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How to Make OBS Only Record Game Audio

Alma Elliott
2023-06-06 13:54:32 • Filed to: Game Recording Tools

While most PC games center around giving clients an exciting visual encounter, a few games have better sound parts. Meanwhile, learning about how to make OBS only record game sound might be a panic task. Hence, you should record the sound of these games on your PC. Fortunately, you have different instruments to record the game sound. OBS Studio represents a free and open-source device to help you catch your screen, record sound, and stream media. Hence, it's mandatory for you to how to make OBS record game audio It is accessible for various stages, which implies OBS catches game sound on your Windows, Mac, and even Linux PCs for the sound catch.

OBS is one of the free and open-source apparatuses to catch the game sound on your PC. Other than it, different apparatuses permit you to record and save your game sound also. With regards to recording game sound and how to make OBS only record game audio, you need to choose the right sound OBS hotspot for your games, and this instrument will begin catching the game sound for you. Whenever that is done, you would then be able to mess with your recorded document in any way you need. OBS is an allowed to-utilize open-source device utilized for screen recording and live streaming. It's accessible for Windows, macOS, and Linux right now. It's a famous decision by more experienced clients since there is a wide range of things you can change inside the product.

1. How to Record Game Audio with OBS

While most PC games center around giving clients an exciting visual encounter, a few games have better sound parts. Therefore, you should record the sound of these games on your PC. Fortunately, you have numerous instruments to record the game sound. OBS Studio represents Open Broadcaster Software, and it is a free and open-source instrument to help you catch your screen, record sound, and stream media. It is accessible for various stages, which implies OBS catches game sound on your Windows, Mac, and even Linux PCs for a sound catch.

For Windows PC Users:

Recording outer sound through the microphone is simple. You don't need to introduce a sound recorder as the Windows framework has the inherent sound recorder. However, imagine a scenario in which you need to record sound that is playing from the actual gadget, like online music, game sound. Here we will utilize OBS, the free open telecaster application, on a Windows PC to show you how any interior sound from your PC, similar to the sound from an internet browser, YouTube, Skype, Spotify, video calls, live streams, or computer games can be caught.

Step 1: Select Capture Settings: Select& Desktop Audio and set it to Default, and leave other audio sources you don't want to capture to Disabled. Click OK to save the settings.

obs audio capture settings

Step 2: Select Resolution: In OBS Studio, you can set the screen resolution to your desired resolution, with your best favorite dimensions for your screen recording.

Step 3: Configure Output Settings: You can also configure the output file setting of your OBS studio. For that, you can go to the Output setting and customize the setting according to your own choice.

obs output settings

Step 4: Choose Audio Bitrate Levels and Save Recording: At last, right after the audio bitrate setting as shown below, then you are done. You can then record the internal audio from games, web browsers, YouTube, music players while recording any video using OBS Studio on your computer.

For Mac Users:

This anyway works just on Windows PCs, not Macs, as Apple has handicapped the sound chronicle from the Mac framework. To begin recording, you will initially have to accumulate the gear expected to record sound, a program to record the sound with, and an altering system to blend the sound and video on the off chance that you recorded the sound and game sound independently. Fortunately, there are outsider devices or projects that can assist us with work area sound or framework sound account on Mac. Here are the steps on how to record game audio with OBS on Mac:

obs audio settings mac

Step 1: Launch and Create New Audio Recorder Setup: Add on the + sign and create the project. If you want to enable audio monitoring in OBS Studio: Right-click in the Mixer area, Open the Advanced Audio Properties:

Step 2: Customize Record Only Feature: In OBS for Mac, this mode will yield the sound of the source to the Desktop as it were. Work area sound should be empowered for the sound to be caught. As soon as you enable this feature, head towards the recording interface.

Step 3: Set the Screen and Output Mode: In OBS Studio for Mac, this mode will output the sound of the source to the stream and Desktop sound independently. This takes into consideration singular sound control. Right after that, hit the Record button to start recording your Game Audio in parallel.

Step 4: Export and Save Output: By default, OBS Studio for Mac will output the monitor audio to the default playback device. To change the monitoring output device, open the OBS Studio settings and click on the Audio tab.

2. OBS Alternative to Record Game Audio Only

As an amazing streaming sound recorder on Windows, it empowers you to pick the sound sources unreservedly. You can catch the framework sound and sound from the receiver independently or simultaneously. That is the reason you can without much of a stretch record a voiceover when you are catching the game sound. If you are a substance maker, you may be acquainted with the significance of a decent screen recorder and a video supervisor. Fortunately, there are some best-in-class devices out there like Wondershare DemoCreator that would meet your prerequisites in a single spot.

DemoCreator is a screen and sound recorder and a video editorial manager to meet your after-creation needs. Wondershare DemoCreator is positioned among the top screen recorders for pc due to its astounding highlights. It is available for both Windows and Mac users. And to begin with, it has a simple to-utilize interface that anybody can easily use regardless of his/her education level. You can likewise record anything you are spilling on your PC and survey it later. To know more about how can you use this software as the best alternative to the OBS Studio, we've got you covered.

Steps to Record Audio with DemoCreator

Here's the step-by-step guide for you to follow if you're into recording your game audio only with DemoCreator.

Step 1: Install and Launch DemoCreator: To kickstart with this software, you need to install this software on your PC or MacBook if it isn't installed already.
After the installation/Updating will be done, now launch the software from the Applications/Utilities of Windows or MacBook.

Step 2: Open the Recorder Window: Now to advance with the recording, you need to select the New Recording button from the launching window which will take you to the recorder of DemoCreator as follows:

democreator interface

Step 3: Setup Audio/Video Game Recording Options
In the next step, you need to set up the audio and video settings from the recorder window. To only record audio, you can disable the screen capture option. However, if you want to record both video, system audio and microphone sound, you can enable the options from here too. After you've set up the screen and audio, now hit the record button which will start recording.

record game audio

Step 4: Edit the Game Recording
As soon as you've hit the stop recording button, it will open up the video editor of DemoCreator which has the recorded media file. Now to edit the file, you can drag it to the timeline and do audio as well as video editing to your recorded media file.
If you want to skip the editing process and export it directly to your computer, you can use the FastExport option by doing right-click on the media file and selecting the Fast Export option.

edit audio

Step 5: Export/Share your Recording
In the final step, you can perform the exporting and sharing option from the video editor of Wondershare DemoCreator with a few clicks. To advance with that, hit the Export button at the top-right corner of the screen and customize the exporting options including output format and the output directory. Now if you want to share your recording directly to your YouTube channel then you can do that with a few clicks as well, just by hitting the YouTube tab from the exporting window and after Signing in to your YouTube channel, you can directly share your masterpiece to the YouTube.

3. Related FAQs

How Do I Get Game Audio on OBS?

You need to determine a sound gadget to catch from either in Settings > Audio or by adding a sound info source to your scene. On the off chance that your essential/work area sound gadget is set to your Default sound yield gadget, at that point any program that yields sound to that gadget will be yield to your stream. It is highly unlikely in OBS to locally ONLY record the game, or specifically not catch X program; it's simply getting sound from the gadget you've set it to watch.

Why OBS Doesn't Record Game Audio

The fundamental driver of this issue is frequently hard to pinpoint and they are regularly very unforeseen. many sound settings should be set up appropriately if you need OBS to work appropriately. You should set your speakers as default, change Stereo Mix, and surprisingly empower a few improvements to get OBS to work appropriately on your PC. This is an in-application setting for OBS. On the off chance that the default Desktop sound gadget isn't set accurately, the sound won't be recorded. Ensure you change it!

How to Record Discord and Game Audio Separately OBS?

Discord is an extraordinary stage for gamers and different networks to meet up and talk, offering text and voice correspondence free of charge. Strife doesn't offer an alternative to record these discussions, yet it is conceivable utilizing outsider arrangements. To communicate your Discord sound and to allow watchers to tune in to the discussions you're having with your gaming companions and colleagues, you'll need to catch your Discord sound with OBS. This should allow viewers to hear your Discord audio. However, you can also take some steps to boost the quality of this audio.

Voice and text informing stage Discord are quite possibly the most mainstream bits of gaming application accessible. Disunity assists with uniting networks of gamers and it's incredible for causing companions and conversing with individuals who have similar interests as you. To catch your Discord sound, first, you need to add a work area sound source to your scene. To do this, click the in addition to signing (+) in the space that says "Sources" and afterward select "Work area Audio". You can have up to two work area sound sources, so you can in any case communicate the sound that is coming from the game or program that you are playing or utilizing. Whatever you use to tune in to Discord, click on it, at that point click "Apply" and "Alright" to save these settings.