Screen Recorder App for PC, Android, iPhone, and Chrome

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Recording on Mobile

We use smartphones and PCs for a wide variety of works. And at times, we wish to record our actions on these devices. This is where the screen recorder apps come to the future. A screen record app enables the user to capture stuff that is happening on the screen on any device. It could be any meeting, calls, or any gaming session. Moreover, the use of the best screen recorder app is extensive on different devices. Here’s a list of the best video capturing applications that work well, check them out and choose the one that suits your needs.

Part 1. Screen Recorder App for PC

1. DemoCreator

The first one in the list of screen recorder apps for Windows and Mac is the Wondershare DemoCreator application. It is a program that allows us to do a variety of actions such as capturing the lectures, recording any presentation or any gaming sessions, and creating demo videos. The editing and sharing in this application are very easy and can be used by almost anyone without any prior experience. The interesting part about this particular application is that it can be used for both Windows as well as for Mac devices.

democreator lecture recording

Apart from being a powerful screen recorder application, its editing tools are very handy at times. The easy-to-use interface for the user makes it very attractive and can instantly create a plus point for the user by creating awesome videos and then with its quick share we can easily transfer the video anywhere. The user just has to click a button that's all. The screen recorder will instantly start the recording.

2. Bandicam

The second one on the list is Bandicam which is a very efficient tool for screen recording. This application is a close source type screen recorder that was developed by Bandisoft. It is by far the most advanced and easy-to-use application that can record the changes on the screen as well as take screenshots. It has a total of three modes in it. The first configuration in the application allows the user to capture one part of the screen of the computer.


The second one is the screen record mode which can capture the movie for meetings and calls. The third mode has a game recording feature. The application is known for its versatility as well as easy-to-use features. These separate modes help the user to complete the task of making a screen video very easily with just a click of a button. Then the recorder automatically starts recording the screen.

3. Flashback Express

The next one is the Flashback Express which is available for all kinds of operating systems on PC. This particular software comes in two variants. One of the variants is completely free whereas the other one is paid. The paid version lets the user remove the watermark so that there are no annotations in the final cut of the movie. And the best thing is, the price for buying the premium version is very affordable as compared to other software that is available at this price range.

flashback express

This all-in-one screen recorder can record HD videos with crystal clear audio playback. This not only creates amazing videos but let us manage them as compact file and the one-click uploading feature let us upload the video to any platform we wish. The flash movies made with this software have a great quality of audio which can be instantly edited with the inbuilt editor thus making it a very versatile application.

4. Debut

Debut is one of those screen recorders which holds several awards from app stores and critics for its easy-to-use and intuitive application interface. This video recorder for screen application can be used for both PC/Mac devices making it very effective on any platform. Moreover, this allows the user to record the screen of the computer or webcam or capture any gaming session very easily.

This application also lets the user record the screen from any source such as an IP camera or other devices. Not only this, but the user also gets to add any color or video effects along with the needed adjustments in colors. The captions adding feature and adding texts in the application is very easy to use which makes it very comfortable to make subtitles for videos.

debut video capture

5. ShareX

The last one in the list of PC screen recorders is the ShareX software. It comes with free usability and the user has full access to use the full version of it. It is a very satisfactory open-source application enabling its users with the power to record any particular area of the screen or the complete screen with the push of a single button.

Moreover, the simple and minimalist interface is very effective for quick captures. The application is free, is very popular amongst users. But the only con of this program is that it is only available for Windows-based computers and isn't available for Mac users. In the latest editions of it, a watermark is inserted in the video.


Part 2. Screen Recorder App for Android

1. AZ Screen Recorder

The first one in the best screen recorder app for android list of most popular screen recorder applications for android is the AZ screen recorder. It is a completely free application available in the play store compatible with almost all android devices. It is an application that lets the user record the screen changes in the smartphone. Along with this, it also has features for recording high-quality sound from the screen recorded movies. There are different quality controls available in the application for setting up video as well as audio quality.

The premium version of this application lets the user make GIFs from the screen recorded videos. There are also additional features such as screen drawing and magic button functionality which comes with the premium version. Also, there is an inbuilt editor for cutting and trimming videos.

az screen recorder

2. Mobizen

This all-in-one screen recorder is very famous for its versatility among android device users. Being the easiest-to-use screen recorder among all others in this list, this is very popular for a convenient screen capturing experience. It has a total of 100 million downloads in the play store and was awarded the best app in 2016. This also has an additional feature of screen sharing which lets the user see whatever things going on in their android device on the computer.

The application is free letting everyone use all of its features without paying anything. The app allows the user to record HD videos with recordings from games as well as face cams. The settings corner in this app allows the user to change the storage location so that one can record everything without worrying about the space.

mobizen screen recorder

3. DU Screen Recorder

The next one in the list is the DU screen recorder which comes in two variants. One is paid and the other comes with free usability. There is no need to root the device to use this application. There is also no time limit for recording the screen as with most recording applications. This lets the user create long as well as high-quality videos made for gaming sessions or lectures. The video quality captured through this application is very smooth and is very clear.

There is also an inbuilt video editor that lets one trim the video as well as changes the playback speed. The export feature also allows the user to upload the video in different qualities as they chose it to be making it very efficient. The use of a simple one-button creates a floating window from which the user can control everything about the screen recorder making it very compact.

du video recorder

4. Screen recorder - No Ads

The screen recorder, which is pretty much the basic version of recording the screen, is this application. It has by far the simplest user interface unlike others with complicated configurations. The easy-to-use feature makes it very famous and has gathered a lot of following from android users. The application has basic controls like one button start/stop of the recording, pause buttons.

When the user hits the start record button, a floating window starts to appear on the screen. Then from there, the user can select to start or stop the recording. When the user is done with the recording process, they simply have to click on the stop button. It is as easy as that. And the most interesting feature of this application is that there are no ads in it.

no ads

5. MNML screen recorder

The last one on the list is a screen recorder developed by the MNML team which is very simple. The neat and clean design and intuitive screen interface are one of the main highlights of this application. This application lets the user record high-quality screen recordings with very satisfying and clear audio. The different configurations at which it can work make it very versatile for people trying to record gaming sessions.

This is it helps in making it a very good choice for performing the task easily without any problem. Along with all these, most of the features included in this app come for free and don't require any additional payment. Also, there are no watermarks when the user records any video making it a very effective choice to make great movies.


Part 3. Screen Recorder App for iPhone

1. Record it

The first one on the list is a famous app among apple users called Record it. This screen recorder enables the user to record all the games or applications to make tutorials or game walkthroughs or even creating videos for any project. This is available for both iPhones as well as iPads and what makes it interesting is that after recording, the user can insert little video reactions in the recorded video. The app also lets the user add audio commentary on the records.

The one-tap to record feature is a very helpful tool through it requires iOS12. Along with all these, the app also allows the user to record face cams and reactions to the recordings. The app also supports features such as camera roll. The in-built video editor lets the user trim the video, apply different filters, and also the user can adjust the playback speed.


2. Go record

This screen recorder application for iOS is an all-in-one tool that also can edit videos and can record face-cam sessions. It is very easy to record any video through this app and later the user can also add any reaction video to it. The default editor that comes inside the application is very powerful and is efficient in trimming or editing the videos. The user can also use their mic to record an audio commentary to the video recordings for review purposes.

The fine-tuning tools available through the editor are very powerful. Also, the file size to download the application is considerably low and does a great job by capturing HD videos with very clear sounds. The audio-adding features make it super handy to make reaction videos, especially for YouTube or gaming sessions.

go record

3. TechSmith Capture

The TechSmith capture is one of the most popular apps that is favored by the users of Apple devices. This lets the user take quick as well as clear videos of what's going on the screen of the phone. The additional contexts given with this are very efficient to use and it is very easy to share the final video with anyone the user wishes. With the help of this screen recorder, one can easily give quick and simple answers by creating powerful.

This can transform the way of communications with the help of such tutorial videos. It has been proved that the use of media through any presentations of a project can help the user explain and elaborate things very easily rather than explaining through texts. This app and its functionality are very capable of doing the task thus creating very clear as well as perfect videos for various purposes such as gaming or commentary.

techsmith capture

4. Screen Recorder+

The next one on the list is the Screen Recorder+, which is designed to run on iOS. This has probably the most variety of features, which any other app is providing. Also, this app allows the user to record their favorite videos, games, and many more and make tutorials out of it. This also lets the user create awesome video demos. After the recording has been done, the user also can insert video reactions to them.

This way, it helps in making it a very powerful tool for gamers who want to stream their sessions. The app takes very clear and high-definition videos through various configurations in the settings. There are a ton of features such as adding music or gesture stickers which can be done in this application. The texts and stickers can be easily added to the videos at final processing.

screen recorder +

5. Screen Recorderº

The last one on the list is Screen Recorderº which is very popular for its powerful post-processing tools available inside the application. In this app, the user can start the recording with the push of a single button which can be enabled through a floating window. There is also video insertion features making it a perfect choice for creating reaction videos on games and YouTube videos.


The user can explore different features of this application from the settings menu where there are various options such as quality and audio controls. There is also a voice changer option that is available in this application that lets the user change the audio of the recording by increasing or decreasing the pitch of the input audio. There is also a feature for trimming and playback control inside the default editor of the app.

apple screen recorder

Part 4. Screen Recorder App Chrome

1. Screencastify

The first one in this list is Screencastify which is one of the most commonly used screen recorder apps used to record actions inside google chrome. This extension, when installed in google chrome, lets the user recording stunning quality movies which are very clear and are satisfying. There is no requirement for additional downloads for this extension. Also, there are millions of people who use this application to record as well as edit their videos.

There is a very easy process in this app to share the videos which the user just created with the click of a single button. Its simplicity is the best highlight of this application. The pricey software that is available in the market sometimes doesn't satisfy the needs of the user. In such cases, this extension is a lifesaver. There are tons of platforms where the user can share the final video with this app.


2. Screencast-o-Matic

The Screencast-o-Matic is an application for Google Chrome that lets the user easily create videos through screen recordings and then the user is enabled with features such as editing and sharing them very easily. These can be used as game streaming, reaction videos, or tutorials, thus making any type of communication super effective. There are very intuitive tools available inside this app which the user can find very amusing.

The most common users of this are educators as well as students who want to communicate easily with videos. Not only the people associated with education use this app but the people having work-life also use the app for video recordings. It is very fast and lets the user create stunning screen videos and tutorials or capturing webcams.

screencast o matic

3. Nimbus Screen Recorder

The next one in the list is the Nimbus screen recorder can be used to capture the whole screen as well as can capture a part of it whatever the user selects. This also helps the user if they want to make a screencast. The app has several functionalities which are very effective in different situations. The user is also allowed to record videos from any active programs. The app lets the user add their watermarks on the videos too.

This is how it's making it very suitable for people who want to present the final video through any meeting or project. The app has also inbuilt features which allow the users to convert WebM videos to MP4 format videos. The users also can convert them to GIFs although it requires being a premium member to do that. The inbuilt editor has basic features such as trimming or cutting the final video.

nimbus capture

4. Loom

The loom extension for google chrome is a very efficient and easy-to-use screen recorder used frequently for google chrome. With this application, screen recording is made very simple and easy. One user can easily record the screen with or without the camera through this app. There is also an instant sharing button enabling the user to share the video they created to any platform they wish. There are also basic editing features that come free with this application.

The viewers can also express their comments and emojis along with a variety of reactions available on the app. The most important feature that this application provides is that there is a requirement of a password to view the video or else people with only specific email addresses can watch the final video. All these different functions make this app very efficient in recording and capturing the screen.


5. ApowerREC

The last one on the list is the ApowerREC. It is capable of recording the screen activities on the display in very crystal-clear quality videos. The recording of webcam features can help the user to record videos and lectures or meetings that they go through in their chrome. The recording of audio is also enhanced in this app with the support of an external mic in it. The basic editor that is included in this application can help the user to draw things on the videos for easier representations.

There has been a massive increase in the number of users making demo videos and these handy features are the reason behind it. The user can also add annotations such as texts or different kinds of lines or arrows that can happen in real-time thus making it super effective in making tutorial videos. Along with all these, the app lets the user trim the video to a certain length as they wish or add any watermark of their choice and another advanced editing for the video.



Though all these screen recording apps are available in the market, it is up to the user who wishes to download or buy any of them. Before buying any subscriptions for any app or going for any premium application, a user should keep in mind all the factors such as the cost and the affectability of the application. Also, the user should know what they want from the particular application and then chose the app from the list. They should compare between different applications and then they should choose what app they are going to pick for the task.