DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below


Here are four types of Stickers available in DemoCreator version 5.0 – Animation Stickers, Education Stickers, Emoji Stickers, Game Stickers. Add stickers to the video can make the video more interesting and express your feelings better.

Animation Stickers: Animated fireworks, gestures, smoke effects, etc.

Education Stickers: Regular objects like pencil, symbols like punctuations, etc.

Emoji Stickers: All kinds of emojis.

Game Stickers: Gaming-related words, objects, etc.

In this section, you’ll learn to:

  • Add/Remove the Sticker
  • Adjust the Sticker
  • Get more Stickers


1. Add/Remove the Sticker

In the left Toolbar, find the Sticker tab and select one category. Then choose one sticker you like and download it. When it is finished download, drag it to the timeline.

 (Note: If the sticker has not been downloaded, it can’t be added to the timeline. So you must down it before add to your video.)

add stickers

Remove the Sticker: select it on your Timeline or in the Preview Panel and press Delete on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can right-click on the Sticker and choose Delete.

2. Modify the Sticker

Transform - Resize/Rotate/Re-position: In the Properties Panel, select Transform, you can change the size of the Sticker, rotate it, or position it with parameters. Similar adjustments can be made in the Preview Panel directly. Just select the sticker and then modify the blue bounding box there.

transform stickers

Compositing – Blending Mode/Opacity: Locate Properties Panel > Transform > Compositing, you can choose the different blending mode and adjust the opacity level from 0 to 100%.

compositing sticker

Change an Annotation's Duration: You can adjust the duration by dragging its left or right edge on the timeline for static stickers. For animated stickers, you need to locate Properties Panel > Transform > Speed, then speed up or slow down the animation.

change duration of stickers

3. Get more Stickers

If the default stickers cannot meet your requirements for specific contexts, you can search for the theme and download more assets from Effect Store in the Tools Panel. Once the template is downloaded, the included stickers will also appear in the Sticker Library (Sticker > More)