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Start a YouTube Side Hustle That Can Really Make Money

Oliva Eve
Oliva Eve Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Apr 18, 24

Numerous people in the recession have started side businesses to earn their living, and more people are debating which types of undertakings are best for individuals. As it turns out, setting up a side hustle on YouTube is much simpler than you might expect. It is feasible to earn money from YouTube through a handful of leisurely activities, even though admission to the YouTube Partner Program necessitates meeting particular criteria, such as earning upwards of 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours observed over the previous year.

In this article
  1. Does Having a Side Hustle Allow You to Make More Money?
  2. 3 Tips Side Hustles That Are Still Beneficial in 2023
  3. You make money from anywhere
  4. YouTube as a side hustle
  5. Which Side Hustles Pay the Most?
  6. What is WonderShare DemoCreator’s procedure for creating a YouTube thumbnail?
  7. Final words

Part 1: Why Launch a YouTube Side Hustle?

If you are already aware of YouTube's substantial user base, why would you want to use it to make additional money?

To begin with, YouTube focuses on video, and producing exciting content is probably the best strategy. So are not required to just our version for it; a sizable 2021 analysis found that:

  • In general, people can watch 18 hours of videos per week.
  • Compared to other multimedia types, shoppers are double as inclined to share videos with friends.
  • Additional support to have observed videos to understand further about products or services 96% of the time.

Part 2: Does Having a Side Hustle Allow You to Make More Money?

In contrast to being a viable option to supplement your full salary and earn spare money, side jobs can help you beat deflation and increase your monthly wage by 10%, 20%, or 30%. There are indeed 18 familiar revenue sources for you to think about.

Part 3: 3 Tips Side Hustles That Are Still Beneficial in 2023

It's crucial to pick a side hustle that matches your temperament and technical skills; for example, if you hate selling, you should not launch a venture that requires you to interact with customers one-on-one. A pet business, however, might be an excellent fit if you have a lot of experience with pets. Ensure that you are focusing your energy on critical task.

Tip 1: Do not invest immediately once; instead, start modest: One cannot overestimate the importance of beginning small. You will be leagues ahead of those who start soon if you take baby moves today to establish a side business.

YouTube Side Hustles

Susie Moore, a professional trainer and creator of the side hustle manual says that the present is the ideal moment to begin. What Happens If It Works Out? She does not, however, think that everybody should leave their day job. Before quitting her day job and focusing solely on her career planning company, Moore expanded it for 18 months. "I waited since I had a consistent monthly salary", she explains. "Humans don't make sound choices if we're short on cash."

Tip 2: Clearly state your motivations for beginning: Nearly everyone wants to quit their extended position. Your motivation can be to eliminate debt, accumulate a savings account, increase your superannuation investment, or save money for a home purchase with a down payment.

Tip 3: Make time a priority: According to the 24/7 "rise-and-grind" hustle mentality, you must sacrifice sleep (among other things) to create a lucrative side hustle. Still, not that, claims one professional.

It's a big myth that you must work 15 to 30 hours per week on a side business for it to succeed, according to Sherry. He advises establishing non-negotiable periods to engage on your subject alone. This doesn't need to take an extended period.


Tip 4: Request what you are worth: It might be difficult to overcome your initial side hustle when you're reluctant to charge people for your services. "When I first began, I was hesitant. Is it something I want to charge for?" Russell explains. "But as time passed, I saw that I was meeting a need for another corporation."

People are very apprehensive about that now, but Moore argues that establishing a straightforward way to pay a price for your services is essential. And it's crucial to devote a significant portion of your time to pursuits that genuinely bring in money. You can put in a lot of hectic tasks that pay you nothing.

Part 4: You make money from anywhere:

One of its many positive aspects YouTube as a side hustle is that it can be performed everywhere. Making videos doesn't require being in a studio or a comfy desk.

They don't even require a significant amount of gear to make films; you can do it anyplace you have a camera. With the newest tech, you can make videos on the fly using a mobile phone.

Part 5: YouTube as a side hustle:

It's often challenging to figure out how to allocate the time while side hustling. It can be challenging to fit in all you want to accomplish because there is constantly so much they want to do.

YouTube is ideal if you want to earn money as a side hustle. It's a limited means of earning money that enables you to pursue your passions and show yourself that you can complete a particular activity.

Let's look at why, in my opinion, using YouTube as a side business is the most effective way to earn money currently.

Part 6: Which Side Hustles Pay the Most?

Beginning a side business to increase your income can be thrilling and intimidating. You want to make the most of your limited time outside your full-time employment.

Facilitate the process for individuals to compensate you when you establish your voice and clients. It could be worthwhile to put up a marketing funnel even if your side business doesn't use marketplaces or apps like the ones mentioned previously. According to Brian Johnson, a marketing consultant, and instructor, sales funnels are digital marketing tools that keep business ideal customers from missing in the internet's clutter.

Part 7: What is WonderShare DemoCreator’s procedure for creating a YouTube thumbnail?

DemoCreator: WonderShare DemoCreator is an advanced application for making or distributing watches online. You can use material containing a video editor, a tape recorder, and a game recorder, enabling you to complete all of your tasks conveniently with a single application.

Users can comment on the display while you shoot, and you can use various special effects. The WonderShare DemoCreator also contains animations, a green screen, face unlock, pan and zoom capabilities, and more. Your gaming streaming will remain professional, although if you're familiar with employing another application as your primary streaming tool.

Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.

Making a YouTube thumbnail using WonderShare DemoCreator:

Let's check the detailed instructions needed to personalize YouTube thumbnails with WonderShare DemoCreator.

Step 1Download and Install Wonder Share DemoCreator:

To unlock the WonderShare DemoCreator program's YouTube thumbnail modification option, you first download it directly from the online webpage. Download the software once it's fully installed on your device, which may run on Windows or Mac.

Install Wondershare DemoCreator
Step 2Use images as your YouTube thumbnail:

Utilizing a photo pertinent to the YouTube clip you are promoting is the most acceptable strategy to generate a captivating thumbnail that draws viewers and encourages clicks. For this situation, a snapshot of your face with a humorous look would be ideal.

After you are ready, transfer this photo and your finished YouTube video into WonderShare DemoCreator's video production section. Drag the images to the appropriate sequence after pausing the streaming of your video clip after import till it reaches the ideal screen.

YouTube thumbnail
Step 3Thumbnail a sticker effect:

Your YouTube thumbnail becomes more eye-catching and appealing by applying sticker effects to an image. One of these pictures appears, but not the other. The thick boundary created by the sticker effects causes the pop-up to emerge.

With only one click, you can create this same sticker effect on your chosen image using WonderShare DemoCreator. All you have to do to achieve this is click on the sticker effect option, and a thick frame will surround your photo.

sticker effect
Step 4Bold wording for your Tumbnail:

The thumbnail for each video on the YouTube website or in a search engine usually seems to be exceptionally tiny, which might not accurately represent the artistic vision we are attempting to convey. Although this problem may be rectified by adding a large, bold, and attractive text that the visitor can see, which will encourage them to engage with your webpage.

On the top screen, select the textual button to add text to your thumbnail. You can then decide whether to add a text file or choose another textual theme.

add text
Step 5Your thumbnail can be captured and saved.

For reasons that are well-known to us, people all across the universe wanted to be able to take a screenshot of your thumbnail with WonderShare DemoCreator. To achieve this, save all the thumbnails by clicking the "Snapshot" icon on your WonderShare DemoCreator App. Whenever you download your video, ensure the resolution is 1280 x 720.

You know to understand how to utilize WonderShare DemoCreator to edit your YouTube thumbnail. To move on, let's examine what makes a YouTube thumbnail enjoyable.

Save project

Part 8: Final Words

Another new means of generating income has emerged, thanks to YouTube. By expressing their talents and imaginations with millions of viewers at home, in classrooms, or at work, individuals can influence the mass through this online system.

Another way that YouTube affects mobile viewing is how consumers watch TV, movies, football, and other content. Additionally, YouTube allows video providers to make a living that can change their careers. Take YouTube if you're seeking easy methods for making extra income and wish to attempt everything safely.

Oliva Eve
Oliva Eve Apr 18, 24
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