User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Audio Editing

In DemoCreator, you are allowed to record and edit the audio separately. In this section, you'll learn:

  • Detach Audio from Video

  • Mute Audio

  • Audio Denoise

  • Adjust Audio Volume

  • Adjust Audio Speed

  • Audio Fade in Fade Out

  • Sound Effects

Detach Audio from Video

You can even detach the audio from the video clip. Select the clip and right-click to choose Audio Detach option. The audio will be separated from the clip and automatically placed in the upper track of the timeline, where you will edit it separately.

audio detach

Mute Audio

You can mute the audio of a clip in the timeline. Select the clip and right-click to select Mute Audio from the options menu. </p

mute audio

Audio Denoise

Audio denoise or noise reduction removes noise from the audio. Once you select the audio in the timeline, audio settings will show up in the properties tab. There you can enable the Denoise toggle button.

There are three values to select from Low, Mid, and High.  

audio denoise

Adjust Audio Volume

You can adjust the audio volume in the audio settings on the properties tab. The volume will determine how much voice effect you want in the clip.

adjust volume

Adjust Audio Speed

You can select the audio speed you want your audio to play along the video clip. Either make your audio faster or slow to fit the video clip speed.

adjust audio speed

Audio Fade in Fade Out

Audio fade in and fade out is the gradual increase or decrease in level of audio. Right-click the audio file in the timeline and select ‘Edit Audio’ from the options. Small purple dots will appear on the audio file.

Drag the purple dots on the audio line to adjust the fading sound effect.

audio fade in fade out

Sound Effects

You can find dozens of sound effects in the Sound library or download any sound effect from the DemoCreator library.

sound effects

These sound effects can be added above the video clips or attached to the other audio clips to create a harmonious sound.

add sound effects