How to Record Windows 10 Screen and Audio Simultaneously

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For gamers, teachers, and anyone else who needs to show off their best gameplay or tutorial on the internet, a windows 10 screen recorder is a good option. But the common question that users asked all the time is, "how can I capture my Windows 10 screen for free, rapidly, and with the finest quality?" Well, using a high-quality screen recorder for windows 10 can help you produce quality videos. This is what we are going to be discussing in this short guide.

xbox game bar screen recorder

There are several ways to record your screen.

● A third-party tool, like OBS Studio, can be used to capture your Windows 10 screen

● You can also use the Windows Game Bar. Press Windows Key + Gto access the program, which is pre-installed on all Windows computers

● With a free tool like OBS Studio, you can also capture your screen and audio from your computer more effectively

How to use Game Bar to record screen and audio?

1. Open the program you want to use on your computer.

2. Once you've done that, press the Windows key + G to access Game Bar.

Pro Tip:

If the shortcut does not open the Game Bar, make sure it is enabled. Enter "Game bar settings" into your search engine and click on the resulting menu to get started. Turn on "Enable Xbox Game Bar" in the "Settings" menu.

xbox game bar screen recorder

1. The windows 10 screen recorder is, by default, titled "Capture" in the upper left corner of the screen. At the top of your screen, there is a long toolbar, on that toolbar, click on the webcam icon.

2. To begin a screen recording, hit the white circle symbol in the Capture box. Your recording time will be displayed in a little bar on the right of the screen.

3. The Windows Key + Alt + R shortcut can be used at any moment to rapidly begin a screen recording with Game Bar.

4. Click the microphone button to start the audio recording from the default mic if you intend to capture your voice.

5. Simply click on the stop symbol on either timer or your Game Bar menu when you're done recording.

To access your new screen recording, go to your PC's "Captures" folder. You can also access it by opening the Game Bar and selecting "Show all captures" to see all of your captures.

Why You Will Need to Record Screen and Audio in Windows 10

When it comes to producing tutorials, a screen recording tool is a function that comes in handy for many things. But screenshots are only the beginning of what screen recordings can accomplish. There are numerous reasons to record Windows 10 screen and audio. Possibly you may want to make a sound-track recording of your games. For example, you may want to create a tutorial movie by recording a screen flow. The good thing is that Windows has a built-in screen recorder for Windows 10 that will help you to accomplish this.

xbox game bar screen recorder

How to set audio recording?

Setup - You must set up your audio recording equipment properly after purchasing it. To use a computer sound card, you must connect your microphone to your preamplifier or mixer, then to the "line in" jack on your computer sound card. Plugin your headphones into your computer and start listening to your music. Make sure your mixer or preamplifier's volume is set correctly. You can test the level of your volume by talking a little bit, and then gradually increasing the volume until it's just below zero.

Setting up the sound card - Open the sound card's software application. There are sound options inside the Control Panel. Line-in input should be selected. The volume should be set to 100%. Your mixer or preamplifier controls the actual recording level.

Settings the audio recording software - Start the audio recording software. Make necessary adjustments to the parameters. When recording, you must rely on the meters because mixers and preamplifiers lack sound-level adjustments. The audio will be altered if you surpass (0)on the meter while recording.

Positioning the microphone - The final audio file can be much improved by positioning your microphone correctly. To begin, come as close to your microphone as possible (between 4 and 6 inches away) to reduce the likelihood of other adjacent sounds being recorded. Position the microphone over your nose and aimed at your mouth instead of speaking directly into it. When positioning the microphone, keep the microphone beside your lips, since this can help lighten the sound of the letter S and P, respectively.

xbox game bar screen recorder

Windows 10 screen recorder with features like low-cut filters or limiters might help you capture smoother audio in the beginning. Many first-time sound designers will benefit from beginning with these 3 examples.

A Limiter- In the event of a brief video, due to excessive volume, distortion can be avoided. Make sure to keep in mind that the limiter is capable of bringing its noise while preparing and recording the audio for your video. 

A Filter with low-cut- This can be configured to eliminate low-frequency sounds, such as those from a refrigerator or air conditioner, from the background. If the individual you're recording has a deep voice, you may want to consider using a low-cut filter.

Dual Recording- With this, you can record at two distinct gain levels at the same time, ensuring that you don't lose any audio in the event of a volume change, mid-recording, or a mistaken setting.

How to edit a video?

Footage Organization - Whether you use Mac or Windows video editing software, an organization is important. Keep your videos, music, and photographs on the same disc for convenient access. Note the format of the video footage you're utilizing and any complications that arise when converting between them.

Inspect everything - The first stage in the process of editing is to go through the text. You need to keep an eye on every single item from start to finish. The main feature`s facial expressions, after the cut, are likely the most gorgeous element you'll see." 

Assemble, then cut - Drag and drop your video onto a timeline and check the frame size & frame rate. Create a new timeline & drag the finest takes into your assembly cut. Then replicate that timeline and start choosing your top video pieces to construct a rough edit – a loose copy of your story. And then save it.

Filter - When your rough cut begins to look like a finished product, you've reached this stage. Ensure that the discussion is audible by adjusting the sound and color, as well as adding music, titles, or visuals.

How to add audio fade in and out?

There are multiple methods for adding fade-ins and fade-outs to video and audio components.

1. Modify Menu - You can Use the modify menu to add fades. From the Modify menu, you can quickly add fade-outs and fade-ins to videos or audio components you have chosen. Inside the “Final Cut Pro” options, you can change how long the fade is by default.

2. Fade Handles- For example, you can manually fade in and out of a video or an audio element in the timeline by manipulating fade handles on the audio. When you hover the mouse pointer over a clip in the audio waveform, fade handles will display in the upper-left and upper-right corners.

How to add a caption?

● You may add captions in Camtasia by heading to the “Audio Effects” side panel and choosing “Captions”. Drag it down to the audio track, which is also your video track in this case. It will automatically display the waveform & split the captions into 4 chunks right here.

● These are completely customizable, so if you would like this one to go to the end of your video, and so on, all you have to do is click the first one and start typing.

● Next, click on every caption you would like to add as you go through the whole video.

xbox game bar screen recorder

Adding annotations

Annotations are synchronized text notes that can be added to recordings to mark interesting or important parts of a segment.

Here is how:

● Click on the file you want to change

● You can play or actively seek the part of the audio you want to annotate

● Write your note in the text field and press the “Enter key”

● If you click hit timestamp of any annotation, the recording will go to that point and start playing

How to add stickers?

Upload your video - To upload your video, open the software, select "New Project," then "Import Media Files”. Files can be dragged and dropped as well.

Add Stickers – You can access a variety of stickers by clicking on "Elements,” or you may as well upload your own.

How to export videos?

Select "Export" from the menu to save your video. An additional pop-up window will open, giving you the option of selecting an export format, renaming the movie, and specifying a destination folder. Click “Export” when you're finished.


The Windows 10 screen recorder is good for screen recording because it comes pre-installed and has many features to make your job easier. But because the in-built screen recorder for Windows 10 has a few limitations, you can enjoy advanced options using third-party tools like Demo Creator or UBS Studio. These tools are equally free but also have premium versions that can enable you to do more with your recordings.