User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Basic Video Editing

After importing your files to the Wondershare DemoCreator you can start your editing magic. In this section, you will learn about:

  • Delete Clips in Timeline
  • Trim Video Clips
  • Cut Video Clips
  • Split Video
  • Rotate Video
  • Crop Video
  • Combine Video
  • Resize Video
  • Copy and Paste Video
  • Add Marker
  • Change Video Speed
  • Freeze Frame
  • Ripple Delete
  • Add Brand Watermark to Video
  • Video Snapshot

Delete Clips in Timeline

You can delete a video or audio clip from the timeline. To do so, select the timeline file you want to delete and right-click and then select the ‘Delete’ option from the menu. Or you can just select the clip you want to remove and press the delete button on your Mac.

delete video

Trim Video Clips

Select the clip you want to trim and move the cursor to the edge, either the start or the end, from where you want to trim the clip. Then drag it forward or backward to trim the clip off of unwanted parts.

trim video

You can also use the Marker to cut the clip accurately to a point you want.


add marker

Cut Video Clips

Select the video from the timeline you want to cut and right-click to choose cut from the options menu.

cut clip

To cut a portion of the clip, you need to split it into sections. Place your playhead before the section you want to cut, and then from the options menu, select split, split the clip in two. Now, place the playhead at the end of the clip section to cut and split it again. That way, your clip is divided into three clips. Right-click the middle clip as this is the part you want to cut and select Cut, or you can drag and drop the clip to a new location.

Note: Use the zoom slider to zoom in or out to get a different view of your timeline.


Split Video

Split the video or audio into separate clips and tracks, which you can edit separately.

Place the playhead at the position from where you want to split the video or audio. Then right-click the clip in the timeline and select Split from the options menu.

split video

Or you can use the forth icon on the toolbar to split the clip.

split video

Rotate Video

You can rotate a clip from the video properties. Select the clip in the timeline, and under the Transform settings you will find Rotation settings.

rotate video

Once selected, you can also rotate a clip using the center handle in the DemoCreator Preview Board.

rotate video

Crop Video

You can easily crop down your video using the Crop mode. Press the Crop button.

crop video

A pop-up window will appear with all the crop settings and tools. Here you can change the portion of the clip you want to crop down and click OK to save the cropped video and return to the main editor.

crop editor

Combine Video

You can combine different videos into one. Add multiple clips to the timelines and drag the one you want to attach to the end of the first one. That is it, DemoCreator will automatically link these two clips together.

combine video

Resize Video

Select the clip you want to resize and hover your mouse on the preview board to drag and resize the video. Or you can go to the properties area and change the Scale percentage to resize the video.

resize video

Copy and Paste Video

Editing multiple clips made easy. You can copy clips from one timeline and paste it on another. Right-click the clip you wan to copy and select Copy from the options menu.

copy video

Go to the timeline you want to paste the clip at, right-click and select the paste option.

paste video

Add Marker

Adding markers to important frames is easy. Click the marker icon to add marker to the timeline, the marker icon can be found on toolbar.

add marker

Or you can right-click the video and select the option Add Marker in the options menu.

add marker to video

Change Video Speed

You can change the speed of the clip from the selected video properties. Select a video in the timeline and speed up or slow down the media playback speed from the properties.

change speed

Freeze Frame

You can emphasize a frame image or operation by using the freeze frame operation. To freeze a frame, you need to right-click the video in the timeline and select Freeze Frame option to create a 2- second frozen image.

freeze frame

Ripple Delete

Ripple delete removes the media selected and fills the gap created in between two clips. The media to the right is moved to the left and attached to the clip on the left, so there is no ‘dead space’ in between.

ripple delete

After applying the ripple delete you will get a coherent clip without any breaks.

ripple delete

Add Brand Watermark to Video

Adding watermark is way easier than you might have thought. You only need to click one button in DemoCreator to add your watermark. Press the Brand Settings button to open the settings.

add watermark

Brand settings will show up in a new window. Here mark the ‘Show the brand in the video’ option to edit your branding. You can set a text or image watermark to protect your creation by copyrighting it.

Change text, font style, font size, text color, opacity, and position of the text. While if you want to use an icon or image as a watermark, you can browse the icon and change its scale and opacity.

brand settings

Video Snapshot

You can take a still image of the video being played in the preview window. Below the preview window is the snapshot icon, once you press it, it will take a frame or snapshot of the video.

Snapshot can be found: Users/(username)/Documents/WondershraeDemoCreater/Snapshot

video snapshot