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How to Flip YouTube Videos Horizontally

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:42:26 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

YouTube is the most well-known site for video sharing on the internet. This platform is mainly used for uploading, advertisement, and commercialization of their videos.

To comfortably watch and enjoy YouTube videos, you may have to flip videos right or left to gain the correct angle. This will make your viewing experience smooth and enjoyable. Unfortunately, flipping a video is not the option available on YouTube.

Sometimes, you may face difficulty in flipping YouTube videos either when downloading or before uploading. So, if you're facing the same issue then relax. This article will assist you in resolving this issue.

Nowadays there is a need for professional video editing to dramatically improve the quality of your videos. This article will show you how to flip YouTube videos horizontally on desktops, Mac by using the DemoCreator software.

Part1. Why will you need to flip YouTube videos?

Everything is on the opposite side when two people are facing each other. They're moving to their left while they go to your right. When you're trying to imitate someone else's actions, such as in a dancing instruction, this might be frustrating and confusing.

This issue can be fixed by mirroring the video. Because their left is identical to your left, it's much easier to mimic their actions.

Part2. How to record and mirror YouTube videos

YouTube does not offer a webcam recording option. You may record and save a video using software on your computer. Later the video may be uploaded on YouTube. If you are using a mobile phone, you can make videos with your phone’s camera and upload them using the YouTube app.

Users can mirror their videos on their computers in many ways.  Rotation can be done either by using diverse and powerful software or by built-in programs on your device.

Part3. Flip your video with DemoCreator

It's a smart choice to rotate the video before uploading it on YouTube, However, if you have downloaded a YouTube video, you may adjust the angle by using video editing software.

DemoCreator with advanced functions is the right choice in improving your editing process. It is one of the YouTube video rotators that are both efficient and popular. Its basic and easy procedure is user-friendly for all users, especially for new users. It also includes a variety of editing options, such as cutting, trimming, reversing, merging, and so on.

Part4. Steps to use DemoCreator to record and mirror YouTube video

By steps, you can flip your video to any angle with this finest video editor.

Import media

By clicking “Import Media Files” and search for the video you're looking for. After browsing select your particular video recording.


After selection, the media will appear here in your library.


From the library drag your video and drop it into the timeline.


The video will appear in the canva box.


Mirror the video

We use the mirror effect to get the video correctly and to grasp the idea of what's going on in the video.

To get the mirror effect in your video go to the “Effects” option.


After selection, many options pop up. Select “Mirror Effects”.


Apply mirror effects to the video.


The mirror effect will apply to your video, and you can play it.


Splitting your video

You can split your video into many parts by clicking the “Split” option available in the timeline.


Now if you want to apply the mirror effect and flip your selected split parts, then drag the mirror option and drop it in your chosen parts.


Apply green screen effect

The green screen, often known as chroma key, creates imaginative illusions with a background. Using a green screen background may provide you a lot of possibilities, whether you're presenting a city in another nation or just want to get rid of the "messy" scene behind you. The green screen effect is used to change the background of your video. To give your video special effects green screen is mainly used.

The green screen is an ideal solution if you want to improve your videos or edit your pictures with a creative background to convey your message. You may record your video in any location without needing to travel!

The DemoCreator software is also featured with the green screen effect. By clicking the effects option you can edit your video with the green screen and change your video background as per your demands.


Export video to different platforms

After completing your recorded and edited video, you can export it. By clicking “Export” in the toolbar to export your video to the different platforms you want.


You can save your video in different formats like MP4, MP3, AVI, and so on. You can change its setting like resolution, frame rate, and size. You can also add a watermark to your video by clicking the “Export with the Watermark” option. You can also remove the added watermark by clicking the “Remove Watermark option”.


After selecting the format you can export and share your video directly on YouTube. Enter your Gmail id for sign-in. Give a name to your project with a brief description. You can also add tags to your video. Change your video settings like quality, category, and privacy.


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YouTube does not have a feature that allows you to flip a video. But it doesn't rule out the possibility of flipping a YouTube video.  To do so, we've introduced you to powerful editing software.

Using DemoCreator Video Editor, you can record a video, mirror a video, add effects to the video, and make a green screen video. The article has shown you how to flip videos upside down and how to mirror YouTube videos. In short, DemoCreator is software that includes video, audio, and picture editing features. When you need to handle your media files, you'll save a lot of time by using this toolbox instead of looking for one specialized program with limited editing options.

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