Windows Game Bar Recording How-to Guide

Oliva Eve
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

The Xbox Game Bar is a feature that comes built into every Windows 10 operating system. Its main aim is to help gamers record gameplay on PC. One of the things that make the Windows Game Bar invaluable to most users is the fact that it is very easily accessible. You can open it using the "Windows Key + G" on your keyboard and once it is open, it is very easy to use.

But as useful as it can be, the Windows Game Bar can sometimes have a number of issues. In this article, we will take a look at some of these issues and how you can fix them. Then, we will share with you an alternative solution that guarantees high-quality recordings without a lot of problems. But first, let's take a look at how you can use Windows Game Bar to record the screen on your PC.

How to Record the Screen with Window Game Bar

Here's how you can use the Windows Game Bar to record the screen in numerous ways;

  1. Record the Whole Screen

Step 1: Use the "Windows Key + G" keys to open the Game Bar. If you see a window asking you to confirm that you want to open the Game Bar, check "Yes."

open gamr bar

Step 2: This will automatically start the recording. To finish the recording, click on "Stop" or use the "Windows Key + Alt + R" to save the recorded video to the computer.

start screen capture with game bar

  1. Record Multiple Screens

There is no way to record multiple screens using the Windows Game Bar. If you would like to record multiple screens at once, we recommend using a third-party solution that offers this feature.

  1. Record Part of the Screen

It is also not possible to use the Windows Game bar to record just a section of the screen. To do it, we recommend choosing a tool that allows the recording of a customized area of the screen.

Windows Game Bar Problems

The following are some of the problems that Windows Game Bar users have reported;

  1. Windows Game Bar Recording Black Screen

This is a problem that is very common for most users. When they try to open the Game Bar, all they get is a black screen and none of the common controls that appear when using the application. This problem can be caused by a number of factors, although it can be easily fixed by simply restarting the recording process.

  1. Windows Game Bar Recording Greyed Out

It can also happen that the Game Bar opens, but when you try to use it, all the controls are grayed out and do not work. The causes of this issue are not apparent, but it can happen and when it does, it is often a good idea to close Game Bar and restart the device before trying again.

  1. Windows Game Bar Recording Not Working

If Windows Game Bar is not working completely, it is possible that you did not enable the feature in settings before you try using it. Even if you think that you have enabled the feature, open Settings and click on the Gaming icon to turn on "Game Bar." If it is enabled, turn it off and then on again. Now try to use Game bar to try using it again.

  1. Windows Game Bar Recording No Audio

Audio problems with Windows Game Bar may be because of an underlying problem with the microphone that you are using. A good troubleshooting solution is to restart the computer before attempting to record the screen again. If that doesn't work, you may need to change the microphone you are using. Consider using an external microphone.

  1. Windows Game Bar Not Full Screen

Windows Game Bar can only record in full screen mode. If it is unable to record in full screen mode, then the application itself may be problematic. Restart the computer and then start the recording again. You should also consider checking for Windows Updates, which can eliminate any bugs in the system that may be causing the issue.

Best Game Bar Alternative to Record Windows 10

If you are still experiencing problems using Windows Game Bar or if you want the option to record a custom area of the screen, we recommend trying Wondershare DemoCreator. This program is one of the best screen recording tools, not just because you can choose to record a section of the screen or the whole screen, but also because it incorporates webcam and audio into the recording.

This comprehensive program comes with a number of features that makes it the ideal solution for the recording of any type of video including gameplay, product reviews, product demos and how-to videos. These features include the following;

  • You can record videos very fast at a frame rate of up to 120fps
  • It allows users to record the full screen or a customized section of the screen
  • It is very easy to use, with a simple self-explanatory user interface
  • You can record webcam footage and audio along with the screen recording
  • Recorded videos can be easily uploaded to various sites including Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch and even TikTok

Here's how you can use DemoCreator to record the screen on Windows 10;

Step 1: Install the Program

Download the DemoCreator setup file from the program's main website. Open it and follow the setup instructions to install the program on to your computer.

Once it is installed, click on "New Recording" to start the recording process.

run democreator

Step 2: Configure the Settings

In the next window, you will see 4 tabs that you can use to customize the recording process and settings.

democreator settings

Click on the "Screen" tab and here you can select whether you want to record the full screen or just a section of the screen. You will also be able to choose the frame rate and indicate if you are recording a game or not.

Next, click on the "Audio" tab and here you can decide if you would like capture the "Computer Audio", the "Microphone" or both.

If you would like to capture both the screen and the webcam, click on the "Camera" to enable "Capture" and customize the frame rate as well as the frame rate.

Step 3: Start the Recording

When all the settings are just as you want them to be, click on "Start Capturing" or hit "F10" on your keyboard to begin recording.

democreator recording screen

To end the recording, hit the "F10" key on your keyboard and the recorded video will be saved in the pre-selected folder. You can then open the file in the DemoCreator video editor to make the necessary changes to the video before saving it again.

Windows 10 Game Bar is a great solution for most people because it is easily accessible, free and quick gameplay recorder. But as we have seen, it can have a lot of issues, making it necessary to try and find a solution that is as reliable as it is effective. Wondershare DemoCreator is that ideal alternative.