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How to Record Screen in Asus Smartphone and Laptop?

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:37:36 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

Asus is among the leading brands when it comes to laptops and phones and many users of Asus phones and laptops use it for many uses. One such use of these devices might be content creation. With the technology boom, content creation has become one of the most important phenomena in the world today. There is no shortage of people who are creating tutorials and uploading them on social media and video sharing apps.

Asus screen recorder

An important part of content creation these days is screen recording. The Asus screen recorder laptop version, as well as the ones which are used in phones, provide many features that may come in handy to those looking to create content. Gaming is extremely prevalent in today's world too and many gamers like to show their gaming skills off in the form of videos that they post on social media as well.

In the article here we will discuss how the Asus screen recorder works in some Asus devices. We begin with the screen recorder in Asus Max Pro M2

Part 1: How to Record Screen In Asus Max Pro M2

Particularly for tutorials, the recording of the screen on the mobile phones, the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 screen recorder can be extremely useful. This video gets recorded with sound and can create an impactful and completely explanatory video. The videos may also be used for helping an acquaintance on how to perform a particular task in a more descriptive way than explaining by a call or a text message.

The screen recorders may even be used for professional purposes for explaining a particular task to your colleague through the use of a screen recorder instead of writing an email for the same. The screen recorders also in the modern-day help in the recording of a social media story or gif which the user might want to keep as memorabilia. There may even be cases where the screen which is recorded is used in the form of evidence against something or someone. Therefore, it is an important function that is provided. The following steps need to be followed for screen recording a video.

Step 1: The volume up, as well as the power buttons, needs to be pressed simultaneously for close to two seconds. This will make a recording message appear.

Step 2: There is a screen recording message which appears and warns the user that every operation of the screen is going to be a recorder. Furthermore, it tells the user that recording for an extended time heats the phone up and also tells the user that permission is going to be required for using the microphone. Once the user clicks Agree and agrees to move on, he then moves on the next step

Asus screen recorder

Step 3: The second step requires the user to choose the quality of the mini video or the HD video. Asus microphone sound is going to be recorded by default in the device and this is a feature which becomes extremely useful when the user is trying to screen record to explain something to an acquaintance or in a case when the user wants to record something in relation to what is going on in the screen simultaneously. The user is advised to do the recording in a noise-free environment if he wants the video to be devoid of noise.

Step 4: Stopping the recording is also as easy as beginning the recording. In order to stop the recording, the user must press the volume and the power buttons together. Another way of stopping the recording would be to click on the stop button. This button appears at the top left side of the screen. Once this is done the recording gets saved into the gallery.

The screen recorder function allows the capturing of what is to be displayed on the screen and it also allows the user to capture the screenshots while the recording is on. There is another alternative through which the screen recording process can be executed.

For the starting screen recording process, the Quick Settings menu may be accessed by swiping down and then tapping the screen recorder icon for starting the recording. For making the changes to screen recording, the V icon which is near the timer, as well as a toolbar, is going to come to the screen. The stop icon needs to be tapped for stopping the recording. The screenshot icon can be tapped in order for capturing the screenshot and the settings icon can then be tapped for changing the settings.

Apart from this, the Asus screen recorder APK is available on android as well.

Part 2: How to Record Screen in Asus Laptop

Asus recording can also be done through another easy screen recorder. One of the best recorders is Wondershare DemoCreator. Wondershare DemoCreator is among the best screen recording software and also one of the most popular. This is primarily because it offers a lot of value-added services. Wondershare DemoCreator also is regarded so highly because it records higher resolution videos. In addition to that, it is among the best game recorders for Asus, as well as other brands like HP laptops and a big favorite for the gamers. The reason for that is the high range it has for the frame rates per second.

Find more video ideas from Wondershare Video Community.

The videos which are exported are extremely high-quality videos and particularly suitable for those who want to create content of the highest quality. Wondershare DemoCreator also allows picture in picture and a complete editing suite. There are further options for exporting into the MOV and MP4 options. The user can also record only a custom recording field. Wondershare DemoCreator can record from your computer and webcam simultaneously and can also import more than 50 multimedia formats when it comes to images, audio, and music files.

The process of recording videos using Wondershare DemoCreator is given below.

Step 1: Get the software and select the appropriate option. Wondershare DemoCreator needs to be downloaded into the device by the users. The user then has the option of "New Recording" and "Video Editor". One of the options is required to be selected by the users.

democreator start recording

Step 2: A recording console is going to come up on the screen and the desktop is now going to be ready for the recording. The "Capture" button needs to be pressed now. The button is at the screen's top part and after it is pressed, a countdown begins which will then lead to a countdown. The recording is also going to start if the F10 key is pressed. This video may be paused also and that can be done by the pressing of the F9 key on this computer.

record screen with democreator

Step 3: The final step is going to be the video that will be loaded in the editor which is built-in where final touch-ups can enhance this video. The video is going to then be exported for the device. Further annotations, as well as other effects, maybe along with the resizing and cropping of videos. The exported video can be saved in different sizes. These videos also become shareable in different formats on social media and video sharing platforms.

Wondershare DemoCreator provides the users with a plethora of options through which they can explore the Asus device and its screen recording feature completely. The editing tools enable the creation of a professional video. Some tutorials feature to allow the drawing of arrows and circles for helping the users to get acquainted with the software.


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Asus offers screen recording services on devices that can be used by people following the above-given means and ways. Screen recording becomes an integral part of content creation in the modern world not only for those who do it professionally in the form of tutorials and gaming videos. Asus laptop screen recorder and the screen recorders which are there on its phones gives its users a chance to explore screen recording in a way that becomes the most useful for the users. It helps in recording Instagram stories, YouTube videos, Text animation. The video recordings are saved in different formats to and for Asus users. Through their inherently built apps or other recording apps, Asus users can easily use the screen recording apps to create content and make it shareable for them and so they can share it with their contacts.