also convert their videos into GIFS or create links that can be shared through various platforms. The videos can also be of different quality and occupy different amounts of space on the desktops depending upon screen resolutions. This has allowed many users particularly gamers and tutors to reach a wider audience which they would not have been able to reach in the absence of such extensions. The screen recorder Chrome has allowed the addition of text and annotation making it useful for many users to make their videos very productive. The above-mentioned screen recorders have created a different dimension in content creation and if you are interested in content creation or just want to share what you see with your contacts, you would find the above extensions useful.