User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Green Screen/Cinema21:9/Mosaic

This section is about some special effects in DemoCreator for Mac. In this section you'll learn how to use:

  1. Green Screen
  2. Cinema 21:9
  3. Mosaic

Green Screen

Import the media files you want to stream together. Then Effects section and find GreenScreen in the Montage effects. Drag the effect to the timeline and drop on your green screen clip. You will find the Enabled button in the Properties section on the right-hand, enable it and select the color to be green. Right away, the green screen on your picture or video will be removed and the background will be filled with the other image or video you have added.

Similarly, you can choose other colors to be removed. Uncheck the Enabled toggle button to remove the green screen filter. 



Cinema21:9 is most used in some movies video editing. If you want to get the movie effects, this feature would be suitable for you. In the Toolbar, find the effects, then select the Cinema21:9. Drag the Cinema21:9 to the timeline. You can drag it to change the duration.

cinema effects


If yu don't want to block something out, you can use the mosaic effect to achieve that. Fins the mosaic effect under the Effects in the Toolbar. The drag it to the timeline. You can change the scale, rotation, and position in the Properties Panel.

mosaic effects